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[Applause] [Applause] humph lick her kid berwick a size but I can make hisses at me look at each other's eyes are cooking to reach over your table but as I buried below the departing even today today Muhammad California Senator Barbara so I saw exactly forgot you had both of them no client that famous duty contain Conrad carry shelter has said carry come off a cow captain soon putting any Milton Cooper aways new milta the subtool karim birthday August book through the determinate a comma meeting a key meeting can make a bad man geladas take John's brisket but much told me to hurry but a Patwari PWD cobalt ax or dokey clamu Kodama that's one observant sentences Dube hey or sometimes if a katamari pitching to Humvee sanitarium kovita camellia low-brisance it is where or precise on copy data bet here though lag raha keep puts together that I'm gonna suggest to tell you might cut them critical bodily with the couch Nakia it's d it to toss a las familias metaphor what what come the genesis of the RTI movement as you probably know lay in the very simple movement of people rural folk in Rajasthan to seek information regarding how the poverty alleviation program being implemented once you have a right to information it's a very very big thing and since M cases was the one who fought for this and put it about I wanted to see how they actually septic egami Beach manaro Arun keep a leash on you Oasis Nakuru Orozco gel Nicola milker kamnikar Oh top taco our key rigidity neighbors at the orogeny tea table upon opposite al-jabbar lavaca sad mil charismatic open I'm skillet assumed [Applause] [Applause] what on board pasilla use Papa powers the second honourable Member of Parliament the efficiency through the Metropolitan [Applause] thank you very much please kindly take your seats as we begin this evening's function the doctor how does mark my goryeo's award was instituted by the Sophia society back in 1984 which was founded by dr. Gruber yourself throughout the tape promote and assist in activities of national unity community health social education peace and justice and related areas of personal social economic and cultural development the award has been abaya biennial event for the last 20 years or so for interfaith dialogue and cooperation for community self renewal for the sting health practices education with a bottle a tradition and community and human renewal the 1997 award for interfaith dialogue was received by His Holiness the Dalai Lama the 1999 Award for community self renewal who is awarded to dr. boogie scooted the founder of a mood the 2001 award of holistic health practices was received by dr. P career of God cortical I divide each other the 2005 award for creative compassionate selfless service of the needy was received by dr. bhava auntie the 2010 award for interfaith dialogue and culture was received by doctor Karan Singh honourable Member of Parliament this evening the paolo small prig aureus award 2019 for community and human renewal is being the thermos under boy and the bus dude is our Chevy Suburban the driving the DS gentlemen we begin this evenings ceremony with in prayer invoking our minds to open to God the Supreme Being of this universe it stopped by the choir a cardinal [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] damas hola jutsu come in from godless leave me tonight night represents the positive the good and the spirit of knowledge their requests all our honorable guests on the guys to join us for the land lighting 70 i request his Excellency the former presidents regrettable T to lead us in the lamp lighting serving ladies and gentlemen can we have a round of applause for all may I now invite His grace of the you hand on man Demetrios the Metropolitan of Delhi to welcome the gathering receiving his bricks His Holiness the city of Sparta Pago second Cabala coast of the eastern molecular metropolitan honourable Member of Parliament from David the borough Sri Sri Guru this unburrow and members of the MK SS father dr. King George former principal of the octobots Theological Seminary cotton and director of sylvalum Institute got him for the 30-year phenom dialysis secretary excellencies ambassadors of ethiopia and eritrea members of the diplomatic corps yo graces Reverend father's Reverend sister's officials and leaders of the social and political organizations and leaders of businesses and corporate conserves distinguished principals respected teachers and students members of the media and girls come here this evening to participate in the sixth doctor purpose mark Gregorios award at the very beginning I would like to call my head in reference to my mentor and the person who turned my feet to the service of the judge and as a professor of New Testament at the art of stamatis every metropolitan dr. Parviz are rigorous his thoughts and his writings continue to influence my god thinking the crucible in which our formulate my own responses divided a situation in life on this occasion on behalf of the balaclava Orthodox Church the Diocese of Delhi we are privileged to have this evening as our chief guest Bart regnum schreeten Albuquerque and as a political leader who has guided the history of the administration and government of this country for a long time I still record my days at college when Sri Prasad Mookerjee burst of the sea and was able to bring together through his astute leadership the various political parties and to provide a leadership that made India an outstanding member of the committee of nations do you believe kilometre G on behalf of the Orthodox Church the pices of Delhi His Holiness the second catalyst of the eastern metropolitan is a person who remains very humble in spite of the position that he works in the church through this inspired leadership dedication and commitment to the ideals of the church especially his concern and care for those who are marginalized those who are effective in severe ways and those all those who are fear about experiencing the brunt of adverse situations His Holiness is a constant support and a