Dillian Whyte Full Post-Fight Press Conference – Dillian Whyte v Oscar Riva

getting on another great performance from Dillion white beating Oscar Rivas for the WBC entering world title now the mandatory challenger for the WBC world title / – people lovely people for questions I know nothing surprises me inbox him and I've been around a minute no nothing surprises me in boxing you know these judges so many judges are crazy I see you know you guys Preston he wasn't landing much you know I was miss out of the big punches misses had my guard up and so far the boxing man you get the win you move on you just were in it you know yeah yeah I am I am but that's a while away you know we're gonna look what's Nixon obviously I speak to my my name in the right my team and see we will go next what we do Co one would be busy you know I want to fight I just live with I would like to fight four or five times a year but I can't unfortunately so I want to be a beast – three fights a year you know getting on a bit now so I wanna be busy yes good fight you know saving for bottom before you know top on which I've been boxing for over twenty twenty years you know hundreds and hundreds of amateur fights 26 I know you know it's beat beat top guys be under a raised pool if all these guys I knew was gonna be tough and it was gonna be difficult he was strong he were fingers a bit to say that we kept in general bombs from early you know I mean I'm not I'm not experienced in what is but I'm not I'm not I'm not fresh eating I mean so I know I look after myself one or two to get around the ring you know I know to be offensive defensive at the same time you know and early doors I picked him off clean but you know but he was tough he was brave he was sharp as strong as well by expecting a train but I prepare for that you know – finally refer to me again to dig someone up Luis I think no one would begrudge Dillian slightly easier fight in October November December I mean he's had a hell of a run that's a stupid question I'm shocked – you're so Christian either go Gareth I'll be honest – this stage you might be you yeah I'd say that so I love people paid to see them care of babies getting work tip so that I mean I know that they're Italian or be skeptical about you know the timing but one thing is set in stone he's now a mandatory challenger so now it's our job job of the teams to keep the pressure on and really one fight I believe in November December and then have Christmas and then he's having a camera for the world title basically whoever that world title comes when it's supposed to which is at the end of the year from the other mandatory or whether we have to might wait an extra couple of weeks or months really not the end of the world what we know now is there he will be getting a shot at the world up we're not gonna just jump into we need a proper camp we need to trip up we need to be strategic in I mean no I'm I'm not some second you know I mean I'm number one for a reason and I keep proving so they're gonna come to us correct he was proper time to prepare you know what you know we need time to prepare with someone cause you know the until what as long as rangy when he times it we're not gonna go into a fight for we know as you know know when the proper time to appear and gave a thing done properly and correctly you know easy I wasn't I wasn't mean to her you know my coach always said to me when you're moving along the ropes don't cross your leg but I learned the hard way today you know me really system II do don't cross your legs you know like like slide and glide and sup present Legba I'll turn a couple of distance quick enough what man just cross my leg back up in again you know why wasn't her I was strong yeah yeah I got pushed over by his boxing whatever whatever gets in not do it you know I mean you know but I wasn't I got back up on her foot I won the rest of the round and I want everyone after that no sitting no no no you're gonna see top-level boxing as I don't know you know you guys they decided for top 10 top 10 guys – 5 16 not just guys have been a top 10 for 6 months I've been a top 10 for years Elena's was in the top 10 for how many years you know Brown are these guys you know yeah Paco's world champion the fact before me Lucas Brown was real champion you know I'm Derrick sasural you know me there was a tough top contender you know I mean and then now move us so you guys decide man I'm tired of you know you guys you know when I play a controller guy was very experienced with what's it longer than me you know I boxed him hurt him you know got up from a knockdown you know you know I I don't my think so you guys decide where you go yeah yeah I said my nature you know I'm a junkyard dog fur and fur I won't have a scrap but we know important that's why it is in our not said times really difficult you know miss camp we've been the hardest camp I've had mentally not so much physically if there's been a lot of things going on and you know there's stuff for their belts and in mandatories in this end you have on lots of other things going on and stuff you know like I came here today I've been to a farm my gloves they gave my glove to an undercard fire I was like what the hell is this you know I you know there's a lot of things that go on but this is this is high level boxing these things happen no no no this is about this weapon at top-level boxing missings up and you have to be a professional and distrain stay chuni even any arm for I was going to have a shock defeat I say is it if you said yeah then you may have a shock defeat like like Josh or whatever but when I suppose I'll just selling you know no I like them things all not in things I like I like I'm glad I'm glad that is lat and he says finger because that just make me say you know fuck this guy I'm gonna show him what I can do [Applause] not in a bad way that's my mind sex I mean I mean I'm in a different zone so when I see stuff but it's great though because if you said no you didn't even wipe the floor with this guy you know I mean it's good I like being that person you know yeah I mean I porches always brilliant tonight you know I thought that you know genuinely I thought he might be that I thought southport spilled already always a great performance from Dave price as well and a lot of people talking about Dave Allen Smith almost wasn't great but for Dave price box work and I thought this fight was a real high level heavyweight fight yeah he's he was taken to hospital I believe he has a broken orbital bone and damage to his tongue he's undergone brain scans which we believe he's an a major issue and he's gonna be okay all right guys thank you very much master class performance sister runt you know I was a master class performance a very strong man that wants to win the dangerous man avoiding man and avoid a fire yet his big moment and he tried his utmost to get the wind you know he didn't stop trying it was tough yet the work 110% every round mentally mentally he could have thought that go lacks a date or or casual yet beyond it you know every minute every second of every minute they reran mark and Jimmy did the first time in a car window saying to me is don't switch off that's only instruction they gave me is you know how was that oh okay I'm alright and only things don't switch off don't switch off that's what I was saying it wasn't it int 2 more DCT I was saying is don't switch off I knew mark was saying those thought for in the double jab you just keep him with the singles for not because he would get them swinging overhand you know straight single nice trade secret you get away with the straight single it can't get said I mean little things like that say on tender up to talking him through it it was good well listen like we say there street-fighting Doggett if he had never losing and that's what listen there was moments when he would he had done it and it worked he kept in well at me but he's time to come off the gas to get your on a jet empties tank it could be a dead babe if you're not me just hard it probably that he would have left this thing in white man he said he's a like an old school fire yeah an old school fire but you know he can't go out there and be an old school fire for every every minute of every round because if I worked like that you got a box out Fox and then plowing your feet at times I don't care I don't care I don't care listen they both big fights and that's what we're in the game to do so big fight scene I mean the Wolves cell went belly-up you know and that's what win the game for big fast words out of what you know after the Furies a bigger fight here in the UK while is massive fire in America so we're gonna weigh up you know me but I don't really care man you know I'm I'm listen I just want to fight the best super win news a job what's anyone gonna say to me oh yeah you didn't fight this great in fact I went in there I gave my all to fight top guys at the top guys you know it worth what reposes gonna beat me all this is gonna knock Denny in my art blah blah but forget these guys man thank you guys [Applause]


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