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Drishyam – Full Movie with English Subtitles | Ajay Devgan, Tabu, Shriya Saran | Latest Cinema

SUBSCRIBE NOW Come on, we’re at Pondolem. Let’s go, Pondolem. Let’s go, Pondolem. Be careful, Peter. Breakfast or beer? Where’s Pondolem police station?
The new one? Are you a police officer?
– Yes. Here it is. Right in front of us. It was inaugurated just last week.
– I see. The faded one right next to it
is the old police station. Okay, thanks. All the police officers have
breakfast here. Some of them eat breakfast,
lunch and dinner right here. I see. Come over, after duty hours.I’llserve you chilled beer
and fried fish. Let’s see. Excuse me. Who’s the Senior Pl’? Who are you?
– Satish Naik. I have been transferred here. Sir, do come in.
You’re welcome. Have a seat.
Sir will be here, soon. Listen. Isn’t that Vijay Salgaonkar’? Yes, sir.
That’s him. He seems to be pretty
straight forward. But, appearances can
be deceptive, sir. What do you mean?
– I mean, what he’s done… …is still pretty unbelievable. Vijay, sir. Get him, get him. Hey, hey, hey. Go. That was an awesome chase, sir! Awesome? They’ve edited it with fast cuts
and taken the audience for a ride. On top of that, the music
is pounding away! So that it seems as if
a lot is going on. But, nothing is really happening. You need to feel
the tension. Feel it! Mr. Vijay, I have an idea. You know, you should make
a movie. I mean, then the world will see
that you…I’llshow it to you, first.
– No! Mr. Vijay! No! Sorry, sir! Are you done
with the collections? Yes, I’m done.
Here, look. As always, Inspector
Gaitonde cribbed a bit. And, uncle Pinto’s TV
is flickering. That’s a problem with his TV.
It’s not a cable issue. Tell him to buy a new one.
– You bet, I did!Then?
“k-k-kThat’s what he called you.
– And you let him abuse me’? No, no, I didn’t!
I told him. I said, if you want to abuse
Mr. Vijay… …say something logical. You can call him uneducated,
illiterate, 4th grade dropout… …call him an orphan.
But, “*7 No, never. Am I right’?
Or am I right’? Alright, then!
– Listen to me. You’re absolutely right.
I’llgive you a bonus. – A bonus! Mr. Vijay, no! Sir, no! He’s waiting for SI Gaitonde. Why?
– Don’t ask. He locked up
his only son in prison. What did he do’? Nothing. He took a loan from
a private finance company. He used to pay all
the installments on time. He just wasn’t able to pay
the final installment. Mr. Gaitonde took my
son away, two days ago. Now, the finance company
is also saying… …that, the installment has to be
paid with interest, first. That’s when they’ll let my
son go. Why is Gaitonde taking such an
interest in this? Because, his cousin runs
the finance company. So, did you complain
to Mr. Prabhu’? Mr. Gaitonde told me… …if I complain to anyone
at all… …then, he will kill my son. Anyway, what’s ‘the point oi
complaining? Then, file a lawsuit in the court. On whom’? His son wasn’t locked up
by the finance company… …Gaitonde did that. ‘There is only one way
to get your brother out.’ ‘What’s that?
– Habeas corpus.’I’lltell you what to do.
Habeas corpus. What’? Hibbus… Habeas corpus.
It’s a legal ‘term. How will that help? His son will get
released, because… ‘This is not an ordinary case.’ ‘This is a case
involving habeas corpus.’ And if they tell the court… mthat someone has locked up
his son illegally… …then, the court will order the
police to at once… …present the man in the
court.’ Then, Gaitonde or ‘the senior Pl
or IG, can’t ignore ‘the court’s order. The police will not present him
in the court. Because Gaitonde locked him up
illegally. Why don’t you do this?
I know a lawyer in Panaji. Shirish Kamath.
I’llgive you his number. Tell him, this is a matter
concerning Habeas corpus. I will speak to him, too. Speak of the devil
and the devil appears! He’s coming this way. You have to get out of here. Leave, by the back door. Hey, Martin!
– Hmm. Did an old couple come here? Not at all.
– Where the heck did they go? What do you think’? Are you the only
one who can act’? Today, I have managed
to act, somehow. I love you, dad. Come on, and wipe your
tears, dad. Here’s the handkerchief. Wipe your tears! You now carry a handkerchief
in your pocket’? Sumi! I don’t have to
worry about anything! Your son is very responsible, now.
– Mr. Vijay. Mr. vijav! Mr. Vijay, can I go home?
lfs really late. Thank you. Hello? Mirage Cable. Yes, yes, yes. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.Yes, I’lldo that.
I’lldoit.Right away! Yes. Yes! Seems you received quiet a drubbing.
What is it’? Actually, ifs aunt Saldanha… …the amplifier near her
place is not working. So I am… You just changed that
three days ago. I forgot about that. That’s nice, you deserve
the drubbing. I am going there, at once. What else did you forget’? Hello, I… I… Yes, done, done. Mr. Shirodkar who is 75 years
old has a request. Screen a nice, adult
movie, today. But, wasn’t he paralyzed? Come on, Mr. Vijay!
His left side is paralyzed. Whereas Shirodkar is
right handed. Get lost! Scat!
– No, I’m going. We can’t lose, dad.
We have to win. I love you, dad. My son. Good morning.
– Good morning. How are the studies coming along?
– Doing fine. Where is mom’?
– In the kitchen. Where are the keys to the vault?
Tell me the truth! Which vault’? I really don’t know.
Let me go, please. Who knows, if you don’t’? Vijay. __
– Who’s vuav? The man who’s threatening
me with a carrot. And, it seems, he hasn’t
even bathed, yet. You’re reeking of sweat. I would bathe, if you heat the
water. Check in ‘the bathroom.
It’s already ‘there. You come too.
– Get away! Naughty! Go! So, where’s Miss India? She’s probably rehearsing her
cat walk in front of the mirror. Anu!
I’llbe right there, mom. Good morning, dad.
– Good morning. I was calling you last night.
But, I couldn’t get through. Did the phone die on you again?
– Yes. Why don’t you buy a cell phone? What’s the use?
That place is out of range. Really? So, how does Jose
get the range on his mobile? Ifs not like that. You want an
excuse to be away from us. The three of us stay here
alone and you are… One moment. Since there are
three of you, you’re not alone. Don’t crack silly jokes. You’d rather sit in office
and watch movies than come home. You don’t have any
sense of responsibility towards us. You should consider us,
at least. Okay, fine.
What do you want’? My darling wife! Speak up! We want to go to Panaji. Why? For shopping- We just went shopping,
six months ago. Yes, we did shop. You bought the cheapest
clothes, to save money. Their colors have faded,
within six months. So, ‘this ‘time, let’s shop here,
instead oi going ‘to Panaji. No! We want to go to Panaji. We don’t just want to shop. We also want to watch a movie. And we want to eat a pizza too. And ice cream?
– Yes, ice cream, too! People do all sorts oi things
‘for their ‘family. What do you do? You can’t even buy us
an ice cream! Don’t be so absurd! You can buy ice cream
at Martin’s too! What’s so special about Panaji’? You’re denying our wishes.
Correct? Majority wins and you’re
still saying no! We shall see. I didn’t say no. I just asked. Does that mean, we’re
going to Panap’? Yes.
– Are you sure’? This Sunday, we are going
to Panaji. Happy? “What is it about you, life?” “What is it about you, life?” “Am I a copy of you?” “Or, do you reflect me?” “What is it about you, life?” “What is it about you, life?” “You are clinging to me.” “You tickle my soles.” “You are a little irritable.” “You are slightly arrogant.” “You argue with me.” “Let’s meet little further
down the road.” “What is it about you, life?” There’s a nature camp,
the next week. And, two students from
each school in Goa are selected. And, I’ve been selected
from my school. That’s really nice. Yes, but. I’ve told her, she can’t go. Why? She should go for a nature camp. Nandini, real knowledge
is not found only in books. You have to visit new places
for that. You have to meet different
kinds of people. You have to experience
new things. In that case, why don’t
you pay the fees’? The fees’?
– Rs. 1800. I think, real knowledge
is found only in books. What’? You just said yes! You can’t go back on your word. Please, let me do this.
Please? Okay, fine.
– Thank you! “A frown comes along
in the middle of a laugh.” “Just let me catch my breath.” “All the autumn leaves
will fall away.” “Let me understand this.” “A bit of a firecracker.” “A bit sprightly and teasing.” “You are a chain that ties me
down.” “Why don’t you turn
back to me, some time?” “What is it about you, life?” “What is it about you, life?” “What is it about you, life?” “Am I a copy of you?” “Or, do you reflect me?” Mr. Vijay! It’s been so long! How are you, Rajesh?
– Fine. How’s the social work going on?
– Well… There’s more politics
than social work involved. Right. Our group has established
a political party. The Goa Jana Party. I’m working on that. What’s that in your hand? There is a stone quarry about
15 kms away in Paavelim. I mean, it was there, earlier. We shut it down
after protesting against it. Why?
– The project is not eco friendly. There is a lake right in the
middle of the quarry. Have a look. Alright, I’ve got to leave. See you.
