one of mine out how to get the piece of back bling for your backpack plus in addition to that how to get all the three collectibles in the NSA classified mission well today I'm gonna show you how to do it that's Allah this is lazy boy today we'll be taking a look at the NSA security alert classified assignment and as you guys know if you are a season pass holder you have access to the NSA security alert right now so you guys are able to do this right now in addition to that if you guys recall the previous ones we had we had a chance to collect trophies for our backpacks in addition to that we were also able to get different sets of classified intel within each assignment now in this one in particular not only did we get a chance to collect a backpack trophy but we also get a chance to get three collectibles I'm gonna walk you through all the three collectibles and I'm also gonna be showing you guys how to get the backpack trophy because I'm pretty sure that's the one everybody's trying to get so let's go ahead and get started what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna walk you through exactly how you will start the mission I'm gonna leave you all the way through where you get the first collectible where you get the second one where you get the third one and also where you get the trophy so before we dive right into that just wanna remind you guys about our monthly giveaway we're giving away a free copy of shakira for the console of your choice to enter super easy all you gotta do is click the link down below where it says join bowl nation and he will automatically answer to join so good luck to everybody that is participating all right so the first collectible you're gonna be able to find it I'm almost kind of I would say like a quarter towards the inside of the mission you didn't get to the area where they're gonna ask you to get some fuses and clear out an area it's gonna require you to remove two fuses and kind of alternate them after you're done placing the two fuses you're gonna have to turn on the generator once you turn on the generator you're gonna get more ads that will spawn and you're gonna want to clear out the rest of the room so it's gonna be in this section right here where it says secure the NSA facility all you got to do is clear out the rest of the yet and you will be able to you know go ahead and have access to the trophy once you go ahead and clear out all the yet so all you want to do is make sure you go to the marker that it's indicating you to go to and you're gonna notice you're gonna be entering the hub once you enter the hub there's gonna be a to your left and there's gonna be a panel that you're gonna be able to access open up the panel and you're the hand into an area that seems to be like a office make sure you collect everything because that's gonna be very important there's gonna be a pair of doors that are gonna slide right on open and within these doors is worthy collectible is do not exit this one before you actually pick it up it's gonna be located right across from the soda machine so as you guys notice right here there's a coffee maker in a Mac microwave and there's everything right there there's a little desk right in front of this desk right here is where you're gonna be able to nab the first collectible that you'll be able to pick up from this mission hold down X if you're on the Xbox or whatever letter it is on whatever console you're on and you will be able to access this collectible super easy to get this is the first one you'll be able to snatch so make sure you pick it up before you exit the doors all right so now on to the second collectible now after the second collectible we're gonna be able to pick this one up right after we picked up the other one you're gonna go back to the main area which is the hub section and you don't want to enter the personal quarters now the personal quarters near-net I already have access to as soon as you complete the first part that we just did once you go ahead and access the personnel headquarters there is gonna be a area where there's gonna be locker rooms there's gonna be drawers there's gonna be all sorts of things but what we're primarily focusing here is searching the whole room and finding a tunnel of three keys we're gonna need these three keys in order to open up three doors there granted that that's what we're getting three keys so the first key that we're gonna be able to find that's gonna be right inside the area when you first go into the double sided door it's gonna be in this kind of like white drawer right there in front of you and then that is where you're gonna be able to pick up a key number one once we have key number one we're good to go and we need to find one more additional key to be able to access these doors right here so in order for us to actually be able to access these doors once again we're gonna need to access and get another key which is I believe is called keen number five as you see right here I'll walk up to the panel trying to open this door it doesn't let me open it up that is because I am missing our key so what I'm gonna want to do is find the key to open up this door this key is gonna be I believe key number five and that's gonna be right to the left-hand side of this door it's gonna be kind of like a little closet area where there's gonna be a bunch of storage room we're also gonna find a blast key all the way to the back and that is level five key which is gonna give us access to that door we weren't able to open once we were able to obtain this key we're then gonna have access to that's room in that room is worth kind of all the personnel hides all their stuff so this is where we're gonna be able to find and not only our collectible but will be also able to find the last key which is the seventh key which will give us access to another room outside on the hub that we're gonna be able to get the last collectible for so what you want to do was once you get into this area you're gonna head all the way in the back there's gonna be a door to open to your right hand side within this door that's open you're gonna go