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Dr Drew Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey, Shira Lazar backstage at the Grammys brought to you by
Turbo Tax with the one and only Dr Drew. So great to have you here. Good to be here. Thank
you, I appreciate it. We love you on Love Line, Celebrity Rehab and now you have your own news show. I know this is going to be great. Just so exciting.
We were talking before the camera heated up. We’re going to shake it up at HLN. We’re going
to shake it up. It’s about time, right. It is. Because you’re on all these shows. Yes, I
certainly do a lot of commentary on news and would like to have my own opportunity to dig into these things and for an hour rather than just three minutes on a satellite booth. You mentioned something before the camera heated up which
I thought was very insightful, is that it’s time for a new generation of approach to news. Yes. Something that really gets out what people really want, not the old story blush. Well yeah, how do you do that? Well, ask the right questions. I think the kind of questions that I ask or am intrinsically or instinctively interested in a lot of people are afraid of because
they’re fearful of being honest. They’re fearful Or the publicist, the this, the that. Or they’re fearful of outing somebody. I’m not going to out anybody. I’m gonna let them
be real in a respectful way and people don’t know how to do that. I think it’s because
you care and you’re into the psychology of people. that means you can talk to many different types of people. It doesn’t have to come from a doctor perspective. That’s right. I’m interested as a human being and sharing an experience that’s real and not and not some sort of BS story that we’re suppose to swallow as why somebody did something when I really know for sure
that has nothing to do with reality. People feel like they can vent to you because you
are, you give great advice. Well, that’s good. So I’d be like, just let me be on your
show so I can get advice from you. Is there something you’d like to share with me now? Is
that where we’re going here? Is that what’s happening? So the Grammys are coming up and I’m really stressed out. You’re doing a great job. I appreciate that. So being here, I’ve talked to a lot
of your people from Celebrity Rehab also. Have you been making the rounds. Jason and Rachel were here, I saw. Yeah And so that will be continuing as well? I could do one more season of that I suspect, yeah. And then Love Line will continue and then I’m actually
going to start a new show on the CW in the afternoons, in the fall. Wait, how
are you going to do all this? You know, it’s so funny when people ask me that question I actually am sort of surprised by it because all of this is so much easier than practicing medicine. you don’t even understand. When I started sort of filling my time with more media and less medicine I felt like I was on vacation. I mean it’s a
lot easier. I know it’s stressful and I know No, no I’m not stressed. Like compared to practicing medicine it’s stunningly easier. So that’s the tip. Go into medicine or
law and then go back into entertainment and you’ll be like. It will be like a vacation constantly.
you may not be home, but you’ll be on vacation. So when does the CNN show launch? April HLN. It will be between Nancy Grace and Joy Behar. Exciting and you’re practicing now. Practicing, yeah I still see patients I’m obviously gonna shrink that a little further
down but I always have practiced medicine. I really want to know what I’m talking about.
And finally, I want to know if you have had one person that’s given you guidance through your career or a mentor? Well, several. I’ve had a manager, Howard Lapides, that’s been there since the beginning. I really, I didn’t want to know and I didn’t know anything about his world. I just said, you take care of it and I’ve learned a lot since then. That was almost fifteen twenty years ago. And he’s been there and has never given me bad guidance. Given me really good advice all the way through. It’s brought you to where you are today. So thank
you. It’s great to see you. You too. I’m so excited for the show. Thank you I appreciate it. Check it
out on HLN in April. You betcha. It’s gonna be great. Sponsored by Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax guides you
to every deduction and credit you deserve.

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