– Bye Sis! So, as I was saying… …the girls are growing up. They are smart, too. They should get into
a good school. For example..
– St. Thomas. St. Thomas. I’ve heard very good things
about that school. From whom’?
From Nandini, right’? Yes, I told her.
So what’? I knew it. Only you can come up with
such an uneducated idea. Who are you calling uneducated? I’m more educated than you. Right, you’ve got a doctorate. I admit, I only studied
till the tenth grade. But at least, I cleared the exams! I didn’t fail in the
fourth grade, like you. That’s where you’re wrong. Clearing papers doesn’t teach you
everything. What’?
– You bet! Once, it took me four
whole hours to explain to her… mthat, Sonu Nigam’s brother
isn’t called Telephone Nigam. She just wouldn’t believe me. Just keep quiet!
You always.. Listen, please don’t get
into another tight the both ot you! And you don’t need to go to
St. Thomas to know all that. At least, don’t scrimp
when it comes to education. I’m not scrimping.
I’m being sensible. Ifs not necessary everything
that is expensive is good. Besides, those who really
wish to study… …can study at any school
and make it big. What do you say, Fatherfin-law)?
Am I right’? Yes, my son.
You’re absolutely right. Right. Get it moving, quickly. Hello, Plane!
– Hello, uncle Martin! How are you? Okay.
– What brings you here? So, ‘the work has begun.
– Yes, it’ll be done, soon. Are you done with the
collections? Yes, you bet! What about D’costa and Bandodkafs
complaints? Yes, I’m on my way there. Then, leave!
– Of course,I’llgo. I really want you to leave!
– Yes. Let me finish my special tea. Where is it’?
– Here… Peter! Hey, Peter! Where’s my special tea’? You! – No, no! Behind you, sir!
I’m leaving! Hey!
” Crazy! Is he crazy? What’s the matter, Vijay? He’s getting too smart
for his own good. Forget about it.
He’s a kid. Listen, Mr. Plane, ‘this is
Mr. Vijay Salgaonkar. He owns Mirage Cable.
– Really? That’s nice. This is contractor Plane. He is working on ‘the construction
oi ‘the police station. Okay, okay.
Do come in. After you.
– Sit down. Uncle Martin said you
need to get some odd jobs done. I have a…
– Hey, Martin! I asked you it that old couple
came over the other day. You said no. You think I am some…? I know, they came here. Some smart chap taught them
a few legal lessons. What the heck! What are you saying?
I don’t remember anything. Really? So, your
memory is failing. Or, are you trying to
protect that wise guy’? Listen, I’m an old man. Right. Old man. So, Vijay. Do you remember
the old couple? Which old couple? Hey, Peter’?
What’s on the menu today? The usual. What is this, uncle? You should
have a today’s special! I’m fed up of eating
the same food, every day. What to do, son? I am bored, too.
– See’? But normally, my customers
pay for their meals later. Some of them, even eat
free of cost. Right. For example, Vijay. I don’t pay for
my meals, later. I clear my bills every week. So, that means you’re
taunting me, uncle. No, no! Just talking
in general. No, let’s settle your account
today. Why do you keep going
on and on about money? What will you do
with all that money?I’llput a today’s special
on the menu. Really? How much do
I owe you? Forget about it, sir.
Forget it. Take it, uncle. When a cop offers to pay,
you should take it at once. Just keep your nose out of this. Cheeky fellow! We’re having it out, here. So, how much do I owe you?
Don’t feel shy, tell me. Rs. 3542. So, you remember that
number really well! But, you don’t remember that
old couple! I write my accounts
down, you see. Okay, fine. Rs. 3542. That’s it’?! Cheapskate!
Rs. 3600. Let’s make it a round figure. I’m going to settle it,
right away. Uncle, let’s just assume… …you’ve paid me Rs. 3600
as commission. What’s the commission for’? Don’t you see that
right in front’? The new police station
is being constructed. So, all the workers
from there… …come here to eat
food. Why? Thanks to me. Look at that! Contractor
Rane is sitting here, too. What’s up, Rene’? I have given you so many
customers… …so, I should get paid a
commission tor that, uncle. These days, at our police
station… we are observing
‘the police is your friend’ week. The police really know
how to eat well. At least, work out a bit. What’s your problem? There is no other hotel
around here, except this one. That’s why the construction
workers come here to eat. You’re not needed for that. I am a cop. I can stop them from coming here. Hello, Martin!
– Hello, sir. Peter, get Mr. Sawant some
coffee. Vijay, how are you doing’? We were working out a deal. We just settled on the commission. What’s the commission for’?For ‘the meals o’f ‘the construction
workers at ‘the new police station.Who’s taking a commission? Mr. Sawant, coffee. Yes. Mr. Sawant, I know,
I should not be saying this. What’s the meaning of
the police is your friend week?It’s ‘thedutyoi ‘the police ‘to
be friendly
andhelp ‘the public.Then, why is it being done
for a week, in the whole year? You ‘ re right, Vijay. But, until the people are scared to
file complaints, ifs impossible. That’s why, we’re doing
all this. It will sort itself
out, gradually. But, all police officers
aren’t like you, sir. Some are big, black bed bugs… …who can only feed off
other people’s blood. What are you doing? I’m digging a pit for
the compost. You know what’? Compost and
speed post are2different things. I know what compost means. H’ you bury dry leaves and organic
garbage for six months… …it turns into fertilizer. I learnt that in school. I just came to tell you that… mnext weekend on 2nd
and 3rd October… …Swami Chinmayanand is holding
sermons in Panaji. So’?
– So, we should go! Ifs been a year since we heard
him preach. – You go ahead. Either we go together, or nobody does.
– Mom! I won’t spare you! Mom can’t save you.
– Mom! Come here.
– Mom! No! Come here.
– Anju. We spent so much
to send you on a nature camp. You didn’t tell us about it. It was great fun! There were
students from 4O schools. We went sightseeing, had a bonfire,
we sang songs. And we had a lot of fun. There were kids from
VIP families too. One of them was called Sam. He used to keep shooting
videos of girls with his phone. Did he shoot you, too’? Yes.
– Why didn’t you complain? Later, an advocate’s daughter
scolded him. Then, he stopped it. Which school was he from’? St. Thomas. Is this an old construction?
– Yes. No wonder the foundation
has crumbled. Don’t worry, it will get done. Ifs just a day’s work. Then, do it whenever you have time.
– Okay. The slab laying work at the police
station is done. I have to start the flooring
from Monday. So, once that’s done,
we’ll get this done. Okay? Okay, thank you. I would have taken
the money from any other guy. Mr. Plane, I’m sorry. I have taken your money. I will pay it back gradually. Just give me a few days. What the heck, Rene’?
You think, you’re too smart! Did you get taken in by
some uneducated fool’? Do you think, you’ll be safe if you
complain to Mr. Prabhu about me’? The money I have taken from you… …included his cut, too.
Do you get that’? He complained about me! H’ you do that, again,I’llmake
sure you pack up! Who are you threatening? I know Mr. Prabhu really well. He isn’t like you. Why are you asking me’? I don’t have to ask,
we all know you. Listen, Vijay. I’ve had
enough of your sass. Just zip it.
– Why should I? Everyone knows you feed off more
on money, than you eat food. What the heck…
– Hey, Gaitonde! Stop! Okay, okay. Let me go.
Let go! I won’t spare you, Vijay. We will settle up later.I’llhave my day. Every dog has his day. He came so defiantly, but, he’s
leaving like a mouse! Vijay, don’t get into
trouble over me. I will do the job and leave. He’s going to harass you
later for no reason. Vijay, Gaitonde is a cop. He has power.
Don’t mess with him. I didn’t mess with him. And I didn’t lie. Why are we so scared of cops’? They are meant to serve us
and not the other way around. “When the clouds rain down… …I look at you to my
hearfs content.” “You are a prayer
for rain, to me.” Very good. “Let me stay in your arms… …let me go crazy for you”. “Let me suffer whatever you have
to give me, my love.” 451. 452. Jose.
– Hmm. I’ve got a headache.
I’m going home. Understood? Okay.
– He doesn’t understand a thing. H’ ifs Sunny Leone,
you’re bound to get a headache. Dr. Joshi… Rascal! He understands
everything. Sometimes, I wonder. Okay so, who made
you wonder today? Let’s go in,I’lltell you. No, tell me or
I won’t let you in. Come on, you can’t do that.
– Tell me. Sunny Leone? Right’? Jism2or Jackpot? Jackpot. You’re now a dad,
but you still act like a kid. I’m not a kid.
I’m young. Good morning, dad.
– Good morning. Good morning. Dad, did you come home,
last night’? Yes, dear.
– Why? Anu, don’t ask nosy questions. Why? Dad comes home,
very rarely, so I asked. Don’t ask too many questions.
Don’t you have to go to school? You’re not even wearing
your uniforms, yet. Come on, dad!
How could you forget’? What?
– It’s a holiday, today. Did the school declare
that, or did you do that’? Our daughters make excuses
expertly. Ifs Sunday tomorrow.
Why do you have a holiday today? Ifs Gandhi Jayanti today. So’? Go and study. No, dad. I am going to play. These kids… Won’t you bathe, today? I don’t want to. So, who’s going to work? I don’t know. I ran out of stamina yesterday. I mean, that… …my bike broke down on the way.