to the locker rooms and as soon as you open up the locker room you didn't get an act another key that's gonna be the seventh key that you need in order to access the door we're gonna go open right now so you're gonna make our exit the door make a right hand all the way to the back and and then a door to your left there's gonna be allow you to open that door open that door and you'll be able to find it this second collectible right here now one thing I want to recommend is after you get this collectible make sure you guys loot the whole area because it's a good place where do you find like stuff like teddy bears pencils and all that so sometimes you're missing that for completing projects so definitely go ahead and loot all you can alright so our third collectable is actually gonna be right after we're done getting all the stuff that we got from that you know the personnel room what you want to do is exit the area back from the same way where you came from like so basically the same entrance part where you came from so remember what I said to make sure you guys loot everything that's what we're doing here you're gonna turn finish looting and head back to the hub area which is like the main section you know that main section middle area once you get on over here what you were gonna want to do as soon as you exit the doors the front doors that you came out to to your left hand side there is gonna be a kind of like it stairs stairway make a left and you gonna see those stairways go up those stairs and there's gonna be a panel currently right when you exit you won't be able to access this panel because there's gonna be a bunch of ads that are spawning so in order for you to actually access this first you're gonna have to clear out all the ads there's like about I would say like eight to nine ads after you're done clearing out all the ads you're then gonna come back to this section right here before you proceed and you're gonna have access to the data analysis section once you have access to it just click on that panel head inside there's gonna be an office and you're gonna find the third collectible right here now after this collectible all we have to do is find that lead backpack trophy that we're looking for and that's coming up right now all right so now it's time for us to go and collect our trophy what you want to do is after you collect it the last piece we're gonna notice that there's gonna be another door that needs to be open and that is the data center door what you want to do is go to the computer press that down and open the doors as soon as you go and press the doors are gonna be presented with another kind of hallway or kind of like elevator looking thing and it's gonna throw a lot of smoke and you kind of like decontaminating you what you're gonna want to do is gonna keep proceeding it's gonna ask you to kind of give you an objective and the objective is to just reboot the server you notice that right dab in front of you there's gonna be a computer reboot what you want to do is don't reboot right now because if you do add so spawn what you want to do is head straight straight straight and you're gonna notice to the right hand side there's gonna be a rock climb that rock and then there's gonna be another set of rock climb that rock and you'll be able to go ahead and notice where the yellow banner is located jump over the banner go straight go up the stairs and you're gonna notice a spinning fan once you see the spinning fan go to the Yelp voter and turn around and you'll be able to shoot the e panel that's straight right across from the event once you see the fan stop rotating proceed on forward and you're gonna make a right on this one so it's a little bit tricky once again here because you kind of go left and right instead of going left so just pretty much right right and once you get to the make another right you're gonna climb one up and once you climb on up get ahead and make a left climb back up again keep going straight forward then you're gonna notice that there's like a vent open up that vent and that vents gonna lead you into a room and this room there's gonna be a couple of doors there's gonna be doors to your left or to your right searches run all of these doors are closed the only doors that actually open up are the doors that are right in front of you that are in sliding doors so just head over that to the commander command officer I believe that it's you know walk up through a complete hallway and there's gonna be a desk and a lot of stuff to open you're gonna want to make sure you want to open and get get the ammo and also open up the loop box and you know get anything that you have to go ahead and restock or anything that and that's when you're done restocking you notice that right in front right in the middle when you see a window that overlooks the hub there is gonna be a little black box once you guys go ahead and open up and loot that little black box you'll be able to get the backpack trophy the backpack trove is gonna give you access to the pizza which is what everybody's trying to get their hands on and it actually looks really really dope I I think it's one of my favorite ones out of all of them even though I do like the sushi one more if you guys are trying to figure out how to get the sushi one definitely check out my video on how to get the sushi trophy I do hope you guys did find this video helpful and informative if you did guys do me a huge favor guys drop a like share this video with your friends so they could also get the trophy remember if you're not a season pass holder you're gonna be able to get this next week so it's always gonna bookmark this video in case you don't have a season pass now if you guys would like to show additional love and support do consider joining the bull nation to join it super easy I gotta do this click the link down below where it says jump ball nation and you will unlock exclusive features only found on the lazer Bowl channel thank you guys for watching and don't forget wgat AP and i will catch you guys on the next video you

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