Dishonored 2 – All Decorative Object Locations (Souvenirs Trophy / Achievement Guide)

  • I usually don't like slow videos, but this is a video I can watch. Like shout out to this man, he's the first person i've seen that can do that!

  • Wow! I didn’t know that was a legit thing. I’ve got some of these by pure randomness but I never knew that was what the trophy was. I might replay the game and try and get this one and some of the remaining few trophies I haven’t achieved yet.

  • For the life of me I will never understand why you broke these up into multiple videos for different collectables. All that does is force the viewer to fumble through multiple tabs for different videos and hope they didn't miss anything because it's all out of order. It wasn't like this for BioShock, so why the hell did this sound like a good idea?

  • To get blade verbena trophy (mission 6), do u need powers? Is there a way to get up there without the blink?

  • Everyone if you are confused how to get the helmet here's the answer
    Shoot the helmet off with a crossbow bolt

  • I know this is not your faults but I collected everything, but still did not get the trophy does it just take awhile or what?

  • Two questions:

    1. Do you have to kill an elite guard on the first mission to get the trophy only?

    2. Can you get Samuel's boat on the last mission?

  • For chapter 2, you can knock out the Elite Guard, it still works. Also, in Chapter 4, the first Clockwork Soldier you disable with the Stun Grenade also drops the piece.

  • Thank you PowerPyx for all the great content that is always clear and concise. You don't waste time with unnecessary talking or dicking around, and I always get what I need. You truly are a rare breed these days. Heres to you, man!

  • What I don't like about this achievement is that you have to complete the game in low chaos to get it because the store to get the skiff is closed in high chaos on mission six

  • For the clockwork soldier can you take of his head then stealth kill him or does it have to be in combat?

  • I'm pretty sure you just have to pick up the syringe. Not actually save Hypatia. That would ruin a chaos run. I'm not entirely sure, though.

  • this trophy is bs cause I made the serum but killed her as it was my high chaos play through but it didn't count

  • so do u have to collect all of them in one play through or can u go back to missions and get them?

  • You can get all the collectibles, paintings, etc…..basically everything..on a no powers, no kill, no spot….I did this on my first, and so far only, play through. The only thing I couldn't get is one bonecharm on top of Adderminre in Chapter 3 and I really think there must be a way up there because there was a way for everything else.

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