Don Rickles at the AFI Life Achievement Award Tribute to Shirley MacLaine

ladies and gentlemen Don Rickles I'd like to say first of all the fish was lousy surely oh that's right they're honoring you uh surely I say from my heart I never read your book I don't plan to we go back a long time in the Sahara Hotel you're always a great star then you reminded us every night what a great star you were your brother who's sitting in the back wanted this evening to be all about him again I know your brother very well and I never liked them but I can't I can't all of you because I'll never see you people again I don't need you people I'm 86 years old and I'm spitting up and I know I got a couple hours to go so I'm not going to kiss your ass I'm not gonna do anything Shirley has to because she still thinks she's got years it's been a great night it really has it's been about 18 hours of crap telling you how wonderful you are and you know damn well surely it's over it's over you'll go back to where the hell you're living in the Arizona and sucked on a plant perhaps I'll Jack Pegasus is the back one son of a bitch you didn't marry me now he's not here tonight he's with the Lakers oiling their jocks I'll tell you this [Applause] I'll Julia Roberts you live next to me at the beach you know that thanks for all the visits anyway I'm living about two blocks broad never shows up come by and say hello well I have no lines do you just not anyway surely on behalf of all these wonderful people performance and otherwise Barbara and I my wife of 47 years we've known you so long the days in the Sahara as I said may God be good to you and why not because you have a charm and a warmth in the class I've known a lot of people in this business but I'm so proud that you asked me to be here tonight may God be good to you and take care of you because when the light goes on not only as an actress but as human being you make a person feel at home and loved thank you so much [Applause]


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