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Dragon Ball Super Broly | FULL FAN MOVIE | English DUB

[Music] [Music] this animation was made on the one punch PC from zybax computers go to XY’s XCOM and use my code one punch for 5% off your own custom gaming PC [Music] [Music] well what is this key justice I was finally about to win our match I’ll have to finish this later Regina this could be bad let’s go [Music] [Music] I see everyone down there sorry for dropping in on earth unannounced but I found something quite interesting I told you to stay outta trouble freezer what’s the meaning of this in my travels I found a sayin that might be quite the challenge for you son Goku Vegeta is more than welcome to tag along as well well I don’t know this Sam but it’s probably way too weak to even begin to rival us he’s not referring to me over there [Music] Vegeta don’t charge him blindly there’s something strange about this guy so this is him I’ve never seen him before he’s suppressing his ki I’m sure of it he’s far from ordinary Kakarot the time has come we’ll have our things setting the limit 40% should be enough [Music] holy crap this guy’s exert me strong [Music] [Music] no I landed a direct hit at can’t be now it’s my turn possum the cheetah really underestimated him Wow guess it’s my turn now Kakarot he’s this strong even without transforming the Super Saiyan he’s been toying with us from the start if he goes super saiyan we’ll be in trouble and I don’t think we’ve even seen a glimpse of his real strength which means he’s a gifted abomination of power it seems he’s quite too much for the both of you as I expected my son’s power far exceeds anything they can produce Kakarot I bet he can’t handle the speed of Super Saiyan God I agree [Music] [Applause] no ways could it be I thought the God thought was just a myth through trial and conquest ups and downs we Saiyans have finally achieved the power of gods I knew after I found him on a rogue planet to be battled I had stumbled upon the strongest warrior in the universe I’ll show you stronger what the hell Tom you know you are worthy opponents but now it’s interesti such strength by saying blood boys vegeta ready we have to go all out of full power no more holding back you don’t have to tell me that you’ll learn not to underestimate me [Music] these two are tougher than I imagined I’ll have to risk raising the limit even though we could have dire consequences she has expected vagina he’s really mastered the potential that evolved Super Saiyan blue form [Music] [Music] impossible [Music] [Applause] this is bad maybe this was a mistake this guy’s the Danny [Music] the steam [Music] unreal disguise far stronger than anyone Kakarot Anaya thought [Music] [Applause] I knew he was strong but this is far more than I ever imagined well then I better get out of here before he gets dangerous [Music] it’s typed in this yeah and now you die here [Music] what is this power the calendar it and see you dodge this [Music] [Music] now where will you write take this you [Music] it doesn’t matter how fast you are if I told you you can’t escape there goes your ribs it’s not over yet I Prince Vegeta will be the one who defeats you how can you stand nobody could survive that [Music] what in the hell impossible Vegeta you did it you surpass your limits yet again you finally caught back up to me any transformation you can do Kakarot I can do better I just needed the worthy opponent to unlock the ultimate Saiyan power he’s strong but there’s no way he could take us both stay out of this Kakarot is mine [Music] Oh [Music] Freeza now-now don’t kill my warrior it would be wrong to destroy him he hasn’t killed anyone let me train him and we can return for a rematch the intention to kill of that much power he’s right they haven’t killed anyone let them fight another day [Music] remember the first time we fought Vegeta we spared you Vegeta wasn’t dare shoot that thing [Music] don’t shoot let them leave peacefully if you kill them all never forgive ya would you just shut the fuck up already [Music] yo special thanks to all of our animators and voice actors who joined in to help and make this video for you guys I couldn’t have done it without them all of their channels have links in the description so go check them out and show them some love I also want to thank all of the patrons everybody who supports Master our media and the creation of these videos thank you guys and we’ll be seeing you soon with some more amazing videos [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]


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