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Dime qué te duele y sabrás por qué por Txumari Alfaro PARTE1

this is a production of mindalia television and mindalia radio non-profit audiovisuals from to contribute knowledge and create awareness the first social network of altruistic help through thought good afternoon, good evening, good morning, depending on the time slot of the planet from which I did not follow my name is susana and I am welcome to all those people who are already hundreds of people who today here We wanted to meet to share and listen to the live conferences of mine television and I say we are hundreds because today we are connected people from more than 20 different countries like mexico españa uruguay venezuela colombia chile united states peru and very many many more remembered as always that these conferences are organized by minaya dotcom a non-profit organization that works for the dissemination of knowledge and a social network to help through positive thinking that not only works through the social network but also through migdalia radio which we invite you to listen to the television platform from which we offer you these conferences today as you well know you are with us in italy television txumari alfaro came to offer the conference tell me that it hurts and you will know because you will all know him by his participation in programs of television and its books and today we are going to enter into the emotional origin of diseases so without further delay I think that it’s time to present you a very good evening, add, hello, good night, usama welcome to the final live conferences and thank you very much for be here with us and we are many, I already say that this is important highlight it from very different countries those who are here today to listen faith then thank you very much and welcome to all those viewers what countries like tour Uruguay has announced where been on occasion Mexico in short Chile Argentina welcome also welcome to the ones from here who are watching me from Spain or what is what you are seeing me from other time slots from other parts of the world well first of all I would like apologize because the previous conference could not be made possibly many of you were waiting for it and you are seeing me now and Well, yes, I am a denial for the media these electronic and audiovisual media and such although I belong to He has worked hard and I can assure you that I have a secretariat only and exclusively to write on the computer and all my books do not believe it nobody do not know if cholos handwritten and extended a a girl that I transcribe them through the computer for which I apologize because there was a series of technical problems that did not they were able to solve and today we can finally make this conference yes it is true that later I plan to do it in another way a more didactic way where you can have a board and be able to write and others and from there then power post translate better all the teachings and all my knowledge that I want transmitiros I guess you hear me well susana I do not hear you now niterói watching is not heard perfectly and I do not see me but I’m here with you you every time you want you name me I’ll look like you see you and listen perfectly because I the screen I do not see anything else that I do an anagram of migdal ea then is and if we should be worth as long as you see me is good enough I want to start so next I have here a notebook a notebook that has some how many years I am going to try to prove it but if not You see, I’ll say the date you put because the date you put is 20 and 30 the 3 of 3 of 89 do not know if you see is not seen you will tell me susana you can appreciate it is appreciated is appreciated so good that date for me to change totally changes my life my life and my way of seeing the Ill I am studying preparing the 3 from 3 of 89 in a higher ideology center here in a city that flame estella and I’m attending a cancer course of agreement and the professor who was a professor at the university of paris that is called enric or eric gordon erik eric edic left ver says he heard for the first time that breast cancer has to do with a conflict in the nest this leaves me a little surprised very very surprised so surprised that from that moment on is such attention is such the dedication that leads me to investigate to study to know that there is where that inner child starts somehow that curiosity that he had as an inner child and that he was trying to give explanation something that I did not find in my patients in consultation what is it that it happens that it happens so that one day we find ourselves wrong as a girl who I was attending this afternoon from a city in Galicia where it comes with a ulcerative colitis plus an ulcerative colitis where lost and 14 kilos takes four years and there is no way to solve stopping and not knows why or curiously last Monday when I left here from my consultation of my medical center that I have in pamplona me along with a neighbor with which I usually greet and say to me that his wife is admitted to the hospital that has detected a brain tumor I made this woman to have a brain tumor that this girl has made comes from Galicia that has ulcerative colitis or what it has been able to do spend a boy who comes or who has come because he has returned from the Canary Islands who has gluten intolerance is celiac is there they tell him and this for all life and it turns out that you are diagnosed in tenerife then he goes to the palms to a more specialized center and there they confirm the diagnosis and they tell him that this is for a lifetime I have made him eaten that smoked that what I have been able to do or what happens so that I can be constipated a fierce constipation a constipation of five days and sometimes up to a week that I can not go to the bathroom what has happened in my life that has happened and why I all my life has been eating such rich strawberries are great and for a year now and half twice that they did not tell me there were strawberries or that they had put strawberries in that dish where they later put apples or peaches get in contact with that peach that had previously been strawberries in that dish I had to be taken to the emergency room because I had a reaction so strong that I have an anaphylactic shock I had to I quickly went to the emergency room to get adrenaline in my vein because an edema of the glottis could leave me without air and be out of breath and produce