Dyl away defeats Oscar Rivas via a 12-round unanimous decision to become the interim WBC world heavyweight champion and effectively the mandatory challenger for Deontay Wilder at the moment and whoever holds the WBC belt by the start of next year he'll be mandatory for them now let's talk about the fight the way it went down as I talked about in my preview Oscar Rivas has a very good jab very fast hard jab and I did anticipate it will come out early and then the most difficult rounds for Dylan white we're gonna be you know early on and we kind of did see that but Dylan white got Rivas under control quicker than I expected because the first round I think that was a Reeve a strong you know came out real strong was going for big right hands over the top was setting things up very nicely with his jab and the commentators were very good to pick up on the fact that Rivas is somebody who doesn't vary the power and the speed of his shots he just throws out 100 mile-an-hour every time I talked pre fight at nauseam really about the fact that for me Reeve asses too muscular for a guy of his height because when you look at his physique you can tell that that is not his natural muscularity yeah he probably puts on at least 10 pounds maybe 1520 pounds of extra muscle through staying in the weights room all the time and I feel like that hinders in it makes him tight it makes him get tired more quickly and again he never relaxes his body he's always a hundred-mile-an-hour intense and her putting everything into every shot that he throws this all hinders his stamina the that was for later on in the fight that in the second round Rivas came out very aggressive like he did in the first but Dylan white managed to catch him with a right hand they're hot Oscar Rivas as far as I'm aware for the first time in his career and that right hand right there calmed Oscar Rivas right down yeah because up until that point he was very enthusiastically pursuing Dylan white and trying to take his head off with big overhand rights and left hooks but once Dylan white hurt him in that second round Revis was a lot more circumspect in his attacks he was still coming forward and applying pressure but that punch right there gave Dylan white the the cushion that he needed to be able to box a more comfortable fight and this is why you know I've had some debates in the past with people who say that punch in power is not really that important in boxing punch in power is one of the most important things in boxing particularly in their heavyweight division I mean punching power is not everything of course but when you've got punch in power you can establish respect you can establish some ground rules you know it's like training a dog and that's what Dylan Wyatt was doing in there with Revis he was laying down some ground rules in that second round and after the second round Revis understood what the rules were yeah the you can't just come in and do whatever the hell you want you gotta have a certain amount of respect and Revis did have the respect for Dylan white after that second round then a white got into a boxing rhythm and you know one of the strange things about Dylan white is that he's a very languid fighter so he looks extremely loose and almost too relaxed the way he moves around a ring that's just the way his body is you know just made he's just a very relaxed looking kind of guy you know his limbs are almost like spaghetti looking in terms of how how relaxed then and loose they are but and he also looks quite slow Dylan went most of the time his feet looked slow and a lot his punches looked slow but whenever he throws that left hook it comes with tremendous speed it's the most random thing because generally Dilla White's movements are not very fast but never somebody attacks him on his left side that left hook comes out like a flipping bully it's unbelievably fast so he is a hell of a dangerous shot at Villa white left hook he's got a natural aptitude for it we saw that ever since the AJ fight but he's been developing it and developing it and developing it to the point where now it really is quite a lethal weapon therefore could dil awaits for the most part Oscar Revis was able to block it and stay away but Dylan was doing real nice work to the body really living up to the Body Snatcher Monica by going to reverse his buddy putting combinations together the jab of course of Dylan Wyatt was his bread-and-butter in this fight controlled the range in the distance and all that kind of business got Oscar Revis under control with the punching power to establish respect and just as it seemed as though he was gonna coast to a fairly a fairly routine kind of 12 round points decision then he ends up getting