DIY: Trophy From Plastic Cups| plastic Cup Trophy for Father's Day | Father's Day 2018

hey crafters so welcome back to my channel today I'm here with a new video but before we start please make sure to subscribe to my channel and also it's the Belle I came to get notified whenever I upload a new video also there's a giveaway going on on my channel if you don't know about this I will be mentioning the link in the description box below on the top right corner please do check that video out and win some exciting prizes the Father's Day is around the corner and here i am with a Father's Day DIY now let's start with the video so we are going to make a trophy for our dance now you'll requires little foam sheet two plastic cups hot glue and cast-off sheet I am cutting on the excess part first a tube cutter and poke a hole in the cup please do this carefully so that you do not hurt yourself after that take the second cup and leave some space from the bottom and draw a line again polka holes with a cutter and cut it out with the scissors now take the glitter form sheet and measure the height of the cup draw a line with the ruler now if you do not have a thicker beautiful sheets then you can directly take a yellow chart paper or any other paper to wrap it around and stick it with the blue [Applause] for the bottom part measures the base of the cup and cut it out you repeat the exact same process for the other Cup take a card paper that is 15 into 2.5 centimeters long so rural regards a fire bamboos you again wrap the paper with a beautiful sheet now take your hot glue gun and stick all the three parts together after all this is done miniaturize number one Dan on our pretty little trophy so let's get into that there's a plain foam sheet on any of the blue chart paper and draw four strips like these make a hash as I'm doing you also cut down dad and stick it with the glue gun now take towards a little foam strips and stick it in a curved shape isn't this trophy truly cute your dad will definitely love it so please make sure to give it a try so guys if you like this video please make sure to give it a big thumbs up and also please make sure to participate in the giveaway so that you can win some cool prizes


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