help to you your holiness we extend our most Tsuyoshi Peru beloved new member of parliament from Peru in the world both incisive and penetrating analysis of social and personal issues in 70 Buddhist structures of syntax that leave us ruffled not only by its meaning but also for its varied enunciation gymnastics of fish can be by his adept skill in politics by which she needs this nation in both national and international situations improvement from Germany of the gods of those whose rights have been trampled upon by members of society and structure who cared little for the minds at the plight of others especially as she advocated the rights the constitutional rights of those laborers in agriculture she has won renown attention especially she has got attention as both she and the MKS took a campaign to bring about the right to in raishin which provided a very solicitous channel by which we could engage the government and administration mrs. Roy tarunarora and to the decade essence we our Father dr. King George has been a priest of the wharekura our throats church of course close involvement and engagement with metropolitan dr. Carlos Martin of Oreos has made it perhaps the leading expert on his thinking and his writings he has been a strong factor in Warren the previous Awards and on this occasion on behalf of the Diocese of Delhi and Sophia society we extend our brother sake my assistant secretary has been a tireless worker to put together this award and has been a strong advocate for the functioning of the Diocese of Delhi your father sati organized we extend [Applause] massacres from ethiopia eritrea diplomatic corps your Grace's become general Reverend father's record tickets to all of you we want to thank your disciplic occasion and welcome you to the sixth of the bubbles party gross award either society social organizations and also distinguished principals teachers and students from educational institutions members of the media may extend to all of you are welcome for your presidency of the city and to all of you who have come here together in appreciation of the person and the writings of dr. Carlos Rodriguez all my brothers and sisters who are present we extend on behalf of the diocese and Soviet society a very warm welcome and with thanks for this to all of you I conclude this welcome address thank you very much Greece you are known part in various metropolitan of Delhi His Holiness the Catholicos of the East nor Anwar Basilio's Mar Thoma Paolo's the second is the supreme head of the Orthodox Church in India may I now invite His Holiness to deliver the presidential address it is in gentlemen the cathode echoes of the East his holiness Warren bought the seniors our very own Member of Parliament very respected which is a non-oil my brother Bishop Demetrios George another please excellencies distinguished guests members of the media ladies and gentlemen and my beloved of the church I am absolutely delighted to be here today for two important reasons one not powerless memorials in boost or nur we have established that award is a gift of God to the optimal church the nation' world I deserve is a gift of God because war dog is no more with us here physically today we believe that he lives eternally and vibrantly in the bottom of God for my deal during his life Allah from 2022 to 1996 he achieved so many things and the other so much knowledge and wisdom that it is unimaginable I heard a great fortune to be taught by him we have gathered here today to Ornan such a bad person this is indeed a great day for the church the second reason why I am so happy to be here in the national capital is that I'm surrounded by a galaxy of eminent men and women especially on the bias with the presence of three Mukerji three such is the new and mrs. Roy and others in the audience again this is a great honor for the Indian or trousers Sarah Pranab Mukherjee's an elder statesman global community independent to the entire nation in the line of Allah Magoo dr. Patterson and Swami Vivekananda he has achieved and contributed so much in his athletes of public life that he is a very phenomenal of modern India dr. Shah sister who is a man of many gifts and a unique individual he's an orator for occurrence and the pride of Kerala he's a hero of the social media and distinguished himself with his track record in the United Nations they gave it no more words to express my my has to be God and respect for mrs. Aruna Roy she's a companion of the downtrodden and who's a leader for justice and just society the first surgery Indian being an integral part of today's function I would now like to take a few minutes to share my thoughts of my guru dr. Boris Mothra goryeo's first although he was a doctor to skin he was trained as a friend by all religions and religious units of his time throughout the world as the president of the World Council of Churches he was a leader of the Christian community global community and a champion of interfaith dialogue second he was originally on economic philosophy and the reason ears have seen a black clash against globalization and global trade the late eighties and nineties when it was fashionable to talk about globalization and multinationals he raised awareness against some of the dangers they posed even though the quality social media and internet happy great all over the world today he foresaw those aspects that were inimical in them there some people have started without raising of late for when the world is now grappling with the catastrophe of climate change and challenges to nature and when he envisioned the importance of this more than a quarter of a century back with why the real and imminent dangers of nuclear government are upon us he passionately champion for nuclear disarmament we're back in the eighties he even counts and some of the global leaders who were his friends against it why he had the global community of leaders from Michael Gorbachev in USSR Yuki's Holiness the Dalai Lama as his friend he was equally at comfort in the children and this process of the world he was destined to be a prince of this world