want to find out how to get the sushi back back trophy and all the collectibles in the aquarium classified missions well in today's video I'm gonna show you guys how to do it SFO this is laser boat today I'm gonna be saying guys how to get all four of the collectables found with in the aquarium classified mission in addition to that I'm also gonna be showing you guys how to get the sushi backpack trophy basically this is my favorite trophy out of all the ones that we have currently available there you guys are trying to find out how to get the pizza one I also have a video on that so you guys are more than welcome to definitely check that out I also have the canister one so you guys can check that one out as well now before we dive it to the aquarium and show you guys where all this stuff is located I do want to remind you guys about our monthly giveaway we're giving away a free copy of check here for the console of your choice if you'd like to participate all you gotta do is click the link down below where it says join ball nation and you will be automatically answered so good luck to everyone that is participating in order for you to start this mission you're just gonna I'm pretty sure that majority of you guys are gonna be at the base of operations so you're gonna do is set your marker and you're gonna head over to the white building that's right in front of the White House but you don't want to do is go to the building and if you had kind of where you see where it says downtown East it's gonna be the door that's kind of almost right in front of it what you're gonna do is just keep going alongside the building and once you get to a door that says central aquarium entrance that is a door that's gonna leave you into the aquarium classified mission once you go ahead and enter the mission you're gonna go through the area and you didn't clear a total of two stages of mobs once you clear the two stages of mobs you're gonna be presented with an area that's gonna have an elevator it's gonna have a big number one you depress that elevator and that elevator is gonna take you downstairs you didn't notice where it says behind as science and once you exit the elevator if you make a quick lift you're gonna find the first collectible item to your left on a bench right after you go ahead and collect the collectible that we picked up on the bench you're gonna head down the stairs and right when you get down this shows you didn't notice that there are broken glasses and there's gonna be a yellow drape but you're gonna jump over that shape and you're gonna want to shoot the locks on the doors this wouldn't be the first lock they're gonna shoot you're gonna head to the other broken window and you're gonna shoot across to the other door and there's gonna be another lock we're the reason why we're doing this is because there is a collectible inside that room but in order for us to access that collectible we have to shoot the lock to be able to open the doors once you shot both locks and jump on over you're gonna go into a room where you're gonna have to find a couple at and you're also gonna need to turn on a couple of generators now the order you turn on these generators is gonna be middle right and left once you turn on all these generators you go then are gonna have access to the door on the bottom side all right so once you get access to the door at the bottom side you're gonna head over to the marker open the double doors once you open the doors you're gonna notice that there is a stairway that leads up and this is gonna give us access to that one door that we opened up by shooting the locks what we're gonna do is open the door and we're gonna be able to collect the collectible that we're able to get here so that's gonna be right on top of kind of like the scientific laboratory slash table I guess that's what we call it so we're gonna pick up the collectible once we pick up the collectible you guys are good to go and you're gonna also notice that what's this collectibles pick don't leave this area because you will also need to pick up one more thing what you're gonna need a pick is a key then that key is gonna be odd a dead corpse that is located on the back area of the room remember those windows that were broken they're all right next to those windows that were broken there's gonna be a body with a bunch of blood you didn't hold down X oh well if you're on the Xbox and it's gonna drop a key pick up that key and that key is gonna give you access to another room once you want to hand and pick up that key what you will need to do is do the following and make sure you guys pay close attention you don't notice that there's gonna be a bunch of little circle windows right there and two right in front of those little circles there's gonna be a broken door a broken window tree right jump out over that window and face forward once you face forward gonna see a yellow panel right in front of you once you see that yellow pen right in front of you shoot that yellow panel and what that yellow panel is gonna do it's gonna open a door to your right hand side right across and once that door is open you're gonna give you access so you could go ahead and pick up the third collectible so you're gonna do is go into it's kind of like a steam room head into the steam room and you're gonna notice that there is gonna be a door that's gonna be right at the end of the room open up that door and as soon as you open up the door the next collectible is gonna be right dabbe in front of you go ahead and pick up that collectible and you picked up your third one right so now it's time for us to go ahead and pick up the trophy so right when you picked up that last collectible you notice that there's going to be a flight of stairs there's gonna be a door with a lock chute that lock but don't go through the doors just continue going upwards and this is the door that needed the access key so we're gonna open up this door and once we open up this door we're gonna make a quick right once we head over and make it quick right there's gonna be another set of doors that we're gonna be able to open up and right in front of that we're gonna notice that there is a box that gives us loop of course you guys know the loop or the cash box open up that cash box see you guys like when you picked up if you don't like what you picked up with just dismantle if you do like it pick it up and do whatever you want now in order for you guys to go ahead and get the sushi trophy you're gonna need to go ahead and open a black little box that's right and next to the loop box so it's gonna be right there on top of the desk open that up and that's gonna give you access to that trophy that everybody wants which is the sushi trophy once you go ahead and pick that up and go ahead and equip it if you want or check it out if you guys like you guys don't like it and you will be able to equip it now don't forget guys that you need to continue because we still got one more collectable to collect before you guys complete the mission all right now to collect their last collectable now for the last collectable we're gonna be collecting this one's actually gonna require us to fight a lot of enemies you're gonna go back kind of like to where the area where you came from and there's gonna be a lot of hyenas you can have a LMG guy you can have a bunch of little guys trying to hit you with a little was there a little bit ton and all you gonna do is go ahead and clear out all the ads that are here it's I believe there's I think there's two yellow bars so just kill the yellow bars kill the red guys and there's a bunch of so you want to make sure you kill that once you finish killing them go ahead and kill them all collect everything that you have and then the game's going to tell you that there is gonna be civilians and what you need to do is you're gonna need to make it over to the civilian area so once you guys go ahead and pick up all the loot that you were able to collect from killing all yet is the head back onward towards the area where you were I was technically shooting that or the area we came in and started the mission from and we're gonna go and work our way upstairs once we work our way upstairs there's gonna be a set of two doors next to a ammo refill crate and we're gonna open up these doors and we go straight forward from these doors to our left hand side the last collectable is gonna be a ride a bit in front of us all the is collect that last collectable once that collectible has been collected you went a hand in collecting everything which is the four collectibles and also the backpack trophy so now I do hope you guys did find this video helpful and informative if he did guys I want to thank you guys because I know you guys are gonna like this video and also you're gonna be sharing this video with your friends so they know exactly how to get this completed remember if you are a season pass holder you'll have access to this if you don't have the season passes you might have to wait a week to also have access to it as well so make sure you guys either bookmark this for the following week so you guys know exactly what to do when it goes live for you guys if you would like to show a digital love and support do consider joining the build nation to join it's super easy all you gotta do is click the link down below where it says joint bulton nation and you will unlock exclusive features only found on the channel thank you guys for watching and don't forget wgat AP and i will catch you guys on the next video enjoy the rest of the gameplay here's work you're supposed to care for them thanks for your help we're safe now good work agent secure the aquarium and save the fish farm without your help we would have lost everything thanks to you we can sustain the community I owe you one you


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