So, I had to push it home. I got tired. Anju.I’llgive you a list.
Get some things from the market. Okay. Can I go in the evening,
please? Alright, but don’t forget. Anju. Remember me’?
lfs Sam. Yes, I do. But, what are you
doing here? Me’? I came to meet you. Me’?
– Hmm. Why? Finish it. Okay?
– Hmm. See who’s at the door.
– Okay. Hi, Anju. Don’t worry. I didn’t
show this video to anyone. In fact, I’m thinking of
deleting it. You want that, too, right’? Great! Make my wish
come true. Tonight at 11 pm,
behind your house. You’ll meet me, right’? No! I won’t come there. I didn’t show this video to anyone.
Not even my friends. I didn’t forward it or think
of uploading it on the net. But, just think about it.
What if I do all that’? What about your ‘family’s reputation? Sam, please, Sam! Please, delete this video. Why are you hassling me’?
Please! I will do it.
Tonight at 11 pm. Behind your house. Alone .
Alright?I’llsee you.
– No, Sam!I’llsee you.
– Sam! Sam, please!
Sam! Sam! What is it’? I’ve a slight headache. Do you want some medicine? No.I’llbe fine, once I lie
down for a bit. Eat something.
It’s almost dinner ‘time. Run! Rum
No!Run, It seems, a storm is coming. Hey, don’t jinx it! I’m leaving. Got an umbrella?
– Yes. Anju, you shouldn’t have
done this. I guess, you aren’t
taking me seriously. Sam, please!
Don’t harass me anymore. Please, delete the video.
– Should I delete it’? You cheated me.
– No, Sam. Just you wait. Why are you doing this? We didn’t harm you in any way. I request you… …don’t ruin her life. Ifs no use, now. She was ruined the day
I shot this video. You’ve seen it today. Soon, everyone on the internet
will watch it. They’ll know how she bathes. I request you.
Please delete it. I won’t do that. Don’t you have any shame? Delete it.
– No. Please, delete it. I told you, I won’t do it. I beg you.
Please, delete it. We’ll be ruined!
Please! Alright. I will delete the video. But, you must give me
what I want. What’? Anju. Nandini! Ahju! An… Dad! Anju, what happened? Aniu? Nandini, what happened? Why doesn’t someone tell me’? I will delete the video. But, you must give me… …what I want. Or, I will… …upload this video online. Ahju! Ahju! Anju, he’s not breathing! Sam! Sam! Sam? What happened?
– Mom, I can’t get through to dad. I guess, the line is dead… Let’s go.
Come with me. Anju, get the spade. What will we do, now’? I don’t know. I don’t know how I got
the courage, to bury him. But, I’m shaking all over, now. Did I make a mistake
by burying him? No. You did the right thing. No… if we had informed the
police at once… …we wouldn’t feel scared. H’ we’d gone to the police… …Anju’s life
would be ruined. I’m really scared! Don’t be scared. I won’t let
anything happen to you. See what I found
in the Outhouse. Did Sam have a car’? Yes, he had a yellow car. He must have parked it nearby. Have you checked the
Outhouse, properly? No.
– No. Let’s go. Where did Sam fall when you
hit him’? Right there. What are you searching for’? Blood. There’s not a single
drop of blood here. When you hit him with the
stick, did you hit his head? Perhaps, ifs an internal
injury. We have to clean the
Outhouse, thoroughly. Just a moment. Trace it, quickly! As soon as the SIM card is put in… Trace it ‘fast.
– Trace ‘the location oi ‘the SIM card. Find out where he’s travelling.
– We are getting the signal. Ifs really easy to trace his
SIM now. I’ve traced it, sir. He’s talking from the second floor.
– And he’s travelling to Pune. Sir, if he speaks for five minutes,
we’ll have the exact location. The SIM card has been activated.
So, the exact location… Trace the SIM card.
– Sir, ifs within a half… …kilometer radius. I guess
he threw the mobile away. Sir, he’s traveling via Rajasthan
to Haryana. Don’t leave the house
until I get back. Don’t call anyone. Keep the doors and
windows locked. It should appear as if no
one is at home. Where are you going? I have to find the car and
take it somewhere else. Get back, soon. Anju!
– I didn’t mean to kill Sam. I was just trying to
break his phone. But, he didn’t let go…
– I know. I know! I don’t want to go to prison!
Please. Are you crazy? I’m still alive. I won’t let you go to jail. Nothing will happen to you. Salvi, stop counting and
give all oi that ‘to me. Is that all you’ve got’? Sir, isn’t Rs. 500 enough? Ifs not for a driver’s license.
This is for passport verification. You want to go to London
to meet your son, right’? How much for you?
– Sir, ifs fifty five. Do you think, ifs raining money?
Fifty five, it seems! Here, that’s thirty. Get going. Alright, then. Get me a gift from London. What the heck?
Who is it’? Isn’t that Vijay Salgaonkar’? It seems to be. When did he buy a car’? Where does he live’? His garden is across the road. Mom. We’ll be in big trouble,
because of me. Right’? Don’t say that. We are with you. You don’t know,
whose son he was. Whose son was he’? Listen, I wanted to tell you… …on the next weekend on
the 2nd and 3rd of October… …Swami Chinmayanand
is holding a sermon at Panaji. Come on, now! Hey, move it! Yes, sir’?
– Can I buy a phone? A new one?
– No, a used phone. Sure. Please make sure the battery
is fully charged. – Sure. Here you are, sir. How much for this?
– Rs. 900. Here you are.
– Could you put the SIM card in’? Here you are, sir.
– Thank you. How do I reduce the volume? Here. Ifs done, sir.
– Thank you. You’re welcome. There is a stone quarry, about
15 kms away in Paavelim. I mean, it used to be there. We got it shut down,
after protesting against it. There is a lake right in
the middle of it. But, the project is
not eco friendly. Ifs you! I thought, you’d
taken a holiday. What happened, today? Nothing much.
I collected the payments. As always, Mrs. Pereira avoided
making the payment. Okay, listen to me. I am not here for2days.
I am going to Panaji for a sermon. Sermons? Nandini really wants to go. We are leaving, tomorrow. Take care of things. Mr. Vijay. Anything wrong’? Not at all.
Why? Well, you just seem slightly
‘off. That’s all. Not at all! But, if I find out, that
you’ve messed up… …I’ll rub you out! Now, that’s more like you. Get lost. Don’t screen too many
adult films. Sure. Who is it’? Ifs Vii-EV- Don’t cry, dear. I’m back. Dad, don’t ever leave me again. I won’t. Vi] 8y – Sam was ‘the son oi ‘the
IG oi Goa. Inspector General of Police. You’re lying! Tell me!Pat“!Senior Inspector D’souza. And Inspector Mohite. These are the name of
the suspended officers. Because of whom’? The court warned the
police department. They may set up an enquiry, too. Because of whom’? The murderer in this case is
roaming soot free. Because of whom’? Because, both of you
testified in court… …that, the police forced you
to make a statement. Do you think, the police department
is a joke? And you can do anything
you want’? I want you to give another
statement. This time, make it the truth. No, ma’am. Ma’am, they will kill us. They will kill you and so
you won’t testify. And so, both my officers
will stay under suspension. Patil.
– Yes, Madam. Did anyone see you
when you fetched them’? No, Madam. We were in civil
clothes. Alright, then. String them both up
with a noose around their necks. Anchor them with a heavy stone
and toss them into the sea. No one will know.
The corpses won’t be found. I won’t waste my time on them. No, ma’am! Ma’am. We’ll tell the truth. Ma’am, they are innocent. We will tell the truth. Patil, when they come to
testify in the court… …bring in their families. Okay, Madam. It they give a false testimony,
maim their families. I don’t care. Why are you smiling? Aren’t you tensed?
– About what’? That boy… Which boy? Sam.
– Who’s Sam? The one who…
– Just a moment. I don’t know anyone called Sam. And no boy entered this house. From now on, we are
going to react just like that. As if nothing happened. Or the fear and tension
may cause problems for us. I just realized that
a while back. Before I arrived home,
I went to the office. Jose asked me
if anything was wrong. H’ Jose can figure out something
is wrong in a few moments… …then, others can
figure it out, too. But, when I answered him as
I normally do, he was assured. So, forget what happened. Behave as if nothing
has happened. Everything is normal. What did you do about the car’? I won’t tell you stuff… mthat you don’t need to
know about. Don’t even try to find out. Pack your bags. We leave tomorrow morning. Where to’? We have to stay somewhere
else for two days. It’ll be a good change
and help us relax. H’ anyone asks you
where we’re going, tell them… …we are going to attend
Swami Chinmayanands sermon. But, that got over today. Hello!
– Hi, Mahesh. Are you going back or…
– Yes,I’llfreshen up and go back. Meera, did you speak to Sam? I’ve been trying to call since last
night. His phone is switched off. You call him constantly
and bother him, Mahesh. So, he must have switched it off
on purpose. That’s nice. You’re scolding
me for all my trouble. You’ve allowed him to take
too many liberties. Mahesh, kids want freedom
at this age. We must give it to them. Freedom? How much
freedom does he want’? We have given him everything. A phone, laptop,2credit cards,
a car. Why does he need all that’? Have you seen last month’s
credit card bill’? Rs. 60,000. Yes, that’s because, he bought
a new laptop. And I’ve seen the receipt. Why does he need another
laptop? How does the receipt matter?
