dillian whyte vs oscar rivas Highlights + KD

before giving white of course stop by Anthony Joshua trouble by Dereck Chisora times and late on against Joseph Parker ladies outside Emily as an amateur we'll try text another body shot him back into the pocket reverse the Athenians with a nice try upstairs the laptop burritos but these has been a good hopefully rounder waivers very purposeful he's taught to send the ring his back boy behind the jab and his looks he's a very thing just for that right hands double jab there's the right hand by white throwing that double jab you see what he does he sets up the distance with it and you see we must kind of those double hop on one leg usually a sign that you kind of heard you kind of felt the shot and that was a you know he did well that's all ready for the show he kept his hands up and he slipped the rolled about the way Thunder the show's a long time is around and that's what I'm saying Mattie the pedigree their shows not just a new experience in other words breathing he wants to keep it all nice and simple but you know in here why he also lost a bit of fun in that isn't it he wants to entertain and I was a lovely short upper but there on the inside the Dillion was that a good left October left off head up buddy the best rant Indians had for a while even though he couldn't control that was a big Randy one that emphatically and and even I thought and rivers a couple of times and yet in the poor in the round tonight out you got a guy totally in control kind of comes in real age and then all of a submarine [Applause] they really took over there one rail is really nice he we're gonna set the power of white made a difference in round two but for me was also the fact that he came out you were much more busy with that jab and he set up the big right hand right into the Sun right in the center ring somebody robbed from White's after the the corrected stance and start over you

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