Dog the Bounty Hunter Emotionally Reveals Last Moments With Beth Chapman

we have Duane dog Chapman first sit-down interview since he lost his wife Beth just 15 days ago after a long battle with cancer she was his wife his co-star his best friend and his confidant Beth was just 51 years young when she passed away so for Duane our interview was in many ways therapeutic because for the first time he had a chance to release all the pent up emotions about losing the love of his life you know you walk in this house in a sense she is right here with us now is it yeah I hope so yeah yeah and then what's in that pink box well I've never done ashes of my life and that's what she wanted and there's chips in their bra hmm I'm like what is these t oh my god what if you want you to do with those ashes well she said scatter some leave some on the fireplace I was gonna do all the scattering I did you know and then I looked at it thought I'm not gonna throw you like away I just throw you away it started over and I can't do that I'm still putting the pillow where she was and covering it up like the jailhouse escape hmm right that's like morbid you know like like it you got to really watch it these are the times where people go over the edge the wounds are still very raw as dog welcomed et into the family's remote Colorado home that's a Rocky Mountains could only imagine on Saturday there will be a huge public memorial near best hometown of Denver the grief has taken a huge toll on the 66 year old bounty hunter I've lost 17 pounds in about two weeks I got to force-feed myself like I force-fed earth it could keep going to keep going do you remember her last those last moments every every other time all the time I did not know this was going to happen that day at all no one knows this right now the last few moments she said come in here right now at the bathroom I went and she said look at me Wade Chapman I did she said please let me go before I could say all right she couldn't breathe Melissa honey I can't breathe so she says yeah I can't I can't breathe and what do you do I help put her arms up above her head and then I saw her die in my arms she was so tidy she fell back my knee was behind her back and I grabbed her hair and I pulled it up and I just took one breath and breathes as far as I could and as I all of a sudden she went it's she sucked back and I'm like oh my god so you thought she's gonna be better you said oh yeah you were like she's gonna make it oh yeah and then I carried her to the bed and called 9-1-1 here they come baby and they finally got there we rode the ambulance after I seen power she went slow I said Lord I figured it out I wanna go fast when the show comes back how much of Beth's final days in her battle will you show you will hear that answer tomorrow it may surprise you and also everything Beth and Dora in her final days with the Wainwright by her side it really is heartbreaking and he also gave me this shocking revelation I would never commit suicide but I am ready now to go his grief is total and we'll have that for you tomorrow

  • dear dog so so sorry for your loss me and my partner are in tears watching love you n beth and your show may she rest in peace and dog angels have wings so she can always fly with you on a hunt her most favourite thing may she shine down on you all keep your chin up much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • may duane finds the strength to carry on he's in grieving now but in time he'll see that she's helping him get through it as if she was there with him

  • Got to get up everyday put one foot in front of the other and trudge on or depression will eat you alive speaking from experience.

  • I think its absolutely beautiful how this man is sharing his grief like a normal family ! Showing celebrities grieve too !My hat goes off to you Mr Dog Beth Chapman ! 🎉😘👍🙏😎🌈☀️


  • im so sorry to hear about your wife death:(
    it really make my heart cry:(:(:(:( she will always be in everybodys heart!!!! if onley the lord could bring here back!!! thenlord whould:) dog<3 forever restin peach beth best girl ever!!! <3

  • Stay strong dog may god be with you alltime guys lets keep praying for comfort and relief for the family

  • I love Duane and Beth. They were truly soulmates and the epitome of what REAL LOVE is. My sincere condolences to Duane and his family. Prayers up so blessings come down!😞😢

  • Oh' my Lord, we love you so much. God Bless Miss Beth and your entire family. So sorry for your loss!

  • You had the pleasure of having that lovely lady in your life all those years may she rest in peace I loved her one of my favorite shows

  • Dog I feel so sad for you. I hope it gets easier for you. Pain is like none other from a death. Much love to you and your family and god rest her sole. She was an amazing woman

  • So sad that Beth had to go thru all of this and then only to pass away at the age of only 51 years old. Heartbreaking. However, in spite of all that misery, I think how fortunate she was to have a loving husband by her side throughout the horrific dying process. The man (Dog) needs to slowly put the right foot in front of the left and keep going til they meet again.

  • beth was his buddy. they were perfect. this is very emotional. poor duane. he lost soooo much weight. he'd been in so much sadness and heartaches. God bless him. He needs time and needs rest. Don't be sad now dog, at least beth is not in pain anymore. Think of your kids too. i hope you'll be ok. millions of fans are praying for you.

  • Oh Dog I m so sorry you had to go through so much pain. You could see and she told you, its time to go. You and she did everything to change the course of this disease. You and she did what you do best, you fought the good fight. She breaths perfect now. She s pain and fear free. She has love and understanding. Please know this and take comfort in it.its ok to be Duain and do things that is different but is easier for you. That's not disrespect, your in surviver mode. God loves you Too Duain , but its not your time ❤

  • Blessings of peace to Duane & his family , they find comfort , in the loving memories of his Beth . R.I.P. B.C. 💕

  • It’s heartwarming but at the same time hard to hear dog speak about Beth. The love he has for her is so overwhelming emotional 😭

    If I could give him a hug I would.
    RIP Beth ❤️

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