Dr. Quincy Attipoe was nominated for a “Heroes of Change” award in Ghana in 2017

our world is changing new technologies are revolutionizing the way we live what does this mean however for children within deprived areas such as an yaku and the water region who may have never seen a computer in the entire lives our hero for today is dr. quincy a tipple a determined person who wants to ensure that children in Annika get to experience modern day technology just as the rest of us everywhere my name is Portia at Cebu I started working with dr. summer in 2011 I remember that day I just visited him in he was like gosh I need someone to take care of things for me here in Gunn and I'm like why not the instances that he just calls me and told me that Portia there is the special fees that the school fees and I'm like this is Facebook you know but then it's just like so you do the background and let's see how we can help that request and I'm like it's not everybody that's that can't do that she doesn't want to see people going through the same thing that he's been through you know so he tries to you know see wherever it is that he whatever efforts no matter how little it is as long as it's gonna create an impact this as long as this when we change a life you'll be willing to just go ahead and do if dr. Q is recognized it's I'm sure it's gonna motivate him to be able to do more of this project in the other nine regions that he really wants because his main aim is to see smiles on this peoples Algar slogan says bringing smiles one village at a time 1999 I was fortunate to be granted a US visa and I went to the US for the first time and I realized to my shock that everybody in the US no ever computer before I went to the US I've never sat behind a computer before I found it difficult to understand whenever what I read from the book because it's there is nothing that I will use to practice what I have learned from the book so I found it difficult to understand these who when they cheat I don't understand even if I speak the English it is too bad so my first would be laughing at me so I made up my mind to stay out who helped my mum do have fishing business and stay at market I mean that means that the memories of the US was going to school with our shoes and things like that so for me to be in a class and ask when present a paper and tidy I couldn't see myself favorably competing in that field so I look at the fact that similarity might be happening to some kid in Ghana in some village in Ghana in some remote area in Ghana so I resolved in my heart that I will move forward to impact such individuals two years ago before the coming of the ICT Center if a teaching school was very difficult especially for the teachers because they have to go through a lot of hectic time to make a student in a class understand whatever they teach in that classroom we brought in about 40 computers as cannon princess and some communication gadgets and in this school alone I know at the top of my head is affected by sixty students or people's but the amazing thing is that is not only for the school all the sisters who's around bring their kids here to come and learn from the same place that is what's making so excited with the computers that we have now who have software on them some applications on it that help the student when it comes be able to teachers able to use it to explain most of the concept for them because some of them the concept are in a video form they have to watch the video was they are watching the video the teachers would be explaining to them some of them also is in a game phone so they have to play the games while they're playing the games they are also getting the meaning of whatever they're doing the effect of this ICT on a community was that in the past during holidays parents send their children to Qatar or grott we have computer classes but now they are organizing computer classes for them in the holidays we have the prototype we have the we have seen on Yahoo and we have learned from mistakes we're going to the other nine villages one of the things were going to do differently is that when we get achieves and the opinion leaders involved once you get a land do you buy the materials and get a town folks involved in the construction this way we can get them to become what part and parcel of the whole project Minako a mohammed owner identity for Madonna you are her to be able to ammonia epinet wanna a software you do Co a live you ha she took / but so man you never said no I can't figure out compete with my fellow colleagues in the city my name is dr. Quincy article our project seeks to bring I see to lending to villages and kids in deprived areas so they can compete with their counterparts in the series on another episode of the ante and heroes of change and sure you have enjoyed watching all the stories and I inspired to also make a positive impact in your society remember to follow us on our various social media handles displayed on your screens

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