Did you see the laptop? I haven’t seen it. Mahesh, stop doubting your
son so much. He’ll run away forever,
some day. I don’t doubt him.
I worry about him, Meera. You’re pampered him
to such an extent that… Sorry. I’m getting late.
Okay? H’ you speak to him,
tell him to come home. Okay? Bye Meera.
– Bye. Alright, tickets, please. Mr. Salgaonkar! Are you going on a trip
with the family? Did you buy a new bus? No, it’s a used bus.
– It’s nice. Where are you off to’? We are going to attend our
spiritual guru’s sermon at Panaji. Give me four tickets.
– What’s wrong with you? I can’t let you pay tor
tickets on my bus. Put it away.
– Thank you. Alright, tickets, please! Tickets! “Dying every moment. “…living for the moment.” “Barely alive…” ” It’s stifling . . . ” ” It’s stifling . . . ” “I’m in pain.” ” It’s stifling . . . ” “Fear picks at my mind.” ” It’s stifling . . . ” “Dying every moment,
living for the moment.” “Barely alive…” ” It’s stifling . . . ” ” It’s stifling . . . ” ” It’s stifling . . . ” “My lips ravaged,
I can barely speak.” “Bloodless limbs,
my body is drifting aimlessly.” “The tears
caught up in my heart…” “…my eyes glaze over with tears.” ” It’s stifling . . . ” ” It’s stifling . . . ” ” It’s stifling . . . ” “Why do I feel someone
watching me from a distance?” “Did anyone come near me?” “Does my shadow follow me?” “But, my heart beat is
subdued.” “Barely breathing…” ” It’s stifling . . . ” ” It’s stifling . . . ” “My breath catches
ever so slightly.” ” It’s stifling . . . ” “Why is every
moment stifling me?” ” It’s stifling . . . ” ” It’s stifling . . . ” What did I say to you? I know, but I can’t seem to forget. You have to forget. Our fear is the one last piece
of evidence of what happened. We have to get rid ot that
as well. And there’s just one
more thing. Get a bill for everything
you buy, from now on. Groceries, vegetables,
fruits, pencils. Get bills tor the
most trivial things. “It is stifling…” “It is stifling…” “My breath catches
ever so slightly.” “It is stifling…” “Why is every
moment stifling me?” “It is stifling…” Let me speak to Kanvinde from
the cyber cell. “It is stifling…” “Dying every moment. “…living for the moment.” “Barely alive…” “It is stifling…” “It is stifling…” “I’m in pain.” “It is stifling…” “Fear picks at my mind.” “It is stifling…” “Dying every moment,
living for the moment.” Ma’am, we followed Sam’s network
from Goa, Hublidarbar, Chittadurg… …Bengaluru, to Tamil Nadu
and we lost trace in Kanchipuram. After that, his phone was
switched off. He has friends in Bengaluru
and Chennai. Yes, perhaps, he went there. But, why did the phone get switched
off in Kanchipuram’? “It is stifling…” “Why do I feel someone
watching me from a distance?” “Did anyone come near me?” “Does my shadow follow me?” “But, my heart beat is
subdued.” “Barely breathing…” ” It’s stifling . . . ” ” It’s stifling . . . ” “It is stifling…” “It is stifling…” “It is stifling…” ACP Rego. Yes, ma’am. Ma’am, we just found
the car here. Who saw it, first’? A few kids who were swimming
here, found it. How many days, do you reckon? Ifs been about2weeks. Excuse me, did you find anything
in the lake? No, sir. Don’t worry. When the car was dumped,
it was empty. Don’t let this
get to the media. Wrap it UP- The last call from Sam’s mobile… …was made on 2nd October
at 07:12 pm. The signal indicates, that it was
located in Pondolem. His phone went out of
coverage at 10:30 pm. The next morning… …his phone was switched on
once again at Panaji at 9:25 am. After that, the phone
went to Kanchipuram. Where it was switched off. Ma’am, given the information
we have so far, I think… …we should confine our
investigation to Goa. For the time being. Sam spoke to someone for
the last time on 2nd October. Get me the details tor that number.
– Yes, ma’am. Yes? Send him in. Ma’am, the account number
you gave us… …was accessed at 10:00 am
on 2nd October… …at a cash ATM in Panaji. There is no transaction
after that. How much cash was withdrawn’? Rs. 20,000, sir.
– Rs. 20,000′? Why did he need so much money? Sir, there’s more. The phone which went out of
range on 2nd October… …and the one which was switched
on, the morning of 3rd October… mare two different phones. The IMEI numbers are different. Ma’am, possibly he withdrew
cash to buy a new cell phone. I don’t think so. He bought a new cell phone
just two months ago. I think, our son is in
big trouble. Sir. Hey, you.
What’s this? The Panchayat building tax. I told you to pay that, right’? When did I tell you?
– It was… Three weeks ago.
– Three weeks? Sameer Deshmukh, the only son of
IG Meera Deshmukh. He’s been missing since
3 weeks. According to the phone records,
he was in Pondolem on 2nd October. This is the car, he drove in
here. A yellow Hyundai Getz,
GA07, MJ 1011. This car was recovered from
the lake at Paavelim Stone Quarry. But, there is no sign of Sameer. H’ you are facing a problem,
come to me and… What’s up, Digambar? How is your son, now’?
– He’s fine, sir. He will be discharged
within a day or two. That’s good. Give me Rs. 200. I don’t have any money. What do you mean, you
don’t have money? The hospital isn’t treating
your son free oi charge. No, no…
– Come on, outwith it. What’s in that pocket?
– It’s nothing. Let’s see it!
Is that all’? Fifty rupees?
Get going. Martin, give me a packet
of Pan Masala. What’? The Pan masala’? No tea for you today, Mr. Gaitonde’? No, I don’t have time for tea. I’ve been assigned
to a major case. What is it about’? A yellow Hyundai Getz car… …was recovered from the lake in
Paavelim stone quarry. That’s in Paavelim, right’?
Why do you have to get involved? Ifs true but, I can’t help it. The lGfls office called, directly. The car belongs ‘to
‘the son oi ‘the IG, you see. The IG will obviously employ
the entire police force to work. Mr. Sawant and I are working
on this case together.I’llleave, now. What do you care’? Mr. Sawant. What’s wrong’? Everything okay?
– Yes, of course. Gaitonde, don’t shoot your
mouth off. Don’t drag Vijay into this, just
because you have issues with him. I saw him getting into the car.
lfs just… That’s not all. A little while ago, I mentioned the car.
He was disturbed. You’ll see… …even if he is slightly
apprehensive, he will look back. He’s going to turn, now. So, now what’? You’ve lost it, Gaitonde. Vijay Salgaonkar and the lGfls
son, Sameer Deshmukh… What’s the connection? Sir, Gaitonde and Vijay
can’t stand each other. That’s why, Gaitonde is trying
to implicate Vijay. Or he is mistaken. Sir. Sir, on the 3rd of this month
at 7:15 am… …I went to Subhash Salvis place
for passport verification. I saw Vijay Salgaonkar there. I am absolutely sure. Where were you on the afternoon of
the 2nd of this month’? We went for a sermon to Panaji. When did you get back?
– The next day, on a Sunday. At what time’?
– In the evening. Where was the sermon held?
– In Panaji. Where, in Panaji’? Patio… In Patio colony. Really? Was it in Patio colony? The hermitage is there.
That’s where the sermon was held. Vijay, what’s going on? Will the police
actually come here? Absolutely. We don’t know when
they will come. But, they will certainly come over. But, you don’t have to worry. The police has no clues
about Sam. And, they don’t have any evidence
either. But, they will try to
gather evidence. So, they will cross question you. Either they will ask nicely
or they will scare you. Your mom and I may be
beaten up, before you. But, if they don’t get the answers
they want, they’ll let us go. So no matter what happens…
anything at all… …you can’t change your statement
under any circumstances. Just stick to your story. Can you both do that’? Dad, will they beat you
and mom up very badly? Don’t think about that. When you are naughty,
I hit you too, right’? That’s about it. Don’t be scared. Ifs late.
Go to bed. Good night.
– Good night. Vijay, how are we going to prove
we weren’t here on Saturday? Someone must have seen you at
the office or at Martin’s corner. Of course, they must have.
– Then what’? Nandini, what happened to us… …has left us with only
two options. Either we give in… …or we stand up and fight. I don’t think, we’ve done
anything wrong. So, there’s no way
I’m going to give in. We will fight. Now, this is a game. We may win, or we may lose. But, I can guarantee one thing. No matter what happens… …you or the kids won’t
go to prison. I can’t say for sure,
that it was Vijay Salgaonkar. Really? You said, it was Vijay. No, when you asked, is that
Vijay… …I thought, it was probably him. But, I can’t say for sure
it was him. Who did you see? Sir, I couldn’t see too clearly. I can’t tell if it was Vijay
or someone else. When he mentioned Vijay,
I had a doubt. Was that the car’? It was yellow, like this car.
