Dillian Whyte Out Boxes & Defeats Oscar Rivas via UD | Full Fight Reaction!!!

make sure you check out responsible to health place all the information is in the description used to promo code above good for the one boxing 18% off of all day natural products from Yoda ring pomade to person much much more and have additional discounts on their website as well as to help ladies calm starting December 2005 promo codes good for eighty percent off we go alright man daily and white one and you wide unanimous decision least on one scorecard against Oscar revisiting was 116 111 with a knockdown and 115 was it 113 I think it was but back good fella's sports TV no robbery here have other Delian white did enough to win comfortably Oscar Revis just he couldn't if I had cut the ring off on dealing in white or slip the jab he had no lateral movement he was just got to come forward and punching he threw one job at a time he didn't know how to handle dealing in white jab he couldn't handle Daniel DeLeon white lateral movement he deserved to lose tonight alright he got looking in looking at though one or two or three punches if that and then he backs off even when he couldn't finish or tie up on the inside there or Indian running combinations again he just knocked that good of a offensive fighter he really wanted to mention on Denny and white took him to school and didn't even white was double triple and jabbed and once-daily and I figured that Oscar Revis didn't have nothing for that jab no lateral movement he didn't step he didn't step away from the jab and then and then you know try to you know shoot his right hand or he didn't try to time the jab and counter it and you know he just lacked lateral movement he liked versatility and Oscar Revis you know he lacked the jab he had a really good strong little pakalolo popping jab but he only do it once and he just watching that guy frustrated me tonight because he left a lot on the table tonight you know I'm saying and you know dealing and why did he posed to do he was going those awkward uppercuts and over here right and making Oscar Treves reset with his jab and he was hitting them with body shots Rios was hitting their body shots marieve is you know coming through the front door he need to know how to cut that ring off and make Dillian white go the way he don't want to go dealing white circling to his left step to his left drop the left hook to the body and didn't step over with the right hand alright I mean he didn't do none of that bro he didn't use his jab to try to take away Billy and white jab he didn't try to counter Dillion white jab he didn't I billion white just in the first four rounds for sure the only white dominate those first four rounds man and he was he hit he landed enough impact jet punches but a lot of times early in the first six rounds of that fight Dillion white or white jab won that round he were landing one or two impactful punches and he seemed like he just ran away with the round you know I story was really didn't start cooking into the second half of the fight but he really he was just simmering he never really turned up other when he dropped dilly and white and tried to finish his job and I think he dropped it with a right uppercut well he just never could figure out how to stop Jillian by a jab and let her move me and had he fought a guy like Tyson Fury Deontay Wilder Oscar Rivas wouldn't want to sleep point-blank period ain't nothing other than that and he hurt dilly and white and dilly and why he don't pack a big punch but dilly and white did enough to win he used his height advantage I assumed that he might have a reach advantage and he did what he did he gritty he tough when he gutted it out and now he the WBC interm title holdren and Paula Martin eyes let me say this about part of my night problem on IG need to stay overseas bright Paulie Malignaggi is a UK fanatic alright and I'm gonna keep it G G ready part of my knowledge II don't need to come back to this country alright Real Talk we don't want to start a petition for partly to get off Showtime brings Harbour primorye Jones over there Paulie Malignaggi is not for the United States all right pull of my notch is over there saying oh you're new nigger first manager doing Wi-Fi to anybody why didn't he fight Luis Ortiz name why didn't fight dominate Brazil in December Luis Ortiz and Jaime was July he would have had his his fight with Deontay Wilder already did part of my Nagi is a scumbag pulling my knowledge he's a crybaby you gotta got beat up by our economy Gregor beat him burning up cuz we should been appalling Malignaggi from the United States boxing real talk from talking on it from speaking on it he is committing treason man he trying to you know he'll he a closet British boxing fan but then he try to have like heal us boxing fan I don't fuck the party man or you know what he's a great a bitch alright that's just what it is but congratulations billion white he won a fight fair and square but he's going to sleep worse Deontay Wilder didn't even gonna go for five rounds he going to sleep point-blank period he not gonna be able to find a bike back for like he did versus uh Oscar Rivas well he not gonna be able to fight like he did Joseph Parker this at six seven guy with tremendous amount of speed a good job and I think if he is gonna be water it's gonna start with a lot of body work is gonna start with him establish his jab and maybe he can bait water to be on the front foot and then try to counter him or something but he don't got the power he got the body punch and he got the toughness and the grit but he just don't have the skills to be Deontay Wilder I don't believe I don't think he got the skills to beat Tyson Fury needs and I Luis Ortiz I think he might be a decent fighter I'm kind of I don't know he might get him low-key but the top two I think honey he got a chance but congratulations he definitely won that decision tonight wasn't no food from stuff man going on Goodfellas sports TV don't forget check out our sponsor hell place to 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  • Who the hell is wilder to tell whyte who to fight? He’s a fighter and a champion and should act like one and fight the best challengers and whyte has been number 1 for 2 years. So you wilder nut huggers need to stop with your BS