in all his true sense having become quite close to Emperor baby Selassie of Ethiopia but he chose the path of being a servant and the labor of Lord Jesus Christ the kingdom of God a new world order and Convention with admission of this life for all about it is only fitting that we gather here today I am thankful to each and every one of you who are here and also to all those without what obviously dysfunction of the East we are honored to have with us tonight dr. shakalu honourable Member of Parliament and author politician and former diplomat top of the rules straddled several worlds experience he started a third term Lok Sabha MP representing the to develop Institute see the capital of Kerala he's previously served as Minister of State for Human Resource Development and Minister of State for external affairs ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together [Applause] she probability former president of the public of India his holiness the serious mouth on the founders the second pathologists of the east and metropolitan other malankara orthodox syrian church is very kind words very touching she with the ulna Roy eminent civil society leader and founder of the was the son Shanice I gotta dance a wonderful well either from wrong time worthy winner two days ago His grace talk to you Hannah Demetrios our host this evening rocks came short of the such a you hadn't your excellencies the ambassadors and other members of this distinguished audience ladies and gentlemen friends I hope that covers everybody as we say it's a rare privilege to be invited to deliver the keynote address on the occasion of the 2019 eros mario diaz award a moment all the more memorable for the memory of the man and the eternal legacy we have gathered here to commemorate the extraordinary man that they talked about las monjas chorus from his successor so beautifully spoken about a family memory of his time the first metropolitan of the deadly diocese of the syrian church it's even with us today I'm sure you'd like to note that this year's choice of recipient is one of the most distinguished leaders in contemporary Indian society whose life's work has been dedicated to empowering the disenfranchised ensuring that our constitutionally guaranteed rights are never compromised and to an innumerable occasions has been a seasoned Guardian and voice of the moral consciousness of our nation so let me begin by congratulating anonymity are not ruins for this will is deserving and repeating my warm and generous and very genuine admiration for the work that she's done for our society though the RTI that she initiated has been directed by our present government and recent times have seen the rise contestation to her idea in which all Indians are equal I do take some comfort in knowing that leaders like mine are fighting to preserve the Florida stand inclusive fabric of our country who is still alive now you had originally asked me for haha arrival I discovered this you can reduce to eight minutes on the program I shall therefore through magically truncates my remarks and make a few brief remarks on the issue of minorities but I hope that if I don't stick to thee a lot of time like the other speakers have a little more to at least do brief justice to key aspects in not delivering a full election now I mentioned that have the privilege of knowing dr. Parviz MA gregarious person living but for reading about him and indeed his prolific writing it strikes me that in him a guru to many of the distinguished leaders in the church here the country was blessed with a truly remarkable mind and a force to reckon with among Indian thinkers in many ways in reading about Hey between our loss market warriors and another great Indian thinker leader spiritually those convictions resonate most strongly with my own and who has been an inspiration to me from my flowers of years Swami we may gather they may surprise some of you to see to realize how much the two of them have in common I'll give you one example today only the century after the Swami rose to address his sisters and brothers of America at the first Parliament of Religions the world village in Chicago in September 1893 a very similar speech by goryeo's who spoke at the centenary come from the second conference of the world Parliament of Religions in 1919 and what idea they both expressed I want to share with you the smarmy said I'm proud to speak to you on behalf of a faith that teaches not just tolerance but acceptance and this for decades every time I think about the more profound it seems to me because though we are taught in school the tolerances of lecture at operon think is a good king because he tolerates people of other different beliefs and so on the fact is that tolerance is a very patronizing idea it basically says I have the truth you are in error but I should pick nana misleading Dutchman your right to be wrong whereas what Swami McAllen speaks about instead is acceptance and acceptance is a far more profound religious I believe I have you believe you have the truth I will respect your truth please respect my truth and to my mind this profound idea can be found in many of ours writings and statements in our courts one of his points in one of his lectures I certainly did not want my religion to be tolerated as if it were an unavoidable nuisance if others do not want to appreciate it they're free to ignore it but for God's sake please do not tolerate Christianity as if it were a nuisance something others dislike and we'd rather not have around it in fact I submit that tolerance is the wrong word to denote the idea of the relationship between religions if anything it has to be mutual understanding and mutual respect based on such understanding tolerance is a typically Western word used by people who generally dislike religions other than their own what we should promote is not into religious tolerance but rather interpreted as understanding and harmony mutual respect in cooperation in the service of humanity so you can see why I consider myself a follower of both Swami Vivekananda and Panos mark