But, I can’t say for sure. Salvi, there must be something… mthat you can be sure ofl?
– Gaitonde! YOU? Sir, I didn’t see the
license number. But, it was yellow
like this one. There are many yellow
cars, like this one. Sir, a retired professor
lives next door. He has the same kind of
yellow car. Oh, then it could be that car. What’? You could say that
for sure’? He thinks he’s so intelligent! Sir, a fax from the IG office. Sir, Sameer Deshmukh went on
a school trip, the last month. Two students from Vidya Vikas
Vidyalaya were there, too. I have their names
and addresses. One of them is Anju Salgaonkar. Vijay Salgaonkafs daughter. Adopted. Adopted?
– Yeah. I didn’t know that. Yes, sir. When Vijay was 21
years old… …he found a baby near a
garbage bin on the road. Someone had abandoned
that little baby. Vijay is an orphan himself. That’s why, he took the
child home. Later, he adopted her legally. I always thought Anju and
Vijay were related by blood. What is this, Gaitonde’? Shame on you for accusing such
a decent man. Sir, sir! Just because he adopted an
orphan, it doesn’t mean… mthat, he can’t commit crimes. We just found out… …Sameer and Anju
are connected in some way. I think, we should arrest Vijay… …slap him around a bit
and he’ll spill the beans. Don’t let this information
leak out ot this station. Ifs…
– 11:30 am. A square plus B square equals
A square, plus B square, plus 2AB. A plus B whole cube equals
to… …a cube, plus…
– Ma’am. Anju. The principal
wants to see you. Yes, ma’am. The police has one last piece of
evidence to prove what happened. Our fear. So, forget what happened. Try to behave normally. The police do not know
what happened in this house. They will question us on the
basis of circumstantial evidence. We have to answer them
without any fear. They will fake things, too. But, you knew Sam. Don’t ever refuse to accept
that. Just don’t tell them anything
that happened in this house. May I come in, ma’am’? Are you Vijay
Salgaonkafs daughter? Yes, sir. Do you know this boy? Oh, that’s Sam. So, how do you know Sam? I represented my school at a
nature camp, last month. That’s when I got to know him. Was it just an acquaintance,
or… No, sir. Just an acquaintance. Just like all the other students
at the camp. There were ‘thousands oi students
at the camp, how come you remember
Sam’s face’? Sir, Sam was quite famous
at the camp. Why? He took pictures
of girls at the camp. He shot videos, too. Then, a lawyer’s daughter
complained about him. Oh, I see. Did Sam ever come to meet you
after the camp? No, sir.
– Why are you lying? We were told, he came to
meet you. Who told you that’?
Did Sam tell you? Yes, he did. Sam told us. Sir, Sam is lying. Did Sam come to meet you… …on the 2nd of October
at your place? To my place?
– Yes. Not at all. Besides, we weren’t home
on the 2nd of October. Where did you go? Swami Chinmayanand was holding a
sermon at Panaji. We all attended it. Who all attended it’? Mom, dad, my younger
sister Anu and me. When did you get back?
– The next day, the 3rd. Did the sermon last for2days’? Yes, but, we attended it only
on the 2nd. After that, we stayed in a hotel… …and saw a movie the next
day, before returning home. I see. Ma’am. Show us the attendance
register, please. Let’s see, whether she came
to school on the second. There was a holiday
at school on the 2nd. Gandhi Jayanti. Right, and the 3rd was a
Sunday. That’s why we planned it. So, you mean… …you’ve never met Sam
after the camp. No, sir. Okay. Thank you. Thank you, sir.
Thank you, ma’am. Are you Vijay Salgaonkafs
wife’? Yes. Vijay! How come you are home
at this time’? Anju’s principal called Nandini and
informed her about your visit there. She got scared and called me. I went to the station and
found out you’re here. I rushed home. What has happened? We need to question you. Come in, lefs sit down. Vijay, do you know this boy? No, sir. What about you?
– No, sir. Have you seen this car’? No sir. What about you? No, sir. Let me be frank, here. That’s what I’d prefer, too. This is IG Meera Deshmukh’s
only son, Sam Deshmukh. He is missing, since the last
25 days. Last month, during the
nature camp, he met… …your daughter, Anju. We also have proof, he came here
in a yellow Hyundai Getz. This car was recovered in the last
month from Paavelim Stone Quarry. We came here for two reasons. First, Anju knew Sam. Secondly, Gaitonde saw you
driving Sam’s car. When you took the car past
Subhash Salvi’s house… …I was there. We think, Sam came
to your place. But, we weren’t here on
the 2nd. We went to Panaji for a sermon
and got back on the third. Yes. Vijay Salgaonkar, your
game is up. Sir, what more proof do you need? Don’t you laugh at me! I didn’t even mention… …which date Sam came to
your place. But, your wife… “blurted, without being asked. Vijay, are you laughing at us’?
– No, sir. Why should I laugh at the
police? Look at her, she is
still shocked. She doesn’t know what
is going on. You’ve really petrified her. I told you, earlier, the principal
called Nandini. She said, that you went to the
school, about a case. You questioned Anju, too. You know, the school authorities
panic in such situations. They think, the case will
ruin the school’s image. So, the principal called Nandini
and told her all about it. Even the dates.
Simple. Gaitonde says he saw you driving
Sam’s car on Sunday, the 3rd. You didn’t answer him. There’s no use.
– Why? Because everyone knows
we can’t stand each other. No matter what I say
he will brand me a liar. Forget about Gaitonde. Tell me the truth. H’ Gaitonde saw me… meither he’s lying or he
is mistaken. Because, on 2nd October
from 8:00 am… …to 3 October, till 5:00 pm. My family and I were in Panaji. Sir, he’s lying. I saw him, that day. What did you do from 2nd
to the 3rd’? Where did you go? Can you give me the details?
– Of course. On 2nd October, we took the
5:30 am bus… …and headed to Panaji. When you got back, was it raining?
– Yes, it was. Nandini and the kids got
drenched. So, they fell sick. They missed school for
a couple of days. Okay. So, you kept the bills and tickets
just to show us, right’? Sir, who ever keeps bus tickets? Sir, we are middle class people. We try to save, as
much as we can.We check ‘the bills on ‘the
dayoi ‘the month.To find out the unnecessary
expenses and the savings. I messed up, by talking
about the dates, right’? Yes. But, you explained everything
and sent them away. They won’t come back, right’? Gaitonde, your allegations are
nonsense. I think, Vijay and his family
actually went to Panaji. Sir, I swear to you!
It was Vijay. Sir, lefs remand him to custody. He won’t be so sharp
once he’s beaten up a bit. Anyway, inform the IG. Sir, let’s get hold oi Vijay, first. What if we inform the
IG, later’? Dad.
– Yes. Did the police believe us’? I don’t know, dear. Will they come back? Yes, they will be back. What is his name?
– Vijay Salgaonkar. Are you sure, he was driving
Sam’s car’? Ma’am, I don’t remember
the license number. But, that was a yellow
Hyundai Getz car. But, are you sure, Vijay
Salgaonkar was driving it’? Yes, sir. Absolutely sure. But, they said, they were at
Panaji on the 2nd and 3rd. Sir, they’re lying.
– They’re lying? But, what about all the proof of
his trip’? He showed us hotel
bills and bus tickets. But, we will know if
they are real or fake… …only after we check them, sir. H’ Gaitonde is right, those
bills must be forged. That won’t be too difficult
to find out. After all, he is an illiterate,
fourth grade dropout. He can’t be too smart. Tomorrow, bring Vijay,
his family… …and all the evidence shown by
him to me. But, on what charge
can we bring them in’? Kidnapping. Not murder. Because, we need a corpse
to prove that. You don’t worry about protocol.
I’lltake care of it. Uncle! Uncle! Mr. Plane! You’re here, early! The police took Vijay and his
family in. When did you leave for Panaji’? Sir, we took a private bus
to Panaji at 5:30 am. So where’s that bus ticket? His friend owns the bus, so
the conductor didn’t let us pay. When did you reach the
venue of the sermon? At 8:30 am. The sermon had
already begun. I guess, about 8:30 am. When we arrived, the
sermon had begun. When did you reach the
venue of the sermon? It our statements are exactly
alike, they may have doubts. Especially when it comes to
timings. Mom and I will give
the exact time. You can skirt around it. I don’t remember the exact
time. But, when we arrived
the sermon had begun. What time did the sermon begin
after you got there’? The police is going to try to
ask complicated questions. Listen to them carefully,
and then answer. The sermon began before
we reached there. But, your mom and dad
said that… …the sermon began
after you reached the venue. After half an hour. They will lie about us
telling them something different. But, stick to your story,
at all times. No! When we arrived the
event had already begun. Martin.
– This way. What’s the matter?
Where are they’? They were taken in.
– They were? These people aren’t telling me
anything! We want to go in.
– You’re not allowed in. He’s Vijay’s father-in-law. I don’t care who he is.
He’s not allowed in and that’s that. How can you stop me’? You have taken my daughter
into police custody, too! Come on, open the gate…
– No! No, get back.
– Open the gate. Get back!
