Discovery Channel turns war into entertainment

imagine traveling for the middle of a war zone with a camera crew they're not speaking to any of the locals and making the whole story about how scared you are that's exactly what happens in Discovery Channel's latest show Arabia [Applause] let's start with a promotional poster for the show featuring former British soldier and Explorer Levison wood dressed like a Bedouin braving the harsh conditions of war-torn countries to do a travel show this is a journey into scent oh I love me some fake Middle Eastern background music the journey into blue Arabia with Leverson would wait so it's a show about the Arabian Peninsula called Arabia you serious but that's not the only problem with the show because two of the countries he visits are Iraq well this is no way if they don't when you think of Iraq and Yemen after the Arab Spring Yemen descended into chaos yes Yemen where civil war has been ongoing for over four years leaving the worst humanitarian disaster on the face of the planet an outbreak of famine and cholera and thousands of civilians dead Levinson would is taking his quirky travel show there and wait it gets better or worse early this month they released the promo for the show so our hero Leverson would planning a daring illegal border crossing into Yemen so looks like the only option is or crossing into Yemen okay what's with the Paranormal Activity sequence my producer Dave and I are exhausting all options to make it in is that a map of Yemen you don't have Google Maps on your phone I'm given the number of a Somali contact who I'm told might be able to help us on the condition would travel to Yemen in 2017 and says he had to pay a human trafficker to smuggle him into the country what was that even necessary turns out it wasn't because one of our journalists was there so in 2017 I went to Yemen we went to a travel agent and we bought the tickets so we flew him via Sudan and got into atom no no no Somalis were involved in my trip personally it was easy for me because I was the M&E passport holder but a lot of people have been able to get in they went and got visas they did the proper way and if they didn't get these many of them and decided not to go you know Iraq was dangerous but this at least there was at least we kind of knew who the good guys and the bad guys were here we just don't I mean if you don't have any connections to the country if you don't know who the good guys and the bad guys are then why go what are you going to add to the story and what are you going to add to people's understanding turns out as soon as what makes it into Yemen the authorities find out and since he's there legally yes immediately flee the country through our man we've had to change vehicles now into a different one to move to a different location the hotel has been compromised and many intelligence services exactly where I am throughout the entire segment of the show which fails to interview a single Yemeni about the war their lives or even about Yemen itself but the whole thing framed around his own journey getting in and out of the country so what was all that for exactly what do we learn Levison would senior looking super colonial with his father Levison senior got famous for walking the entire length of the Nile on a Channel 4 show walking the Nile not too creative with their names are they the show was a raging success propelling Lebanon junior into a British household name and turn him from a guy that likes to walk a lot into a sex symbol is one of those challenges having lots of women following you it's it is it is quite sir coming over whelming your time so flattering very flattering very fostering this new show Arabia was released after his book of the same name in which he muses on the region's predicaments describing it as so bizarre terrifying and alluring all at the same time Wood has received quite a lot of criticism online for the show and it's promo and has chosen to respond with grace and introspection I'm just kidding he was completely indignant and righteous responding to one person to say going somewhere I don't belong you're an example of someone who won't and can't learn from anyone else so diary go before criticizing anyone else are you serious right now but is this kind of awkward coverage of the Middle East really new but exactly it's been this way for centuries talking back to the Orientalist sent by the British Empire to explore the exotic lands of the quote-unquote East and report back on their mysterious adventures and try and sing their audience with tales of barbarism and seduction think of Indiana Jones Lawrence of Arabia The Mummy the first thing that came to mind was it would say it saying that the East is a career and so for a very long long time that was the function of an Orientalist to travel to the dark and mysterious places bring back stories and make evidence and inevitably sell it as a wild adventure of discovery and threat part of me roll my eyes a little bit because of kind of doom that was in the background that need to be secret the need to to whisper the need to speak into the camera about the potential threat where it's centered the journalists are rather than the story and in many ways a long tradition of Orientalism and speaking of Edward Sayid here's what our friend Levison would have to say when someone told him he should read his work I read modern history with a focus on Middle Eastern affairs at university and which Sayid makes for a very don't read it turns out the only place Levison would warn explore is the library but jokes aside the situation in Yemen is deteriorating with each passing day and needs serious international coverage because at the heart of it are real people's lives this guy's talking about you know raising awareness and things like that but what tangible benefit have you given see how many people from you from your reporting guide I don't really see that and I think I've just had enough and I think a lot of other enemies have had enough I reached out the Leveson wood while putting this video together to give him a chance to defend his show but I never go back to me so what did we learn then if you're going to make a name for yourself traversing through war zones and covering an area of the world you're not from one that you don't represent or speak for should you really be putting yourself in the center of it you

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  • all those major channels are owned by zionist. I dont watch tv, and if i watch tv i watch only documentairy about animals. If you watch discovery channel or others look a like tv's and try to learn todays world, or history, you will be fooled with fals news and bribed reverted history.

  • I pirate everything i watch, i have 5 hard drives with a combined full capacity of 20 TB. So Jewlywood and Limeywood don't get a red cent from me

  • Levison my dude, do you need a fire extinguisher?
    You got forth-degree burns on you from all the roasting.

  • Orientalism that鈥檚 make them Genocide and ethnic cleansing of native people in many foreign countries ! Why don鈥檛 Arabs speak themselves and explore more about their countries in terms of culture, traditions,history, geography etc instead of waiting someone from foreign countries to explain in their own understanding!

  • Soomaalis are brave 馃槅 I鈥檓 somali . Well the report was quite good actually, the guy he did not interview single Yemeni people and he saying he is trying to raise awareness, seriously 馃槖

  • Quite frankly: Edward Said is obsolete now. I reread his Orientalism and must say that the book hasn't aged well. It's no more than an exercise in lazy erudition where Said merely skims the surface of the output of a given author in order make him or her fit into his paradigm of Orientalism. Said was more American than Arab and his book is the kind of shoddy claptrap you would expect from a Yank – which it is. That being said, the criticism aimed at the British clown doing his show for Discovery is perfectly justified and l actually think TRT exercised too much restraint in this case.

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  • U ottomans jealous about brits becoz they kicked ottomans out of arabia so its normal to criticise by turks

  • Cunning brits and other westerners have always known any negative picture of that region will sell like hot cakes!

  • What's wrong? isn't you're doing the same things about the jihad in India? 馃槼

    Who's side you're on in Yemen war? Shia or Sunni?

    Turning a disastrous thing into information or entertainment is what the discovery channel needs to learn from you not the vice versa.

    We Indians hardly have anything about Turks but the day i saw your lies and fake sympathy ( you've sympathy for jihadis to the core) now here I'm commenting against Turkey, and I'll encourage more Indians to watch your propaganda and have some things to say.

    Long live kurdistan, and remember you're killing them not the Hindus or Christians or Jews.

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