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Dr Yang Bai – 2019 UQ Foundation Research Excellence Award winner

As the world increasingly turns to solar
power as a clean and abundant source of energy, the challenge now is to develop
the next generation of solar cells. At the forefront of research is Dr. Yang Bai
who is aiming to deliver new advanced materials and solar energy harvesting
technology. Semiconductors and nanoscale offer distinct properties that could
revolutionise the conversion of solar energy using efficient and low-cost
devices. Dr. Bai is set to build on his research looking to achieve
technological breakthroughs in solution processed thin film solar photovoltaics
a light-sensitive nano crystal revolutionising solar power. I’ve been
working on quantum dot and tandem photovoltaic technology that may further
boost the power conversion efficiency and reduce the cost of solar electricity.
The ongoing research could position Australia at the forefront of clean
energy, flexible optoelectronics and related research fields.

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