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Dr Leanne Sakzewski – 2019 UQ Foundation Research Excellence Award winner

Cerebral palsy is the most common
physical disability in childhood with around 600 children in Australia
diagnosed with it every year, caused by damage to the developing brain affecting
movement and posture children with cerebral palsy may require occupational
and physical therapy throughout their life to improve use of their hands and
arms to develop independence in everyday life tasks. Treatments have dramatically
evolved over the past 20 years and nowadays therapists are faced with many
different treatment options to help children with cerebral palsy use their
hands, move and develop independence in everyday life activities. To help
therapists target treatments and ensure it’s the best option Dr. Leanne Sakzewski’s research will compare all the available therapies that aim to improve
how children use their hands and arms in everyday activities. I’ll be evaluating
data from all available clinical trials of effective treatments and my goal is
to develop treatment guidelines to enhance independence, participation,
inclusion and quality of life for children with cerebral palsy.
Dr. Sakzewski’s work is changing outcomes for children with cerebral
palsy and their families

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