reporters now the contemporary relevance of the revered Romanies argument is striking because India after all is a country that a historically thrive not just by recognizing this principle of the acceptance of differences but by integrating it into the lived experience of happiness in many ways this is the core principle underlying without contested idea of India whose demise some are actively seeking even while India celebrates a few weeks from now of its independence his different diversity variety are obvious terms that come to mind and speaking of Indian as we know any truism immediately contradicted by another truism abundantly it's often jokingly said that anything you can say about India the opposite is also true the country's national motto in breasts is something but the question remains however whose truth it is a question to be several at least one point two billion ounces if you're not census hasn't done to come to us again so that the singular thing about India is that you can only speak of it in the plural there are in other words maybe India's everything exists in countless variants there is no single standard no fixed stereotype no one way of being or doing things this tourism is acknowledged sulphide the way in which in there manages its own affairs all groups faith states ideologies survival content for their place including diversity of being diversity of expression diversity of belief and opinion in the Arab the British historian EP Thompson is perhaps the most important country for the future society there is not a thought that is being taught in the east of the West there is not active in some Indian and we had a bridge said there's not indeed – machine remarkably diverse sources ancient Hindu tradition myths in Scripture the impact of Islam and Christianity at two centuries of British colonial rule the result is unique many observers have been astonished by this survival as a plural station but in David Hockney of survivors anything else normal ism is a reality that emerges from the very nature of the country it is a choice may be inevitable ideas geography and reaffirmed but its history hours of the civilization that for millennia has offered refuge and more important religious and cultural freedom to Jews to par sees several varieties of Christians and of course to Muslims I have a lot of stories to tell you about their arrival and acceptance each of these groups for another one great story men encapsulate smap's the experience of all of them is how the Christianity arrived on the shores of Kerala in the form of st. Thomas the Apostle rousing Thomas of the Bible Oran legend says that he was welcomed onto the Kerala coast by a flute playing Jewish girl from a community that had arrived even earlier that is Indian but in some are asking the question if I described it there the way I did who then is an Indian I am spawned you see here all minorities in India a typical Indian stepping off a train Hindi speaking in the mail from the in Jessica tradition my cherish the illusion that he represents the majority communities to use an expression much favor industrious of our journalists but he does not see as a Hindu he belongs to the faith identify some 80% of the population but a majority of the country does not speak in the a majority does not hear from interpretation that you could be forgiven forgiven for thinking otherwise when you do that and if you for visiting say our state of Kerala he would discover that a majority there is not even male yes mingle with the multicolored clouds and I'm referring to the color of our skin the railway stations to realize how much of a minority he really is there are thousands of ways of being Hindu and of practicing various versions of Hinduism and complain that theirs is the only even in Louise him is not a guarantee of majority and in Hindi neither because of course as I said not everyone speaks his language and if you were to just say he's the majority policy because you say can do then you have to ask what are the scouts whatever cast you belong to that class is not a majority sort of Robin well 89% the new fellow Indians above 90% perhaps and if you are poor record cast AB 75% of Indians are not and so so the point is that all of this in our country makes the notion of minority itself a challengeable one as I say in some respect every one of us in India is a minority in relation to the rest and that's very important because what must resist the idea that some have been proposed proposing that that this country should not be a country for all the living it or deliver the territory of India children said they say be a Hindu Rashtra a nation in which Hindus are the principle indeed the destination of the Jews were all non-hindus only live of their sufferance that we is a fundamental issue that we have had to face and challenge and contest in the political arguments our country has been facing in the last few years because the fundamental idea is from the very moment of partition because one group of people said religion should be the determinant of nationhood and they prevailed in the part of the country they found in the country called Pakistan so this was the idea of Pakistan and the remaining parts of the nationalist movement the vast majority of it said no ours is a struggle for everybody and our country too shall be a country for everybody and that was the idea of India so in rejecting the case for Pakistan Indian nationalists I predicted the very idea that religion should determine our nation we never felt to be insidious trap of agreeing that since Pakistan had established a stage for Muslims what remained was a state for the Hindus so to accept the idea of India you simply had to spurn that kind of logic but that's the logic rejected in 47 that they're trying to bring some are trying to bring back into our country today and that's why it's extremely important that we speak with courage and determination of a different idea of India that would have been the theme of my overall lecture but we as I said you save that for another occasion when there is more time but