Division 2 Sushi Backpack Trophy All Collectible Locations Central Aquarium Classified Assignment

what's up agents jet forth here and here are all the collectible locations and the backpack trophy for the central aquarium classified assignment to find the first phone you will want to clear out the entirety of the first area you will find yourself in an elevator once you get down the first phone will be straight off to the left outside of the elevator after you've grabbed that phone go down the stairs right next to it you will see a room off to your left to jump through that room look through the windows to the opposite side and shoot the lock off the door that you see here this will save yourself some back travelling if you will now after you have cleared out the next area you are going to follow the mission through where it tells you to go and then come up here and come to the door where we just previously shot the lock off and you will find the next phone also in the corner of this room there will be a body search the body and get the key from them that's a very important step for the backpack trophy next after you grab that key we're gonna go back into the room that we were just in so do a little bit of back traveling and then go back into the phone controls room and whatnot once you're back in this room go up to the center platform right where I'm standing here just about and look up into the upper level and you will see one of the yellow electric boxes and shoot that yellow box after we shoot this box just follow where I'm going and there will be a gate once you get through that gate that will be your third phone after you grabbed this phone continue following the stairs all the way up and then you will reach another door open the door straight off to the right is another door this is the door that we need the key for and this is where you will find your sushi backpack trophy and some other wonderful rewards and then finally off to the final boss room The Dispatch buzz once you kill off the final boss you will make your way up to the final room where you will talk to the people up there they just talked to you and the final phone will be in the back corner of this room and that's it I'm still working on trying to find the BTS you gloves of the word on the street I'm air quoting right now is that you will get it from the boss drop off of the new Oakes mission but I played through it and it didn't drop for me but that's what people are saying on reddit so I'm still looking and that's it for this like comment subscribe and all that other junk and I will catch you all on the flipside peace

  • Sorry for the lack of enthusiasm…. it was really early lol…. please like… NSA classified walk through :

  • Another update. Would love to enjoy it. But much like the last one, I'm now unable to play the fucking game. Good job massive/ubisoft!

  • U can get BTSU glove from ANY Black Tusk missions, not necessary from the new content mission. Seems like higher difficulties better chance, a lot of players got it 1st time doing Heroic mode. Try it out, u may get it on 1st run too.

  • I know you're really busy and I really appreciate all of your hard work in making these videos. I want to know do you have a timeline on when you're going to update your seeker mine and chem launcher video now that the title 5 update is live?

  • After I'm done with days gone which I can't wait cuz the games way too easy it didn't meet my expectations at all but it's pretty cool over all the motorcycle on the guns and stuff.but I'll be jumping back on division 2 so I'll contact you soon you'll have to get me up-to-date with the game lol

  • Thanks bro. Even though I'll never equip it. But, gotta have it. The I wanted got fixed. I wanted Flash backpack trophy. So, I can see my butt light up, lol. I'll let you know if I get the BTSU gloves

  • That bloody gate, checked every other door but not that gate. Will go back in when it let's me to get my sushi ornament ( that I'll never equip ). Cheers

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