a more serious problem this is what I give from that moment from that day the 3 of 3 of 89 is what has led me to work researching me I trained in bio school decoding of cristian fleig very well known worldwide more and more I belong I am from the first promotion of the formation that made kristian pless in the school nomadic university santé free of the year 2007 I also trained in French school iridology and I got my PhD there I also went to see and investigate and have because we put ill studied and trained me with joaquin grau doing the theory I insisted on the central coast of california at milton school erickson of regressive therapy today all my patients absolutely everyone from the first 8 o’clock in the morning to the last one had today at eight to ten approximately absolutely with all he worked the emotional issue asked them tell them what is going on in their lives to throughout the conference I will give you more details of all this because it is important to know what has happened in my life to have a stomach ulcer to have suffered a heart attack to have hypertension to be diabetic or because I have 0 and do not tell me that I have cholesterol because I smoke because as much chorizo ​​many fatty products do not and people who do not smoke and have lung cancer and people who have never tried fat and they are vegetarian and they have cholesterol and that is what happens there is something that we have to find out and that’s why I say that I’m going to look for the cause of cause and here is the solution to the problem no of the symptom the symptom is relatively easy treat it an antibiotic an antihistamine an anti-inflammatory a antacid anti anti anti anti anti without stopping to think without stopping to find out without stopping to investigate what has happened in that person so that he has lately acid and it feels all wrong lately and it comes to my mind a girl from yesterday morning told me pillar is called adding and I do not know what is it what happens but lately I feel all wrong even those meals that were very pleasant to me so far were deliciously desired by me it turns out that I feel bad and I say since when and he says to me you sumes to take more or less and I say look for you feel all bad and have heartburn and you have something burning has had to happen in your life here in the unconscious in the I tell him the fool but he is very intelligent that we have here inside the unconscious does not know how to distinguish between what which is a real thing and a virtual thing and I say tell me what dish makes you delight when you taste it is when you eat it and he says look at txumari to me when they prepare me or I become a steward of vegetables is that you can not imagine what I enjoy with them and I tell you think now is the delicious minister with her artichokes peas with her borraja with its small pieces even of potato and of the vegetables that can suppose that it happens in your pussy mouth that is effectively is making your mouth water because it’s virtually for the unconscious does not know how to distinguish between the real dish that you like and that When you see it you start to prepare the gastric juices and in the saliva it produces sap aunt lynn that’s going to do that’s where the digestion starts digestion begins in the mouth of the stomach in saliva with saliva begins digestion then tell me if it happened a month ago tell me what has happened in your life on an affective level so that Affective food that you hope you are willing to receive, there was not received and the real food feels bad to you because it’s not the one you want that you want is the cash and quickly your child comes to mind and talks to me and I am separated and a month ago that my son has gone to spend the summer with his father and he does not call me rather he calls me only to tell me that because he sent there that he does not want to be that I am a no I know how many even insulting me making mellorar affective food the emotional food extension acceptance acceptance the protection and permission you expect from your child does not have it and the unconscious what she does is a conversion and the food that she takes feels bad for her what because in reality the food that you expect and want is the other food the cash and the real I feel bad quickly understood and in sold I give you my word that before leaving the consultation he says he knows add up and that I feel much better I have come with an upset stomach and you I assure that it has disappeared normal because when we unconsciously give it conscious information that was not really taken into account the unconscious already uses your body to express to the outside what he lived in the interior it means every symptom is just the expression towards the outside of what I have lived inside of me and the physical pain is proportional to the pain that I am living here a small conflict is a small pain a great conflict is a great pain so in principle when we have a physical pain and if this is very large it will be proportional to the conflict that I am experiencing emotionally everything that we feel everything what excites us all that we live from emotion and not what we express to the outside it prints on the inside and sooner or later the body we return it with pain I would like susana if there is any ask some doubt in this sense that it was formulated to me in principle there is no doubts what they have already started is to ask good questions and questions from what kind, for example, can I read you, for example, Maria’s, miralles, says hello I would like to know the feeling of the disease of the diabetes poor circulation and black color and swelling of the legs It also has a lot to do with emotions susana yes it seems that she cut a few seconds the tele sound or the question of maría do ceo the moment we look at it we also remind the attendees today if you want you can tell us where you participate and I would like know fil so that we can also move from the perfect bati me I’m going to read the question while answering, york came from where the question is I would like to know the feeling of the disease of the diabetes, bad circulation, black color and swelling of the legs well when they are multifactorial questions I’m going to take only one the first diabetes according to a diabetes can perfectly cause to have poor circulation and poor circulation produce dark colored spots on your skin on your side dark well the sugar that is the sugar is sweetness according well