I do want to say that the change in the public discourse about in dimness is very dangerous these days the notion of majority and minority is fundamentally an Indian and fails to reflect the real nature of our society to my mind the very sedition they don't envy an authentic Indian is an affront to the very premise of Indian nationalism and India that denies itself some of us could end up being denied to all of us the Indian identity that I want to celebrate is one that recognizes diversity aims to tell Americans when I was living there if you are a melting pot we are not we are a tally a selection of sumptuous dishes and different bowls each this difference each is in a different boat so it doesn't necessarily flow into the next round but they belong together on the same plate and they complement each other in making the meal a satisfying repast India's founding fathers grow the Constitution for their dreams we have just given passports to their ideas any narrow definition of intimacy without justly finishes it would be an insult to Indian nation and India that denies yourself to some yes no longer we need a Gandhi fought to free and we conclude with a story from our ancient brothers it's a story of a typical Indian sage and his two disciples the Saint John's disciples when does the night ended and the disciples say my daughter of God's sake says I know that but the when is the night end and the dawn beginning the first disciple was from the tropical south of India when most people in this room come from the cries over the first glimmer of light across the sky froms on the coconut trees swinging in the breeze that is when the night ends and the dawn begins the sage says no so singing disciple was from the cold north then says okay the first streets of sunshine make the snow green light on the mountain tops of me mothers with a glint in the ice that is when the 90s and the dawn begins say it says no my son's two travelers from the opposite ends of our that weeks and embrace each other as brothers when they realized that they sleep under the same sky see the same stars and dream the same dreams that is when the night ends and the dawn begins [Applause] and the slogan of newbie did not present a false tone this is embrace each other in analogy for Brotherhood and fraternity amid all the divisive mr. bigotry spawned by south so that truly the night can end and shine upon all Indians [Applause] we apologize for truncating your time but if yet but we're now about to witness the dr. Paolo sparkly your newest award 2019 for community and human renewal being presented to miss Edna Roy the award consists of a citation of Italian and five lakh rupees first the citation would be read by Reverend Father Sergio Vinod secretary of the Delhi Diocese of the Orthodox Church it is gentleman Reverend Father [Applause] in the service first that she became in accord with the cost of the agricultural laborers in branson monistic of rajasthan advocating their constitutional when salary rights you by strengthening the democratic processes especially the right to minimum wage and to live a life with dignity and justice we said no boy has been diverted force behind the impious and as partner for accessing constitutional rights of the poor right information employment and for security assets their first lead her to be considered as one of the most influential people by Time magazine in 2011 say there is the positivity of social activism as made mr. ona a evidenced by record of professor of practice at my university visit the 2016 Georgia Soros visiting practitioner share in see you Budapest and other educational institutions while she reads this organizations from the front commitment following involving people across the board the campaign began to spread its message where Generation Y's harness hundred stripes and / they helped us and those hardly a few of the path-breaking achievements of perhaps the greatest claims can be witnessed every day when women enjoy equality with their male counterparts leader missionary and social activist miss Edna Roy is all this and more a life that hurts to testimony to the effectiveness of holistic development for our world today and for the generations to come nearly 2019 thank you very much Reverend Father said we are about to witness the 2019 of the Paolo's or Gregorius Award for community human renewal being conferred on miss Myrna Roy and the module is on chef Lisa Burton we also invite nickel day and sugarsync of the mkss to join us on stage to receive the award on behalf of n ESS it is a gentleman kindly stand up for this moment when the 2019 dr. Paolo spark rigorous award for community and urban renewal which will be conferred on Miss our Laroy and mkss by his Excellency the former President of India Sri Radha pookajee please put your heads together [Applause] [Applause] by His Excellency the former President of India colonel dear what could be the citation and the Delian and fight back piece once again a round of applause [Applause] [Applause] ladies and gentlemen as the dignitaries pose for the photographs and take their respective police's back of the gaius we are now invite I now invite mr. Holroyd who have accepted speech former president His Excellency Shabana mahadji please shashi through friends signatories in the memory of doctor for the smile my glorious person who resonates with LED in the last 30 years or more it's amazing that a person like dr. pol my big aureus really chopped out how many of us the kind of path we take when we look at humanity the biggest loss and today's world around us is the extreme children acceptance of interfaith of understanding the Constitution only lives in practice and everyone constitutional rights we have to assert that every individual every single individual regardless of religion caste creed color race or gender has the Equality that was promised in the Constitution it's been a long and difficult battle and we thought to be a teacher kind of maka when the RTI but just a few days ago we now who knew that paradise can be lost very easily when there are people