  • Whyte is good just needs to work on stamina and his jab is underrated … far as him fighting Wilder why should he have to jump hurdles for a fight when fury or ortiz didnt the dude been in position for a fight for a min paulie just be speaking facts bro

  • Tyson Fury knocks out a fucking novice and now all of a sudden he would’ve stopped Rivas had he been in there lol. Now I don’t think you’re a Spence hater, but you just don’t like Whyte when IMO his resume is as good or better than Wilders. Keep it real, all Wilder has is the forgotten champ Stivern and MFing Ortiz-the so called boogieman that’s never won and type of title. Ortiz is going to retire off a career winning fight vs Jennings-nuff fucking said.

  • The WBC tried to force a Whyte vs Fury fight and Fury called him a bum and refused to fight him-nobody brings it up. So called boxing fans act like Breazeale didn’t pull out the Whyte fight in order to face Wilder! Why the fuck fans acting like Breazeale didn’t pull out to face Wilder and Fury recently refused to fight him. The fucking WBC tried to enforce the shit and all these dudes know this shit but keep hating. Why the fuck y’all keep bringing up Ortiz name like him or his teams word means anything. Whyte says they tried to fight Ortiz-Ortiz says something else-y’all don’t know neither one and just ride with Ortiz. Ortiz hasn’t done a got damn thing but beat Jennings and get beat up by Wilder and y’all keep bringing his name up. Just keep shit a BUCK when you’re reporting it-stop hating bruh. Then you try and say this dude took the easy road lol

  • CJ, so I guess you don’t remember Whyte vs Breazeale being canceled because the fight was offered to Wilder? Breazeale pulled out of the Whyte fight so he can fight Wilder bruh. The WBC made Whyte vs Fury eliminator or something and Fury public called him a bum and refused to fight him. You know all this shit and just refuse to tell it like it is over MFing Wilder????? Last but not least ain’t nobody believing what the tuck team Ortiz talking bout. Homie failed multiple drug test and his team was lying about the AJ negotiations.

  • Overall, a disciplined and mature performance from dillian. He keeps improving. I was concerned about the added weight but he was obviously in good shape to recover as he did. The big improvement Dillian made was he used his jab like he has never shown. He also stayed disciplined and didnt stay in the pocket too long for the most part. He also did a good job staying offf the rooms mostly. He got in trouble when he got relaxed, got off the jab and let Rivas walk in to close the distance. The one thing that threw me off is Dillian kept reaching randomly with ill advised uppercuts from long range. That was what Rivas should have tried to time. The added weight obviously affected Dillian's fluidity and coordination though. His shots were not nearly as fluid, crisp, compact and short as the Chisora fight when he was in the mid 240s. He needs to keep his weight there and the same jab. He alsoused much more variation in the velocity/intensity of his shots than normal. He has earned his title shot and top 5 in the world ranking. He is obviously building his boxing I.Q, and was in shape despite the extra weight, but wilder is still the 1 man i dont see him beating.

  • Now he's officially the mandatory, hearns acted like he been the mandatory. Now you'll get a chance to get knocked the fuck out, cause that's what's going to happen. Who want bet🤔🤔 BOMB SQUAD

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