himself clipped in was it dad was a ninth round what round was it a little way good drop was in the name the name and that's round yeah Dylan Wyatt got clipped in that round by an uppercut and then the follow-up left so Dylan White's body actually sent him to the canvas I think it was a situation where Dylan wasn't actually as her as he seemed at the time because when I saw her on the replay Dylan's legs were all crossed up and he was against the ropes where you're not gonna have the best balance and he got hit with the uppercut which certainly buzzed him but a left hook to the body like kind of carried him over look it was a legit knockdown but I don't think Dylan why it was as badly her as it seemed watching it live when you watch it back on replay you realize actually he wasn't really that badly hurt he had his faculties about him and again because Dylan Wyatt has got this real just loose look to his arms and legs sometimes he can look more hurt than he actually is in certain situations and that's how I think that's why I think the case was in that knife round when he got dropped by Rivas he got up he you know survived the follow-up punches from Oscar Rivas and came out in the next round and dominated I really dominated the rest of the fight Rivas to his credit was being g'd up by his corner they were really frustrated and they were trying to pump him up and saying come on go out there an attack it nearly paid off for him in that night for him when he's good the knockdown but after that again after the ninth he tried his best but he just didn't have it in the gas tank and again there were people who are questioning my judgment when I was saying that Rivas carries too much muscle mass for a guy of his height now you see why well hopefully now you see why I know that there are other weaknesses the Oscar Rivas has it's not just his excess muscle mass but I do think that that is the biggest factor in terms of in terms of negatively affecting his stamina his Oscar Rivas carrying too much muscle too much time in the weights room he needs to spend less time in the weight room more time in the ring you know hitting the pads doing the the footwork drills practicing the upper body movement and to be fair oscar us as a guy who doesn't really normally move his head much in this fight he moved his head way better than I've ever seen him in previous fights he's normally quite stationary with the head in this fight he was bobbing and weaving quite well and you know managing to get underneath a lot of Dilla Wyatt's punches so that was an improvement – Oscar Rivas made here and his jab was still a factor Adal midway through to fight the jab kind of faded out a bit from Oscar Rivas you know he really needed that night frowned to pick him back up but aside from that rat night round the late rounds were really all Dillon white you know so yeah good performance from Dillon white I thought he would win the fight on points that's the the verdict I went with when the fight was originally made and as you know the same one I ended up with and that's what he did he won the fight on points a pretty similar fight to why I was expecting I did expect some rocky moments in there for Dillon because of the fact that Rivas is so intense and explosive yeah Revis throws fast hard shots and at some stage it felt like Dylan's gonna have to get clipped at some point by this guy cuz he's very fast and you know froze the hard shots but Dylan Wyatt's punching power and his boxing skill were enough to see him posture and his experience you know Oscar Rivas although he was a good amateur as a professional other than the brand Jennings fight he'd never really been in a tough fight and I think maybe from a psychological point of view he'd maybe gone a bit soft up there in Canada you know mostly having easy fights because Dylan white is battle-hardened yeah he's been through so many wars that when he gets in a fight and gets punched in the mouth hard it all gets dropped Dylan's not panicking like Dylan's not losing confidence when he's in there and and somebody hits him in the mouth and blood eases his lip or blood ease his nose he don't you don't lose confidence from that cuz he's been in that situation many times before cuz he's been in all these tough fights or as Oscar Rivas when he got hurt in that second round he did lose a lot of confidence you know and again I think that is the difference in terms of the quality of opposition therefore as professionals obviously Oscar Rivas fought much better our position as an amateur but in a much higher level that was a long time ago in the pros didn't why is that a tougher fights and that has prepared him not only technically and and physically but