and father were to decide that everyone doesn't have the right to know it's been a difficult task people continue to be a difficult task but with this plan which was enunciated it's for us five have been there not to go may the mind is without fear where the head is held high a poem I had just learned to recite as a very young girl but today it's the dominant prayer in my mind because it talks about narrow domestic walls he talks about knowledge when it's really it talks about a clear stream of Reason and all these things were lost to us today st. Thomas was part of my history I am from Tamil Nadu and I grew up knowing about st. Thomas Mount many many many years ago he is part of my culture he's part of my life just as many others all this Felicity culture that was part of I guess is being attacked by restricting our freedom of expression which is also freedom to practice religion freedom to speak different languages and to live life as we all have lived and there are my friends and colleagues who are here in this audience with Nicola Chandra receive this award from one of you with great deal of honour and many thanks because they track it the work of thousands lakhs of Indians who use the RTI struggle for gender freedom who struggle for asserting rights and who have have to practice the fearlessness to face a very high rate sometimes a very very vengeful state to state what should be actually constitutionally sound ethical correct positions so I and my friends I been given five minutes but I would like time to I think it is a few words because everything if you should activism isn't connected I am so used to being part of a crowd whether it's sitting in protesting or whether it's singing or when it's talking it's never a single person and that's why the mantra C is so important to all of us because it's not a single person and no single person however great can actually have the wisdom and the common sense to lead or to deliver for a country which has 1.2 billion people so I request nakeeran Charlton take one minute each to say something because we all went into we lived in this village my heart maybe still live and from there learning from each other and learning from all the others who joined us in this extraordinary journey we have come to where we are today first an equation and then a request you know in which order they want I'll just say line we've been hearing all evening about the idea of minorities and majorities have talked about it has been with marginalized communities and people but we have found that when they come together the marginalised coming together in humanity are actually the majority as a so-called majority is only an assertion ours and brute force that can never prevail over the majority of humanity that's what the RTI was and even if a small minority child chooses to try and amend or weaken any of those rights I also want to thank you for making that extraordinary good speech the looks of our which actually has leave us a big pen and paper we are today in the weightlifting stadium and I thought it was ironic that we should affection and no regard and your solidarity I'm sure we'll go ahead October singing is a singer he's been singing our songs and if you don't mind you can join us so we just see couple of lines of our songs to say thank you to all of you the tag that I cease to time to show you this tank or every single members come today for participating in its collective event expressing faith in humanity and think in solidarity I am he's a karate or 1082 risky liquid sign he would have to have any mama [Applause] I mean attacking was greeted me up not n is any not that much but I'd rather times I am a scientist Olivia you have taken [Applause] Laroy may I now invite the chief guest but this evenings option his Excellency the follow president of the Republic of India should run a proper team to deliver the chief guest address ladies and gentlemen your heads together [Applause] this is over on his holiness residues Martha Mahoney's – Rakesh is eternal and this be his best effort Johanna mark Demetrius Reverend doctor came George other side southern Johanna ladies and gentlemen it's indeed a stage and also present to be visit to its to this evening on the occasion of over small failures our 2019 we shall be conferred on mrs. I congratulate her and they appreciate the efforts of including any decision-making body we chose the right person at the right time for the compliance of surveys by this award I knew this is her for over a long period of time now more than three decades and there is no honey reputable spirit to fight for the cause she had the experience and the experience at the very beginning of how the administration of his rage and feel Israel civil servants who integrate the policies of the policymakers only citizens who are subjected to the approval of were so far away of their but without the actually implemented by the civil servants 14 at the restroom and Indian administrative side needs to be below because when I speak um I said well deeply committed before them because discussed by a group of ministers but she had to be there for initiate in Kuta 2004 through nine and that's major part of this partition I was in college I spent in as foreign registered and then as villain spinster and we go home spoke with applications which require broad consensus because discussed in a group of ministers which God menu was presented about like when I tweet formation was we pivoted apathy in principle the very feminine which is for takeoff cause my god they were in each and every crow we can every article and it somehow the hurdle objects we moved under educated consensus in the comedic people's senses the cabinet was they did it was 31 people because their this is no part in our trade but a multi-part ago similar to other adult relations we take all that legislation of this country with almost of God there the decisions very special in legal terms the intention of the policymakers but certain change was visible addressed me so because they who think that legislation which provides an take the