– Open the gate! Later, we went to a restaurant
to eat food. What was the name of the hotel’? I don’t remember that. What did you eat’? Pav Bhaji. What did the others eat’? Everyone ate Pav Bhaji. But, Anju said that… …she ate fried rice. No! She must have forgotten. I remember, we all ate
Pav Bhaji. Hello? Yes, ifs me.
Tell me. No, that’s a lie. Who told you that’? See, I’m in a meeting, okay?
I’llhave to call you back.I’llcall you back. A reporter from India TV called. They say, they have
information that… …we arrested a family
in connection with Sam’s case. Forget about it.
I don’t care, Mahesh. What do you think’? Ma’am, this family is even tougher
than we thought. No one changed their
statements. Specially, the younger
daughter, Anu. I am surprised she stuck to her
story though she is so young! That’s spot on.
Absolutely correct. How can a child stick to her
statement so firmly? I am sure something is wrong,
ma’am. Ifs possible, they
are all telling the truth. So, they are sticking to their
statements. That’s a possibility. Perhaps, Gaitonde is mistaken. No, Mahesh. One thing is certain.
They know something about Sam. But, Meera, their statements
so tar… Mahesh, ‘they’re lying.
It’s a cooked up story. Ma’am, if they are lying… …then, we can conduct
a lie detector test. Are you stupid, Gaitonde’? We can’t conduct a lie detector
test, just like that! We need a court order for that. So, why can’t we get
court orders? To do that we have to prove
they are lying, in the court. So far, all the evidence
we have found… …proves the family wasn’t there
on that weekend. Sorry, I am sure you know
what you’re doing. Prabhu.
– Yes, ma’am. They told us a story, right’? So, bring all the characters
from that story here. Got it’?
– Yes, ma’am. Besides that… …if Vijay is lying about the
trip to Panaji… …then, there is someone
who saw him here. Of course. A boy called Jose works
in his office. Is there any other place
which he visits, regularly? Yes, ma’am. There’s a hotel named
Martin’s Corner. Ifs right in front of the police
station. Vijay comes there, every day.
– Okay. So, bring the office boy and
hotel manager here, tomorrow. Okay, ma’am. One more thing” When the family leaves, they should
feel we believed their story. I was really nervous during
the interrogation. Luckily, they believed us. Who said, they believed us’? What do you mean? They won’t let us go, so easily. They will be back. They will be even better
prepared. They will be back. Why?
Vijay, what’s ‘the problem? I am your brother-in-law.
At least, tell me. Rajesh, every family
has some secrets… mthat are best kept hidden. I am sorry.
I can’t tell you anything. But, I will need your help. What do you want me to do? I have known Vijay
since he was a kid. He’s really good and decent. With a heart of gold. I don’t recall asking whether
he has a heart of gold or silver. How many times did he visit your
hotel on the 2nd of October? Normally, he comes twice a day. For evening tea, dinner. And sometimes, he comes
over for lunch, too. I guess, he came over twice
on the 2nd, too. No, wait! He wasn’t here on the 2nd. He went to Panaji for a sermon. Then, why didn’t you tell us
that before? Sorry, sir.
I remembered it out of the blue. A ‘few days ago,
Vijay and I spoke about that. What did he tell you about
the sermon? He told me it was a very
good event. He even told us what
Swami Chinmayanand said. So, what did he say’? He narrated one of
the Jataka fables. It was ‘the story oi ‘the
king oi Benaras… “defeating his enemy
with love and patience. When did Vijay get back
from Panaji’? The next day.
– At what time’? I don’t know that. Because, he didn’t come
to the office that day. Did Vijay call you from Panaji’? No. Is Vijay Salgaonkar your friend? Yes, he is. Did he travel on your bus
recently? Yes. A few days ago. And before that’?
– Before that’? Right. On the 2nd. Where was he going?
– To Panaji. He was going to attend
some sermon. Are you sure, those people
were at your lodge? – Yes, sir. Are they your regular customers? No, Sir.
– Then, how can you be sure… mthat they were at
your lodge? I need a double room. Rs. 800 plus taxes. What are you saying?
I have stayed here, before. You didn’t charge taxes
back then. Then you won’t get any bills. That will do. Listen, this lodge doesn’t
seem to be good enough. Let’s go to a family hotel. Come on, ma’am.
This is a family hotel. Don’t worry.
He’s been here, before. They checked the room first
and only then did they book it. When did that happen? I don’t remember, sir. Did they tell you why
they were in Panaji’? No, I don’t remember, sir. Did you check their register?
– Yes, ma’am. He has2registers. One of them has
Vijay Salgaonkafs name. There’s a check in on 2nd
October. And… …check out at 9:30 am
on the 3rd. Why do you have two registers? Why don’t you answer ma’am’? One register is for the billing
customers. The other is for customers
who don’t take bills. Do you know, that’s a crime? How can you still remember
them’? Good customers are hard
to forget. You own the hotel. Why? What’s the matter? No. I have never eaten
such tasty Pav Bhaji. Honestly, my wife makes
that at home, but… We are famous for Pav Bhaji
in the city of Panaji. The hotel is really clean
and hygienic. The service is excellent. Once a hotel is famous,
these days… …the service tends to get tacky. But, you’re not like that.
I really like that. Thank you, sir. Uncle, the Pav Bhaji was
really good. Really?
Thank you. What’s your name, dear?
– Anu! Very good. Thank you.
– Thank you, sir. I admit, you would remember
customers who appreciate you. But, how do you remember
which day… …and why, they came to
Panaji. They told me. As a businessman… Okay, okay, fine! You can wait outside. H’ Vijay Salgaonkar met all these
people on 2nd and 3rd October… …how can he be in Pondolem
at the same time’? Ma’am, I don’t know. Now I am a bit confused, too. Can I say something’? H’ you ask me, I believe… …Vijay and his family
are telling the truth. Perhaps, your man is lying. No, sir.
I’m telling the truth. It was Vijay Salgaonkar. I will resign,
if I am proved wrong. Did you speak to Swami
Chinmayanand’? Yes, ma’am.
He was out of town. He may be back by now.
– Call him. Given what you’ve told me… …it seems, Vijay and his
family… …were present at our
sermon, that day. Because, every sermon of mine is
unique. I never repeat it. Perhaps, someone who attended
it told Vijay later. But, it’s not possible that someone
remembered all those details. Thank you, Swamiji. Where are dad and Anu’? This is a digital projector. I dream of having my own
theater in Pondolem. Very good! All the theaters have digital
projection, these days. The costs are low
and the quality is pristine. Dad. My elder daughter and my wife.
– Hello. Do you remember
when they came to you? On the 3rd of this month. How do you remember the date’? He saw the first half of the
film… …from the projection room. And he also told me that, he… …had come to Panaji for
a sermon. And, he was staying in a lodge. Get out.
Just get out! Let’s go. Go out.
Go on. Meera. Come on. Stop it. Look at me. Nothing will happen to Sam.
Okay? Just stop worrying. We will find him. Don’t worry and don’t
lose hope. I haven’t given up, Mahesh. But, I am a mom too. I can’t help that. Stop crying- Listen, this… Is this investigation
taking the right course’? Yes. I think so. Then, why can’t we unearth
any clues’? All the clues and witnesses
seem to be in his favor. I know, Mahesh. All the proof and witnesses
are in Vijay’s favor. But, I know he’s lying. They are all lying. I can feel it. The police can tell from the
way a person talks… …whether he’s lying or telling
the truth. I underestimated him by
considering him uneducated. That was a mistake. He may be a 4th grade dropout, but
he is extremely cunning. He is really wily. Vijay Salgaonkar is a very
good man. I have checked his records. He came to this village
25 years ago. First, a tea stall,
then a grocery shop. A video library, a garage. He worked in diverse places
and grew up. Later, he started
up his own business. He’s a fourth grade dropout. But, he knows Marathi, Hindi,
English and Konkani. He says, he learnt
all that from watching films. He does love movies. He never misses out
a single film. Films. That’s an important link. Come on, lefs go! Wait a bit. What is it’? I forget to get money
tor the tickets. Is there any ATM nearby?
I… What is this? I will have to
hold up the bus for you. There’s an ATM up ahead,
go ahead and hurry back. Two minutes.
– Go on. Prabhu, get me all the CCTV footage
from that ATM. Where is it’?
In Panaji’? Taligaon bus stand,
5 kms away from Panaji. When was the bus
scheduled to leave? At 3:00 pm in the afternoon. I want the CCTV footage
for the ATM… …for 3rd October,
from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm right now. Sawant! You meet thousands of
passengers, every day. – Yes. Let’s say, you remember
the family due to the ATM. But, when did the family
go to Panaji’? Why were they there’? It is impossible to remember
all of that. He told you something
25 days ago. How do you still remember it’? I don’t remember.
He told me. Yes, but, you were
told 25 days ago. How can you still…
– No, I… What do you mean?
– I mean… …he told me that, when… …we met again, recently. Again?
– Yes. When? A few days ago. Where? Where did you meet him? Uncle!
– Oh, how are you? How come you’re here? Vijay, don’t you remember him? We came here for Chinmayanands
sermon on 2nd October. When we were going back
the next day… …he was the conductor
on our bus. You went to withdraw cash
at the ATM… Oh, right! On the 2nd, after
the sermon… …we went back on the bus
on the 3rd. You were the conductor on that bus.
