• Kugan’s little bum pal Eddie Hearn reporting the Facebook group what a bunch of wankers, they don’t want proper boxing people together…

  • In memory of the page. Did everyone just smile at David Price victory? Literally just demolished Dave Allen. Same way Yoka and Ortiz dismantled him.

  • Facebook group has gone down. Likely someone has shared a stream on there and he's had his account blocked.

  • I want Whyte, but Rivas looks so powerful he could end thing quickly. P.S look at those women my goodness.

  • This is definitely going to be a war, as they both like going toe to toe! Should be an interesting one! I’ll say Dillian Whyte in the ninth or tenth round! 🥊🥊🥊

  • Hatman, stop beating around the bush. These bodybuilder boxers are not just lifters….. It's likely they're steroid masters too.

  • Whyte fought dirty against Parker, dazed him for several rounds with a terrible headbutt and still needed the ref's help to survive the last round. It wasn't a clean win. Of course Whyte may again be lucky, but hoping, that nothing out of the order happens, my money's on Rivas

  • Andy Ruiz weighed in at 19+ stone bs Joshua so I don’t think the weight is a big factor because it’s not muscle there carrying more so fat, Rivas would of lost to Jennings if he didn’t get that knockout and Whyte is a completely different kettle of fish compared to Jennings, whytes guna hurt Rivas and put him to bed 🤤😴💥🥊 round 6

  • He was 254 on scale, they anounced it wrong.Also take into consideration that Whyte had skinny legs at the start of his career even to the AJ fight.He has gotten nuch stronger in the legs department these days and his upper body is actually more trimmed.The total weight is around 250 but his body has changed visually. There is more balance in size between the upper and lower body of his.

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