people must backed by the sanction and enter to right back by dog and then backed by dog father he in regard to the right to information right to talk right to increase right these were brand new registrations these principles cottage state is being implemented now I am not in a position to attack but I know this you take when you go to sleep when you are counting women we are learning in a foreign country and they see the press conference I was confronted with the question that mr. Gogarty we find in the media that you are is any who are in negotiations along with some of your cabinet colleagues for McKinsey logisticians in your country how many in poverty democracy the installation is the domain of the members of the waterway where much of the assembly chosen by the people exclusive jurisdiction it is the domain of them how you can negotiate a registration with a group of people who are not members of parliament not members of state legislators not chosen by the people they reserve decided to fight for the god and the capitalist nations global me and you discussed with them not one or two city but aged together – they were disposed off and that is my response if somebody puts the questions even today their Indian democracy has a new religion we believe they achieve democracy is new be successful it must not be confined to the wisdom and knowledge of 780 plus reversal rocks ahead run away and both of the 200 plus members of the legislative of twenty-nine legislative assembly of this name it's a land of 1.3 million people if the use of their circuits and there is no Madonna we did not meet the Right to Information Act as it was before the last commitment with the Parliament D I have not gone through it in detail it was a quality piece of legislation to have the information we go with is based on the experiences which we should draw an ellipse home home I do not know is that when you of you have 17 low flow ie shapes are over reserved sepka two months back how gross I won it for teaching I think what C direction did not take place Oprah 542 raksha constituencies spread all over the country in the east or desert in the world and not space each and every part has a member of the member from 1952 to 2019 in part in 1984 elections after assassination offices in the raggedy I think when they receive the message mandated more than ever Akeno 450 seats out of 543 there will be tomorrow at them but not will be one percent of the popular movement in each direction these are the popular homes are defected removing combination or ruining partying 51% of who interpreted my interpretation as a political activist is very simple in here the electorate wants to convey the message to the ruling party we will form the government yes you are entitled to form the government with majority of the sales but you are also protecting those who are more than your supporters along with you in your policy in your this message of the Indian territories we have Network today that's why we think that when we have a Halloween majority in the legislature who are all we can do anything and everything that's not mr. Fujita robot very scholarly and very effectively presenting is concept of India yes its concept of idiot and you many people India is an idea and Jordanna have you observed and please even continue observe these words we can't wait to vote these words in from the pain of redundant hero when he was confined to a vet Roberts would be arrested or 9th August 1942 the desert of wickety event and was released tonight in these three years the logical discovery of India in the prism and with those books contained an idea who JT is the most appropriate appreciation of India's character I hope India geographical and economic entity natural unity and it's the diversity on little of contradictions held together by strong but invisible trails over well it ain't a nigga sometimes by foreigners mother of her spirit was never confirmed and she remained unsubdued and unconquered about her elusive quality of agenda long ago some enchantment seems to have held her might see the beam and then idea greed and ambition and yet real and present and RTC real resent and party see that india that yesterday it's managed it might simply you can locate by the number of seats in the legislature you are reading or no we shall have to get the large section of the people apart from the chosen representatives of them in the general area that's why there is me I am happy two hundred and sixteen hundred dialects practicing seven [Applause] and this is easy citizens in exactly delight its cultural life in its social life it makes not just women even dirty tricks I do believe in this if you have be accepted in any immediate we will always have to celebrate adversity and then reach the parade we shall have new she brought its height whether not solid not what a narrow escape consideration and it is nobody knows at whose technical brilliance of speaks of vanity individual weights from all are torn the Linea and winger like hers into this house potion and that is called power and that how does a the motor that cannot be comfort with toys cannot you put in a straitjacket it will have its diversity reality not nearly correlates first elevation for its elevation of this diversity of this I'm not like you like that many of the regions I have written several points but we please go that your traditions your thought is working for this celebration of diversity in my own we are awarding ourselves we are already diversity of this country we are awarding energy uses in reputable spirit of the millions of aliens who are watching the a of the day I have tonight the people dissolve the humanity rather birthday and celebrate those parents repeat the message of the day thank you thank you very much president military-run apology for those insightful words and a democracy in here is not just the repository of a handful of parliamentarians or legislators that democracy belongs to each and every one of us and India as was envisioned by our founding fathers and as was described by cognitive Allah and who