– Right. You forget everything! Sorry, I…
– That’s okay. See you later.
– Okay. Mr. Vasu, has the show begun’? Ifs you! No, there’s still time.
Where is your family? No, I am alone today.
– Okay. There was a sermon on the
2nd, right’? That’s why the family was
with me. We went shopping on the 3rd and
then came for a movie. Atter that, we ate at the hotel
and then went back home. Imagine how expensive
that can be. Dinkar. We went ‘to ‘the sermon
at Panaji on ‘the 2nd on your bus. You didn’t accept any money
from me. But, that won’t happen today. Let me buy the tickets today. Don’t do that! Why don’t you tell him? She won’t say anything to me!
Here, give me tickets. You’ve come after a while, sir. No, we were here on ‘the
2nd ‘for ‘the sermon at Panaji. We visited exactly a day
after the sermon. On 3rd October. Right. Thank you.
– Thank you, sir. 3 weeks? – I told you, I’m going to
Panaji for the sermon. I told you to pay this
the day after I got back. Yes.
– When did I go to Panaji’? Well… On Saturday, the 2nd of October. Yes.
– When did I go? On Saturday, the 2nd of October. When did I get back?
On Sunday the 3rd of October. Yes, you got back on Sunday,
3rd October. The next day on 4th October,
a Monday… …I told you to pay this. Yes.
– Go and pay it. The other king was reformed
by his example. The moral of this story
is, we must cultivate… …the power to forgive others. Great! Very good! But, how did you hear
that story’? I told you, we went to Panaji… …to attend Swami Chinmayanands
sermon. When? Did you forget, already? We went on the 2nd,
it was a Saturday. And we got back on the 3rd. That’s where I heard
this story. Okay. Ma’am. Swami Chinmayanand. Yes, Swamiji. My followers record my sermons. They are provided to the devotees
via DVDs. The devotees can make bookings. They can pick them up from the
ashram, within2weeks. I have seen the booking list
tor the sermon on the 2nd. But, Vijay Salgaonkafs
name doesn’t feature in it. Alright, thank you so much. Possibly, he booked it
under another name. Ifs possible. But it doesn’t prove he wasn’t
in Panaji on the 2nd and 3rd. Ma’am, the CCTV footage for
the ICICI Bank. No. Ifs over, finished. Vijay was telling the truth.
– But, sir… We have wasted so much time! It may have been better
to try to find Sam instead. But, I really…
– Gaitonde. But, what more proof
do you want now’? Ifs over, ifs finished. But… Meera. Our investigation hinges
on the fact, that… …whether Vijay was in Panaji on
the 2nd and 3rd, or not’? The camera doesn’t lie, Meera! The CCTV proves, that Vijay was
in Panaji on the 3rd. Vijay was in Panaji on the 3rd. Vijay was in Panaji on
the 3rd, too! Makes sense. That means…
– Meera. Mahesh, he knew we were going
to watch this CCTV footage. In fact, he wanted us to see it. That was part of his plan, Mahesh.
– What plan, Meera’? It was an amazing plan. At about 8:30 am.
– The sermon had started by then. Vijay wasn’t here on the 2nd. He saw the entire first halt
ot the film in the projection room. No one forgets about
good customers, ma’am. He told me about that, recently
again, when we met. We had come to Panaji for
a sermon, on the 2nd. He just recreated that day. In fact, both the days. The 2nd and 3rd of October. What do you mean? What do we usually remember? Something we have seen
for ourselves. Visuals. Visuals. Something we see,
can’t be easily forgotten. Visual memories are
the strongest memories. For example, cinema. You know, the stories you are
watching are not real. But, you still believe in them. Because, you have seen the story
and lived it in a way. In the same way… …Vijay and his family not only
concocted the story about Panaji… …in fact, they lived it out. They actually went to Panaji. They stayed at a lodge. They did eat the Pav Bhaji. He sat in the projection
room and watched the film. So, they stuck to their statements,
during the interrogation. Because, they were telling
the truth. Apart from one little detail. What was that’? They didn’t do all that
on ‘the 2nd and 3rd oi October. They did that, some other day. Perhaps, the next day. Ma’am. Vijay said, it was raining
on the way back, they were drenched. And his family fell sick. He also said, his kids missed
school for a few days. He showed us the medical bills
too. You can get fake medical bills
very easily, Sawant. Anyway, he’s been throwing
bills at us from the word go. But, there is an entry in the
lodge register for the 2nd. The bus and film tickets tor the
3rd are authentic, right’? That’s a valid point, ma’am. Very well played, fourth grade
dropout, Vijay Salgaonkar. But, I know how you did that. Vijay went to Panaji on 3rd October
in Sam’s car. He took a take away from
a restaurant. Then, he probably
bought a used phone. He put Sam’s SIM card into it. Then, he dumped the phone into
a truck with a national permit. Then, he probably dumped Sam’s
car into the lake at the quarry. Then, he went back to a restaurant
and bought tour Pav Bhaji takeouts. He purchased tour tickets
to the cinema, on that day. Then, he went to Taligaon
bus stand… …and withdrew the money
from the ATM at 3:00 pm. Then, he took a Kadamba bus… …bought 4 tickets and got back
to Pondolenn. He went to his office at night. He told Jose, he was going for
the sermon, the next day. The next morning
he took his family… …and travelled by Dinkar’s private
bus to Panaji. Vijay told him he was going to
Panaji for the sermon. On reaching Panaji, he may have
reached the hermitage at 9:00 am. Then, they spent the whole
day at the ashram. Meanwhile, he found out
about the DVDs for the sermon. He booked it under an
assumed name. They arrived at Rishabh Lodge
in the evening. Then, I guess, while ‘the manager
gave Nandini ‘the ‘tour… …/ijay filled his name in
‘the entries ‘for ‘the 2nd. Then, when the manager returned
he disguised his handwriting… …and took the room under
an assumed name. They ate out at night. The next day, they ordered
food from the same restaurant… …where he bought ‘the
‘take aways on ‘the 3rd. After checking out of the lodge,
he took his family to the hotel… …where he had order four Pav
Bhaji takeaways. Again, they ate pav bhaji there. They made friends with the owner
while paying the bill. Then, they watched a film. They got acquainted
with the projectionist. Later, while withdrawing money
from the ATM at the bus stand… …Vijay got off the bus. But, he didn’t enter the ATM. They made ‘friends with ‘the
conductor on ‘the Kadamba bus. They got back home and
a few days later… …Vijay watched the sermon
with his family. Then, he destroyed all
the bills for the fifth. He showed us bills for the 3rd. A few days later he went back
to Panaji with his family. He met everyone, once again. Then, he very cleverly,
talked to them… …and implied… mthat, he and his family went
to Panaji on the 2nd for a sermon. He got back on the evening
of 3rd October. So, they all didn’t realize they
were giving false testimonies. They kept thinking
they were telling the truth. Master stroke. So, Vijay Salgaonkar… …mocked the entire
police department. And despite knowing
about all of that… …we have no proof or evidence
against him. All we have is a theory. Without proof or witnesses… …a confession is
the greatest evidence. What do you mean? Where are you taking me’?
– Come on! Let him go!
– Come on! Don’t shout!
– Come on. Let me go, sir.
– Get in. Take them all away!
– Get in, come on! How can they take them away? Let us go! I will need your help. What do you want me to do?
– h’ the police takes us again… …just call these people. Where is my son? I don’t know. We weren’t at home. Do you think, the police are fools’? We have figured out your
plan, Vijay. Ifs no use lying, now. We know, you were
not in Panaji on the 2nd or 3rd. You were there on the 4th and
the 5th. You didn’t attend any sermon. Why did my son come to
meet you? What happened with
the two of you? I never met Sam after
the camp. Really. Listen to me. I’ve had enough
of your stories. Ifs over. You better tell me the truth. Or we have other ways to
do this. I’m telling the truth,
I don’t know anything. You know how I feel, don’t you? After all, you are a mom. Tell me the truth. My son came to meet your daughter
and vanished. What happened with them’? We have already told the truth. Gaitonde! Tell me, whafs the truth’? Tell me! Tell me, what is it’? Please, don’t!
– Get back! Speak u I _ Dacup. Tell me! Let’s see, how much you
can take. Tell me! Dad! Tell me! Where is Sam? Tell me! Tell me!
– Don’t hit him. What the heck! Tell me! You better tell me. Please, ma’am. Please, tell him to stop. Please! Speak up! Please! Gaitonde! Where is my son? Speak up!
– Come on! Come on, speak up! Tell me! Tell ma’am where her son is! Tell her, where is Sam? Tell her!
Speak up! Tell her! He came to meet you, right’? Tell us where is Sam?
– Go on! Speak up!
_ Tell us, where is Sam? Alex is here. Send him in.
– Tell us! Tell us, where is Sam?
– Meera, tell them to stop, please. Alex is here.
– Speak up! Tell us, where is Sam? Okay, stop it. Come with me. You…
– Gaitonde, stop it! Get back. Vijay, tell me what you know. DO YPU people enjoy
Qefilng bashed up? I’m telling the truth.
I don’t know anything. Do you know this girl’? No, aunt. Alex. Sam was with you
at the nature camp. Sam is missing for 26 days.
