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Disney Movies Coming in 2020

Disney has had a massive year and 2020 is
going to be no different, with even more movies coming but unlike 2019, we will be getting
a lot more original films and not just one Pixar movie but two and none of them are sequels,
so let’s jump in and see what Disney has in store for us in 2020. FIrst up is ONWARD it’s a suburban fantasy
world starring two teenage elf brothers who embark on an extraordinary quest to discover
if there is still a little magic left out there. Voiced by Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, the
elf duo create some great on screen chemistry even if it’s just their voices. The film is similar to Monsters Inc. where
monsters live in a regular world, doing regular things except this time it’s fantasy characters
living in a modern world and seemed to have forgotten about magic. Will the two brothers rediscover magic and
bring it back home? Find out when Onward hits theaters on March
6. Disney has plenty more of it’s classics to
remake and Mulan is next up on their list. The live action adventure looks epic, featuring
an all asian cast, beautiful landscapes and an all new villain. Shan Yu will not be appearing in this version,
instead its an evil witch named Xin Lang which translates to “fairy wolf” and it’s rumored
the character can transform into a thousand birds. It also seems like there are no songs in this
remake as well as no Mushu but these reports are not confirmed, we just
really hope they have something in there! Mulan heads to battle and theaters on March
27. This name might not sound familiar to you
but if you are a fan of the books, then you will know who Artemis Fowl is. Disney is once again trying to start up a
new franchise but hasn’t been doing too well with Sci Fi originals like John Carter, Tomorrowland
and A Wrinkle In Time. Will they strike box office gold with Artemis? The film’s teaser gives us a glimpse into
what to expect. The storyline follows a teenage boy who captures
a fairy who then holds her for ransom to exploit the magical fairy people and restore his family’s
fortune. Artemis Fowl hits theaters on May 29. OK It’s time for some more Pixar, yes two
original movies in one year! Soul will do it’s best to answer all of our
biggest questions. Basically it’s about a musician named Joe
Gardner voiced by Jamie Foxx who lives in NYC and through a freak accident accidentally
loses his soul and ends up in another dimension at the You Seminar where he meets 22 voiced
by Tina Fey who helps him try to get Joe back to Earth where his body remains. It’s an incredibly interesting storyline that
will have plenty of heart and soul but also lots of laughs. I definitely will be packing some tissues
for this one. Soul soars into theaters on June 19. All aboard! It’s time for Jungle Cruise! After being pushed back close to a year, it’s
almost time for a cruise down the river with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt who star in
Disney’s latest ride-to-movie franchise. The two star as a riverboat captain and a
scientist who go on an adventure to find a mystical tree deep in the jungle. Fans at D23 were able to get a glimpse of
some of the movie early and described it as Indiana Jones and incredibly fun. Disney set out to make this movie big, epic,
romantic, funny and full of action. It shows it’s appreciation to the ride heavily,
so fans can rest assured it will definitely pay tribute to the classic Disney attraction. Jungle Cruise sets sail on July 24. Walt Disney Animation is back in an all new
original animated film, Raya & The Last Dragon will take audiences into a re-imagined earth
inhabitated by an ancient civilization. It takes place in a realm called Lumandra
and stars Raya who is determined to find the last dragon in the world. The concept art looks incredible, I can’t
wait to see what they are going to do in this movie. Raya & The Last Dragon hits theaters on November
25. Well, that’s it for 2020, some of these release
dates might change and Disney may have surprise announcements for us next year so who knows
what else is coming! We also have plenty of Disney original movies
dropping on Disney+ so there will be plenty of magic to keep you happy. What are you most excited to see from our
list? Leave your comment down below and hit that
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