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Domengsu convinces Cardo to introduce him to Oscar | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Help yourselves.
Don’t be shy. – Did you cook all of this?
– Everyone helped out. – Let’s eat, Lola.
– I’ll just check on the others. Do you like the fruits? – We brought more barbecue.
– Alright! Thanks, Bubbles! Eat up. Try this, Mr. President. – Is that suman ?
– It’s good. Come on, sir, ma’am!
Two pesos for karaoke! – I’m still full!
– We have free beer! We have plenty of beer! It’s the middle of the day! – We want to see the President!
– Please stay! Kuya, wait! Capt. B, I’m sorry! Everyone’s going to
Flora’s Garden. They want to see the President. Don’t mope, Capt. B!
That’s bad for business! What? Look around you. Our business is a failure! We have no customers. What do I tell Coun. G? – Unbelievable!
– Capt. B! Thank you. Ma, Pa, try this.
Aunt Yolly prepared it. – Thanks.
– Here. Here you go. Is this for Mr. President? Sir Cardo. I think it’s time you
introduced me to Mr. President. Domeng, it’s embarrassing. I told you to dress up. Come on, sir. We’re like peas in a pod.
Why should I be embarrassed? Domeng, you can’t meet the
President looking like that. You didn’t even shave. I’ll look like a girl
if I shave. Besides, this is my asset. It’s why Bubbles fell for me. Did you take a bath? Of course…not. How can you meet
the President when you haven’t
showered for days? It’s fine. Just introduce me. They might leave soon.
They’re done eating. Please, sir? Fine.
On one condition. – Don’t ask for a selfie.
– Deal. It’s embarrassing. – Love, I’ll just introduce him.
– Thanks, sir! Mr. President, please try this. – Lola prepared it.
– This is my favorite. Mr. President,
Ma’am Lily, this is my friend,
Domengsu. He’s one of my colleagues
in the task force. He’s our asset. He helped us during our
mission at Sapang Bato. Domeng, this is President
Hidalgo and Ma’am Lily. Excuse me, chair. Nice to meet you,
Mr. President and Miss Lily. Thank you. Thank you for helping
Task Force Agila, Domeng. Anytime, Mr. President. You can count on me, for the people of
the Philippines. Yes, sir. Hey. Mr. President, Ma’am Lily,
please excuse us. Thank you. – Come on.
– Excuse us. Jeez, you had to babble
in front of them. You know you can’t talk
like that to the President. Please bring them
more food.


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