is a bundle of contradictions that is held together by these invisible threads she should always remain a diverse and rural idea as we conclude may I now invite His Holiness the católicos of the East more and more Basilio's Mar Thoma follows the second to present a letter to to achieve yes His Excellency former President of India Sri Tran apocrypha ladies and gentlemen we all have a round of applause GPAs for this evening function to be presented by this holiness rhetoric or something [Applause] can we have a round of applause [Applause] [Applause] run applaud the indicates Linda is may also request His Holiness the Copernicus of the east to present in the window and a Shan a part of it thank you very much they also have invite His grace of the yuan own heart the materials to present in the window if his holiness the cathode because of the ease or involved the serious worth of about was the second [Applause] in the [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] create and participate it's the name of a symbol here for the women in Russia and asked to the dragons the secretary in all these activities to the distinguished press Damascus please express our sincere gratitude special thanks go to immediate personal person here the combined area in every planning of this event in the circles thank you thank you very much doctor came George and I request all rise thank you very much with that we come to the conclusion of the 2019 are those Audra goryeo's award ceremony and request the audience tonight you remain seated as the dignitaries on the dials of a president and the other dignitaries make their way outside the hall the VIPs will be able to the media in half which is right adjacent to this all I request the audience to many remain seated as the dignitaries on stage exit the hall and as Lily just remind the audience present here there are two exits right behind with a red light those are the only two exits out of this hall there are no other exits for the general audience all the clergyman or is it clear I knew use the exit on the right hand side of this horn thank you very much ladies gentlemen for your patience and for being such a wonderful audience thank you good night [Applause] you moves through certain stages of development I left my med team socially someone died in nothing right in here sure that is I won't die I think already capitalism wanna die Iranian mundo stage and socialism in the socialist stage the enemies of communism are still functioning is not yet over so long happy pressure exploiter class is living communism cannot be established Darwinism establishes itself only in a classless society so so long as the class war is going on only socialism it was established in 52 ad in Kerala the malankara orthodox church is today a global church with over 33 diocese across continents the Delhi Diocese of the Indian Orthodox Church was formed in 1975 under the visionary leadership of Metropolitan His grace dr. Paulo's marker Gauri's later under the ages and dedication of His grace job mouthful auxins our current metropolitan His grace dr. yerman Matt Dimitri's with his astute leadership and prayerful guidance carry forward the vision and mission of our forefathers dr. Paulo's mob Gregorius was a multi-faceted phenomenon and a humble servant of humanity an articulator of the Orthodox faith across the world a biblical scholar and teacher ma Gregorius was an exponent of sacred traditions promoter of unity among Orthodox Christians and an ecumenical leader dedicating his entire life and mission to interfaith dialogue and cooperation he rightly served as a president of World Council of Churches DePalo smart Gregorius was a scholar philosopher author educationist editor public speaker socio-political thinker lover of children and of nature he was a strong advocate of women's equality environmental integrity and holistic health he was a strong crusader against exploitation discrimination and neocolonialism and religious cultural arrogance globally he's known as an activist for disarmament justice and peace on which he has written and spoken at length a true seeker of knowledge and truth mark Gregorius represented not just the Orthodox Church but exemplified the ideals of the entire human race in the Blessed memory of his great leader the Sophia society instituted the doctor Paulo smart gregarious award the first dr. Paulo's mother agura's award was presented in 1997 to His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his exemplary contribution to interfaith dialogue and religious harmony 1999 dr. Verghese Kurien was awarded the polos Marburg aureus Award for community self renewal by His Excellency kr Narayanan the late President of India the third doctor Paulo smart ligarius award was presented to dr. Peake a warrior for his holistic medicine the Ford polos Margaret's award was conferred upon a man who McGann be described as fearless warrior dr. Baba MD for his courageous optimism and selfless serving of the poor people suffering from leprosy the fifth Paulo smart girl goriias avoid for outstanding contribution in the fields of interfaith dialogue and culture was awarded in 2010 to Karan Singh dr. Paulo smart gregarious Award 2019 is being conferred on Erina Roy an Indian social activist known for her efforts to fight corruption and promote government transparency with special emphasis on the rights of farmers in India she is also the founder of mustard Hassan Shakti sankirtan former president of India Sri Pranab Mukherjee he will be presenting the award in the other's presence of his holiness more amar Basilius madam apollo's to dr. Shashi 3mp of Trivandrum and in the presence of various secular and religious leaders as we commemorate and celebrate the ideals and visions of dr. pol Usman Calgary's it is time once again to dedicate ourselves to the great visionary leaders cause for Humanity as mark ligarius expressed in his own work it is our faith in the divine that permits us to freely accept the whole of humanity in a warm embrace of love and respect

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