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Distinguished Classroom Teacher Awards 2019 – New Teacher (Elementary)

MS. THIMESCH: “Who can
raise their hand now and tell me what
onomatopoeia means?” Chasmyn Lindeman-Thimesch
connects with her students so they feel safe and loved. She has a special way of
building relationships, whether she’s
teaching engaging lessons, eating lunch
with her students, providing one-on-one
communication journals, or helping with her school’s
Girls Who Code Club. The relationships she
develops with her students help them put forth
their best effort. MS. THIMESCH: “Show me a three if you think you have
this down. You could do it by yourself. Like, you didn’t need to write
a sentence with a partner. Show me a four if you
know this well enough, like, you could teach
somebody else in the class, or you could go home
and tell a younger sibling or your parents today.” Chasmyn started in the
Wichita Public Schools as a special education para
at Harry Street Elementary, which allowed her to work
with all grade levels and all
learning styles. With encouragement
from her colleagues, she went back to school
to fulfill her dreams of becoming
a teacher. MS. THIMESCH: “So, just
like Crystal did, you can flip it over
to the back and try and put two
words into one sentence.” Chasmyn knows that
in order for students to be successful
in class, their needs
have to be met. She makes sure
students have food, clothing, backpacks,
and counseling support. She also understands that
communicating with parents is vital for student achievement. MS. THIMESCH: “But what
you’re writing a poem about is what Sacagawea
saw in nature.” STUDENT: “That’s going
to be hard.” MS. THIMESCH: “That is
going to be a little bit harder. So you are going to
pretend that you are who? Sacagawea.” She focuses on teaching
her students that it’s okay to make mistakes and
to learn from them. Her classroom focuses on
“growth mindset” and the “power of yet” to encourage
students to keep trying, because being
successful takes hard work. She shows her students
that as a new teacher, she is also learning
ways to be better and that it’s important
to be a life-long learner. MS. THIMESCH: “I like to
show up everyday just so that I can spend time
with the kids in my classroom. I like that they all kind
of blossom in the classroom. They’re all very
much themselves and they’re showing
me their personalities. I really enjoy spending time
with them and just watching them grow and
develop as people.” MS. THIMESCH: “Good job. Keep going. That’s awesome.”

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