mentally is prepared him and that helped him get through his fight and pick up the well-deserved you D workman lack performers from Dylan white nice exchanges here and there there was some exciting mom it was probably the best fight of the night for me was Dylan Wyatt vs. Oscar Rivas there was some decent fights on the undercard and by the way if you're talking about a card overall it wasn't as good as I was hoping it would be and I expected it to be but it swings and roundabouts because with the Anthony Joshua and E Ruiz show I wasn't really excited for the undercard in fact I you know told you guys prior to that show that other than the main event AJ versus Ruiz I wasn't really looking forward to anything else on that show but the way it turned out it was actually a really good card and the main event was even more dramatic than I expected it to be this show was kind of a little bit the opposite where I expected a lot more from this show than the AG really show but it probably delivered a bit less yeah there was nothing really massively shocking or or dramatic or anything like that I mean you know David Price did his thing but it wasn't a particularly dramatic fight the directions were a knockout the Spill car mean I expected him to beat spelke and probably not spill cow it just happened sooner than I expected the bilam Smith react poor fight you know never really quote fired the way I had hoped it would you know there was a lot of holding and stuff like that in there from react poll which kind of made it a scrappy affair rather than being something as dramatic as it could have been but yeah the Dillon white versus was Oscar Rivas fight I feel like was the best fight on the card again it wasn't as good as Dillon White's fight against Joseph Parker it wasn't even as good as his fight certainly no his first fight against Eric shizuru but it's been a decent fight yeah that wasn't a bad heavyweight scrap at all there was moments of drama and Dylan white shows why he's a reliable source of entertainment for British boxing fans he turned up to a deal and Wyatt's show and you're gonna get some entertainment you know even if the undercard like today didn't deliver to the extent that we might have hoped the main event pretty much did deliver yeah it was a nice solid main event nice performance by Dylan white it was disappointing to see older empty seats in the arena because when white for Joseph Parker when white for Chisora hardly any empty seats but this time around I mean loads of empty seats in the arena so definitely disappointing when it come to the ticket sales I suspect it's gonna be disappointing when it comes to the pay-per-view sales – and I'm spoken about why I think that is I mean I know there's a combination of factors any one thing but I do think that AJ losing to her wheeze took a lot of energy out of the British boxing scene and I have the British boxing casual fans you know and I think that's had a knock-on effect and that's why a lot of these shows are kind of suffering a bit now so yeah onwards and upwards for Dillon white he finally gets his shot he's the interim WBC champion will he fight again later on this year you see now that his interim champion it makes no sense to go into a real tough fight before he fights for the full WV seat belt it makes no sense because as interim champion rather than just the standard mandatory you get a better percentage split that a standard mandatory would get your standard manage here I think it's like 20% 25% something like that depended on the sanctioning body or as an interim champ is gonna get a much higher percentage I think it might be like 40 percent or something like that 30 40 percent that they get so yeah Delaware is gonna love to get 30 40 percent against whoever holds the WBC belt by early next year whether it's Luis Ortiz do you want a while the rotation fury he's gonna love to get 40% against them you know so we'll see how it goes for Dylan let me know what you guys felt about his performance in the comments below was it a fight you expected do it did you expect more from Revis did you expect less from Revis did you expect more or less from Dylan let me know what you guys think in the comments I'm out join me on patreon I upload a minimum of two podcasts every single week covering a wide variety of controversial topics as well as live stream Q&A sessions take a look on screen right now as some of the podcasts are produced so far for just three dollars a 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  • Whyte surprised me with his boxing. I always thought of him as just a brawler. His body shots were huge. I'm a bigger fan of both whyte and rivas after this fight. Rivas showed an iron chin.

