Doris Day Receives the Cecil B. Demil Award – Golden Globes 1989

George you're remarkable woman we put your heart and soul into everything you do whether it's singing or acting or your incredible devotion to the well-being of animals be with a girl every man wanted to marry and a woman every girl wish you could be after seeing you against opposite all those powerhouse leading men my only regret is I never had the opportunity to be one of them so on behalf of the Board of Directors of Hollywood Foreign Press Association proudly present you see B deMille Award to miss Doris Day oh thank you thank you Clint I don't know what to say I really don't I'm a Rick and you do this all the time and I don't do it anymore I live in the country and I've got to come to town more often I look around and I I can't believe all this talent I'm in awe I really am and for me to be standing up here with this award I don't understand it but I love it and I'm very grateful and it's so marvelous to see all of you again I've been away much too long it's it's just been this business has been a great joy in my life I'd loved every minute of it and there are so many people that I would love to thank all the fabulous leading men I've I've worked with and Ginny Garner was so dear but I've worked with the cream of the crop I'd love to work with you by the way and and everyday just going to work was exciting to me I couldn't wait to get there and see all the guys I have coffee and a doughnut yeah all the guys in the crew they were they were my family and it's been a wonderful life and I'm not finished yet I think the best is yet to come I really do and I want to do it's just it's just great to be here I'm having a marvelous time and I don't know how to thank the Foreign Press for this it's it's overwhelming but thank God God is good and I'm very blessed and it's really good to see all of you thank you very much


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