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Dr Laura Ferraiuolo – 11th Paulo Gontijo Award

Hello I’m Laura Ferraiuolo and I would
like to thank the Institute Paulo Gontijo and the judging committee for
giving me the 11th Paulo Gontijo Award. Previous scientists who have been
awarded this prize are eminent personalities in the field of MND who
have really contributed to the field in understanding the mechanisms leading to motor neuron death in this devastating disorder. I would also like to thank and
this is where my deepest gratitude goes to really, is MND patients, their
carers and all the donors who have contributed to my research by donating
skin samples blood and all sorts of bio samples, which are so key for our
research. Also MND patients are really what keeps us motivated to come in
everywhere every day into work to fight against this terrible disease and go
against failed experiments and all the ups and downs of research, so
thank you, you have my really biggest recognition. I consider myself really
lucky because i work in such a beautiful environment at the Sheffield institute
for translational neuroscience, surrounded by inspirational and motivated researchers
and clinicians, or colleagues and collaborators. They are so important for
productive research. Also my gratitude goes to my team a very young group of
individuals, which are extremely enthusiastic and motivated in fighting
with me every day against motor neuron disease. So thank you, I’m honored to have receive this prize this year. Thanks!

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