You know that. I am sure, she is connected
to his disappearance. So, please, if you have
any information… …do tell us, right now. Uncle, I don’t know anything. You called Sam on the day
he vanished. Correct? But, you refused to
admit to it the other day. Are you going to tell me,
or should I tell them’? Aunt, I spoke to him, but… …he didn’t tell me
where he was. How is she connected to Sam? Tell me, or I am going
to slap you.I’lltellyou.Stay here. Hey, bro! Send this to me. Sorry, not yet. Why? Send it!
– Not now. First, I should make use of this. Ma’am. There is a huge
crowd outside. The media is asking for you. Tell them to get lost. Don’t let them get in. Call for reinforcements,
if needed. Now what’? What do we do? We’ll end this. Go out, everyone. Gaitonde, you stay here. I found out about
the video clip. Where is Sam? We don’t know, ma’am. I’m telling the truth. Gaitonde, I want the truth. Do whatever it takes.
– Yes, ma’am. You darn… Where is Sam? Tell me, where is Sam?
Tell me! Tell me! You tell me! Tell me, where is Sam?
– No! Where is Sam?
– Mom! Tell me!
Don’t you know? Leave her. You must know! Tell me, what did you
do to Sam? I don’t know.
– You don’t know? Tell me! Are you obstructing a police officer? Are you holding
the police back? You!
Get lost! Are you holding
the police back? Are you holding
the police back? Are you holding
the police back? Are you going to talk? Tell me, where is Sam? I don’t know, sir.
– You don’t know? You don’t know? Listen, I am going
to kill all of you. Tell me. Won’t you tell me’? I don’t know. You don’t know? Tell me.
– Mom! No. Meera, stop him.
Please. Tell me.
Where is Sam? I don’t know. You don’t know? Look! h’ I hit them a bit
more… …your mom, dad and sister
will die. It you don’t want that
tell the truth. No…
– Tell us. Tell me. Listen, I’m going to kill
them all. Will that do? Tell me, are you okay
with that’? Gaitonde. She won’t speak before
the parents. Send them away. Please. H’ you know anything about
Sam, tell us! Where is Anu’? My daughter is in there.
– Wait. But, my daughter is in there…
– You can’t go in. My daughter is in there.
– Wait. Did he come to your house? I don’t know, uncle. I want to go to my parents. Be honest then,
I will take you to your parents. You better be honest,
or I am going to get upset. When I get angry… …you know, what I can do. Tell me the truth
or I am going to kill you! We should tell them the truth. Gaitonde is a monster. What if something
happens to Anu’? I am really scared, now. I am going to confess. Then, everything will be fine, right’?
– No, Nandini. Why did we suffer so much’? Why did we take the beatings? So we could give in’? I promised you, none
of you will go to prison. I will keep my promise. Anu… Anu…
– Don’t worry about Anu. She’s a brave girl. Tell me, what is the truth’?
– Uncle, I don’t know! I want to go to my mom and dad! Meera, this is it.
Just stop him! Enough is enough! What we’re doing here is illegal! What about my son?
Who is going to look for him? We have to look for him
but this is not the way! Who does this? At least, have mercy on that child. What are you doing to her’? And what’s going ‘to happen
after all this? Did anyone tell you anything’? I tell you after all this,
if we find out that… …this family is innocent,
we will really regret it. I mean, just consider for a moment,
what if Gaitonde is mistaken? Tell me the truth! Tell me!
– Gaitonde! No! Don’t hit me! I will tell you.Mgr“!An“!Where are you taking my
daughter? Your daughter is taking us. Where you buried the boy. Your game is up, Vijay Salgaonkar.
All done. Now, your next family
trip is going to be in prison. Hey, get them all into the jeep. Get back!
Come on. Come on. Come on. Alright, let’s go. Come on, get back. Get back.
Come on, Let’s go. Wait!
– Come on. Let us go in. He’s our son. No one is allowed
to meet the accused. Accused? What has he done’? Wait. You’ll find out. Ma’am. Gaitonde did this. Vijay stood up to him.
Gaitonde wants revenge. Uncle, what’s going on here? We don’t know yet. They won’t even tell
us anything. That’s my daughter
and son-in-law. The police remanded them
without any call, a few days back. They were interrogated. Inte rrogated?
About what’? The lG’s son is missing.
It’s about him. Who are you? This is my son. We all know Vijay
and his family. They are good people.
They are being framed here. Gaitonde, the man next
to Mr. Prabhu… …has been responsible for this! Meera! Yo u o Kay?An“!Sorry, dad.
I was scared. That’s why, I told them. That’s okay, dear. He hit you? Yes. Don’t be scared.
I’m with you. Meera. Meera, please.
Please… Rajesh, Gaitonde hit us. He hit our baby Anu. We are innocent and still we
were thrashed in the room. Gaitonde did it! Wait, Gaitonde! What the heck! You… He hit my daughter. Don’t touch him, okay?
– Who are you? Get lost. You hit a little girl!
Hit him! He hit a little girl!
– Sawant! Hit him! He hit Anu!
– Ma’am. Sir. Hit him!
– Meera, come, lefs go. Hit him!
He hit a little girl! Don’t you dare touch the child. Hit him! He hit a little girl! In‘the case oi ‘the missing Sam
Deshnnukh, son oi ‘the Goa
IG… …the police has
brutally tortured… …Vijay Salgaonkar and
his family despite their innocence. There is hostility
all over, against them. After ‘this incident, ‘the Pondolem
police station… …Sl Gaitonde has been
suspended. Orders have been sent
out for further investigation. Senior Pl Prabhu and
the officers on this case… …have all been transferred
out at once. The DGP has sent IG Meera Deshmukh,
on an indefinite leave. In its verdict on a PIL,
the court has decreed… mthat if the police… mwants to interrogate Vijay
Salgaonkar or his family… …they need court orders
to do so. Vi] 8y – Vijay, don’t you think that… …their lives are completely
ruined’? Anyway, it wasn’t her fault. She was an IG and a mother. I feel as if we did the crime
and she paid for it. Ifs good of you
to feel that way. But, if it were Anju
instead of Sam… …and vice versa… …wouldn’t IG Meera try
to save her son? Of course, she would. There’s nothing wrong
or right about this. A person can’t live without
his family. He can go to any extent
for his family. The world may call him
self sewing or selfish. I guess, ifs best to
forget about this. Vijay, when did you
get ‘the corpse out oi ‘the pit? After I got back
from disposing Sam’s car. On Sunday night. Where did you bury it’? I have kept that secret
safe in my heart. That is best for all of us. I will take it with me,
when I die. Did you hope that Anu… …would bear it all without
giving in till the end? No. I didn’t think the three ot you
could keep it together tor so long. Anu could have spoken
up earlier. Poor Anu. You’ve suffered a lot
because of me. Dad, the police is here. Why are you here? Are you back to harass them’? We just want to talk to Vijay. Do you have a court order? What’s up, Vijay?
– It’s okay, you leave. I’m going to change
and be with you. We are not here… …as ‘the IG, ‘the police
or a businessman. We are here as parents. We had given up hope
of being parents. But then… …we suddenly had a son. Our only son. I guess, that’s why we
pampered him so much that… …we are regretting it today. Vijay, when we thought
about it we realized… …whatever our son has
experienced… …or not… …is perhaps, our own fault. We pampered him no end
and ruined him. That’s why we wanted to
meet you, too. Inadvertently… …we have harassed you
and your family a lot. Sorry. We are sorry. We are really sorry. We are leaving the country. To London. To live with
her brother. But, before we leave, Vijay… …just tell us… …what happened to Sam? Whenever there is a call
we think, ifs Sam. When the doorbell rings, it feels
like he’s there. We can’t bear the suspense. We can’t live like this. Just tell us, should we… …wait for him? Or… That’s all. No, Meera. Ifs not your fault. I can understand. Why would you trust us’? We are sorry, again.
Sorry. Come, lefs go. Meera, let’s go! We are sorry, too. I wish, I was as generous as you. But, I am merely a fourth
grade dropout. I have a wife. I have two daughters. And that’s the extent of my world. I have never thought
beyond that. One day, my world… …saw an unwanted guest enter. He wanted to… mdisrupt our world. We tried to stop him. We begged him. But, he didn’t listen. Then, somehow… …a tragedy occurs. We send the unwanted guest… …to a place, from where
there is no coming back. We have given you the
greatest anguish in the world. I tried to say sorry
many times. I did so, in my heart. What else could we do? My family is most important
to me. I could do anything for them. I could go to any extent. At that moment, I lose
sight of right or wrong. We are sorry. Listen to me.
Sir has called you. Sir, I’m going to keep
my bags in the quarters. Sir, this is Vijay Salgaonkar. I know. I have seen you on the TV. Here you are.
Sign that. You must be feeling
really proud. You have fooled the police
and all that. You just wait. Once the corpse is found,
then we shall see. I am going to be here
for a couple of years. I am going to find it. No, sir. Who am I to fool the police? I respect the police. I think, the police protects us.
– Right. I believe… …you and your police station… …will always protect us.I’llleave, now. The slab has been laid at
the police station. The flooring will be laid on Monday.


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