then it is very important to know what happens in this person’s life You are diagnosed with a diabetes blood sugar before you go to doctor because she is not well and the doctor does an analytical and you say is diabetic what is happening so that we have diabetes to that we have diabetes has to happen the next thing that blood sugar goes and instead of going to the cell they do not enter the cell the cell like that closes to the sugar and then it condenses Concentrates in the bloodstream and by concentrating in the bloodstream when they support us when they draw blood, we obviously see that levels of Sugar blood sugar concentration are very high and then they do not say that you are diabetic the normal thing in every country can vary I traveled a lot and obviously in each country changes a little the Numbering here in Spain is usually normal between 180 and 120 between 80 and 120 of agreement then there is one let’s say a parameter that we would obviously be within normality and what is it that occurs a person who at a given time in life is diagnosed sugar can be many things not many I mean can not be 50 can be several things rather said properly speaking but They are mainly people who for whatever reason they have difficulty for sweetness to love it’s like they do not open like that they do not let love enter the sweetness in their lives and how the repeated several times previously as the unconscious does not know how to distinguish between what is real and what is and what is virtual evidently my unconscious makes me as I am not sweet as I am not affectionate as I’m not welcoming as he did not let love enter the sweetness in my life my unconscious makes sure there will not be the cell of my body so that be sugar be consumed by the cell apart from that then this cell has that burning that sugar creates lactic acid then this one has to be eliminated by the kidney by sweat in the urine by even the stool etcetera and this is what makes in a moment determined we can have a diabetes which can be another reason I may be living a situation in which I’m afraid of the future and I’m going to have to book, I’m going to have to have energy because sugar is energy then not to spend it I do not want to consume it and this could transfer it to my life I want to spend money I do not want to spend on food I do not want spend on because I do not know if I’ll have I do not know if I’ll in the future be able to to dispose of that then what I do kept and the body does the same on unconscious what it does is save the sugar accumulate sugar because it is the energy that at a certain time and I will have available in case I I need agreement this may be another cause that I I could have in my life to be able at a certain moment without eating it without drinking it without doing anything without having eaten every day chocolate cake sweet ice cream and so on I do not like sugar anymore well they are choi of salty things and nevertheless I have detected a diabetes susana because if I’m not wrong I wrote them from Spain, it’s perfect very well some other question yes yes the truth that people are cheering very much chomalí I have to say what you have to thank you for all its participation that is constant besides that the conference Maria Consuelo Valera also from Spain tells us a tumor in the right part very close of the year with a very fast growth currently very bulky has my dog ​​is related to me thank you if in principle the animals at the end when they have long with humans get to have the same diseases that they suffer from sympathy is for fidelity to express affection and affection the relationship that can be established with a animal well the anus is my identity I can explain you dear dear viewer who has had only one case rather had two cases of tumor in the anus but only one I have managed to deal with because the other person evidently faced with a situation like that, they opt for other alternatives such as surgical chemotherapy et cetera et cetera sometimes also in parallel they can be perfectly treated with medicine alternative and the medicine of social security or a center hospital and surgical is fine I’ll tell you a little story of how it was detected how this lady was produced this tumor in the anus and after the answer to what your dog could have lived according to a woman to the consultation with a tumor in the diagnosed anus have told him about me and she decides in parallel with her doctor to treat me and I tell her that to cure that tumor in the anus you should know what has happened in your life for that tumor to occur and well the anus is my identity is the place where I feel the place that I occupy in Niland the rank that I have of brotherhood in my family in my clan in my tribe in me what I can be living around me then giving these little explanations went on to explain the event triggering the tumor from another this lady I tell her when it started to be taken into account that there was something is in his part of the cno that bothered him well now about then it will be about six months would possibly be after Christmas more or least when I started noticing the first symptoms and he tells me and and to the doctor I had to go to February I say very well tell me what very dramatic dramatic event unexpected I did not expect him to live in solitude that did not share it and also not find satisfactory solution for you I did not find dramatic very unexpected dramatic comes suddenly u unexpected dramatic smoke that lives it in solitude that does not share what does not tell anyone and also not find satisfactory solution for you and it has to be if you tell me that after Christmas was at Christmas is a little before Christmas around of Christmas because in February he had to go to the doctor because he had and something that obviously bothered him and that he wanted to be seen by a specialist and tells me the following story she is a single older lady and has a sister they do not have more than she and her sister until a year or a year and a half ago they lived with their mother but the very old mother died she is 70 years old and says she has a sister that martizes her that humiliates her that treats her fatally but so much is so she has a house across the street but she never sleeps in her house because she is afraid she does not want to be alone and pays a very high price but he has to be with his sister and put up with all his slights all his bad faces all their sometimes sneers of agreement and arrives the day of