  • Dillian has completely won me over, I'm a massive fan now, with the people he's beating,he's arguably number one, you don't see fury or wilder fighting opposition like he has!, The AJ fight would be massive now, hopefully Whyte gets chance to land that big left on Wilders chin👊

  • rivas dosent have alot of names on his record, dillain has fort alot of top contenders now. hardest working boxer in terms of fights in the heavyweight devison dillain is. most of the others have all been fighting poor quality aponents

  • Whyte needs to pump his breaks he was supposed to look flawless against I guy he cherry picked if this was ortiz it would have been night night lol

  • I think when Rivas goes down with muscle he will not be able to compete with the big guys. he might be faster but will he have the power? IN the amateurs he didnt look quite as muscular and more skilled somehow

  • I was completely wrong on this one…. I thought Rivas would push Whyte to the limit because of his engine until he knocks whyte out. But Respect to Whyte. Very good punch selection in this one and with good effective shots he was able to nearly avoid the danger Rivas what is the straight right and left combi. Whyte looks some kind of loose (you name it)almost shaky some time but his punch output is good he is always aware of the well choosen punches. Rivas for me had no good game plan. He was coming foreward always with the same pace ( like in the jennings round 1-11)and after the first round here his punches simply were shiftless sometimes, good uppercut but thats it. Most definitly too much muscle soaking up the energy, when you have to be quicker than your opponent

  • Hatman you are spot on too much muscle needs additional oxygen to function..This would affect stamina levels. Lactic acid builds up in muscle over long duration. Big muscles are explosive for sprint duration not for a 12 round Marathon

  • I appreciate your videos but stop saying that Oscar spends a lot of time lifting weights. I can assure you he does NOT. He is a naturally muscular guy. guy.

  • Rivas underestimated Whyte, far too gung ho, and paid the price in the second round with a stunning shot. He took about 6 rounds to recover from that properly, then it was too late, not a great deal in it, but Rivas could have done better if he wasn't so disrespectful. Dillian looks better every time I see him. The so called top 3 should all be worried now.

  • Rivas’s work rate is too low.whyte just more experience.superior fighter. rivas hits very hard wobbled whyte with a big overhand. Good fight.

  • No disrespect but Whyte vs Wilder is a cherry pick I seen that fight with Whyte vs dude n dude looked scared after he almost got knocked out in the third round or second…. Wilder in 3 or less watch n mark my words Whyte slow asf

  • Bro again with the muscle talk?? Look I weight lift but I also do plenty of cardio, ,so I know it is possible to be muscular with great cardio. Sure I know that I would be more cut if I ignore my cardio, but that would be the dumbest possible decision for a boxer to do to forego his health and weaken himself and his chances ,just for a look. He would have to be retarded.

  • Dillian Whyte only went 600 days because Hearn never really pushed for the fight because he wanted to set up the undisputed fight with AJ and Wilder that was his focus

  • Great fantastic superb performance by Whyte, Pity Rivas didn’t turn up, 🤔 Christ I’ve turned into Adam ‘peewee Herman’ smith and Matthew ‘yes sir boss guv whatever you say so long as you pay me macklin 🤬🤬🤬 domination my arse

  • I was there and the arena was basically sold out, as soon as he got the decision people started leaving.

  • Hatman I've followed you for around 5 years, you are a credit to UK boxing on YouTube , kudos to you

  • Can see Eddie throwing Price in with Rivas next 😆, whatever happens I would love to see him fighting back on these shores again

  • Good result for whyte , wasn't an amazing performance but whyte keeps getting these wins against very decent opposition , his confidence must be skyrocketing right now , let's hope we get see whyte vs wilder/fury winner sooner rather than later

  • I always though Whyte was overrated and this confirms it, he's an over hyped matchroom B level fighter. Come on almost KO'ed bythis journeyman Rivas ? Wilder will KO Whyte the fcuk out.

  • Whyte looked tired and slow to me right from the off.rivas was knackered after throwing combos so whyte was able to deal with him and whyte jab was very evident in this fight.rivas looks like a blown up cruiserweight but he can punch.i didn't like how the referee was getting involved esp in the 12 round.

  • I enjoyed the Whyte fight. He always puts on a good show. That was worth the £20 PPV. The rest of the card was poor.

    The Allen Price fight was just bizarre. I don’t know what Allen was doing, he barely did anything in there.

    Hearn said there were 13,000 in there, the bottom tier was sold out according to him. Don’t forget some people come for one fight then leave. I’ve seen it at shows myself. I’ve seen people get up and walk out after the fight before the chief support. I think the PPV numbers won’t be the 400,000 Whyte has been doing recently. I think it’ll be 250 – 300 thousand.

    But I’d like to see him fight a Hughie Fury. A decent fight but not one where he’s going to be in too much danger.

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