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DJ Nate – MARX entertainment

– How’s it going, my name
is Nate and I’m a DJ at MARX entertainment. I’m currently a student at
Capital Community College and I’m going for
music industry. I’m also doing a sound
engineering certificate and I just love music,
it’s my favorite thing. What I really love
about DJing is is just seeing the dance floor
going when it’s time to party. There’s no better feeling than
everyone’s just enjoying their time, just having fun,
forgetting about anything that’s going on and it’s just
all on the dance floor having a great time. My style of DJing is very smooth. What I pride myself on is making
it seem like there’s one, continuous track playing
throughout the whole night. One of the things that I do
that’s a little unique is l like to concentrate on the
whole, overall sound of the event. Now, I want to make sure that
cocktail hour is run at a consistent volume,
so it’s not too loud where people can’t hear,
but it’s not too low that you can’t hear it. Same thing with the ceremony
and anything extra that you would add on, I want that to be very
consistent to the room. If you’d like to book me for
an event, just contact MARX for more information. Thank you, once again.

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