poinsettia and it turns out that all the remains of the family apart from the mother cousins ​​nephews and others they make a dinner that in total is 11 and she would be for whatever reason day December 24 very marked day it turns out that it is a little late and He arrives at his sister’s house. He knocks on the door and he sees that they are all sitting in his chair the 11th commensal better said ten diners were sitting on the table and missing a chair missing this woman’s chair this Mr./Mrs. the bioshock the torpedo the bomb so tremendous that she felt that swallowed that he did not say that he lived dramatically that I caught him that caught him from unexpected He also did not tell anyone because who is he going to tell that the day of poinsettia goes to her sister’s house with whom she lives daily and sees that to her they had not put a chair on who is going to tell that they can not tell anyone a humiliation is a very ugly thing I do not have my place in my environment I do not have my place in my family I do not have my place I do not know where I am I do not have an identity I do not know where to sit this was the trigger of this woman’s tumor in the anus in relation to the girl who tells me that she has a dog with a tumor in the I’m going to let my imagination fly I do not know if you travel a lot lately or do not travel you have to leave the dog with Some other person I do not know if he changed their place if before allowed him to sleep with you or let him enter your room and now you do not leave him and put him to sleep somewhere else or changed places where he usually sleeps do not forget something anciently hundreds of thousands of years ago men and women nomadic women the first thing they did was to let go of first night to the dogs and the animals and let them know where they were going to sleep and especially where they sleep a dog they removed it and they were where they slept them because they knew it was the healthiest place geo biologically less altered where there was no crossing of harman lines or where there were no waters of underground streams that was the most biologically healthy to be able to sleep and then build his house in his hut and then allow the dog enter with them in the house however never never sleep together ever rest where a cat sleeps, a cat goes to search the grounds geologically altered is going to look for the faults to look for the underground currents going to look for the areas where there are more electromagnetic fields because now everything likes the perverse energies the negative energies in this sense loves these places so you never have to sleep where I sleep a cat and if where a dog does in fact you will see that when you are sick your head hurts or the gut or have serious problems in the feet the cat will go and they will be put either on the sofa on the head or on the sofa in the gut or in the bed next to the feet where they have the curious disease surprise does not believe in truth now yes yes now because they have realized that they actually had a neighbor’s cat a sister-in-law and curiously slept so true is that animals do not have much to teach why do not you ever sleep where a cat sleeps other things than the cat benidorm and where you sleep but not where he unconsciously chooses that place the cat to sleep does not sleep and eve jesse totally of the dogs where they sleep because that place I assure you that it is incredibly healthy to sleep to the point that you suppose you have heard a lot about the Templars who had not been very well acquainted with the effects of the faults and geological alterations of the terrain built their temples about this kind of failures about this kind of places why because when entering the temple would do or would think or believe that that that feels there was the presence of god the presence of christ the presence of the highest to such an extent that in a book that we were investigating raul of the rose and me that you can put raúl of the rose and you will see there the number of books you have on these topics here in Spain is possibly the greatest expert we have in fields electromagnetic is he the expert who was hired by the City Hall of San Sebastian which is the first city in Spain that has a Geological map of altered lands in areas where more fields electromagnetic there is san sebastián san sebastián here in Spain agreement then I repeat the templars they even built their temples and when there was not this kind of failure when there was not this type of mail underground when there was not this type of line crossing harman they did artificially so that the same effect would occur and continue thinking that come by the presence of god, this you can investigate and look at internet on youtube wikipedia putting this type of messages of type of word and you can perfectly investigate more about this so in principle I think I could have finished answering the girl is with the dog your dog at the end all dogs all companion animals come to suffer come to have the diseases of the owner of his master because fidelity for fidelity we gave for fidelity to the who cares that this also happens with people I have dozens of cases and dozens of cases where the mother has had a skin problem in the legs and then a son has suffered that problem to tell mom look I also love you so much that I’m capable of unconsciously suffering from having the same disease as you so that you can see what I love you to the point that I am also capable of Unconsciously producing this does not surprise us when you hear me say this because it is possible that it’s the first time I heard it from now on you will see how not well your know that we have then we have another question from rosana Mancinelli from Argentina says thanks to his mother the falls or accidents have emotional causes I also fall down rompuy the septum the upper lip a loose tooth left start before a week I recover my skin quickly its aesthetics the doctor I can not believe that the blow will not displace the bone of the nose and the tooth did not lose it and will recover I know that my mind was in the past and I was angry I know very well it’s a very obviously very particular case and what you would have to think ask for that the difficulty of giving a lecture on the emotional origin of the diseases and not having the person live to do it and point things out I would need to know and I will give an example and then answered this girl from argentina

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