• White didn't need to take peds, he had everything to lose nothing to gain , he didn't need to fight revas , he choose too , he trains at a university ,

  • I've starting to get a pretty clear idea what's happening here. Whyte is innocent and here's why.

    The half caught conversation after the fight between whyte and hearn? Where they talk about 1 in a million something or other and him saving his hair.

    I reckon the B sample has been opened already and it's clean but they haven't been able to tell everyone as there is some due process they have to go through to validate this. This "accidentally" caught conversation was the only way they could get a word out while the investigation is ongoing.

    For the A sample to be dirty and the B sample to be clean is one in a million. (as could be heard between hearn and whyte). This disparity could then be down to contamination, or even sabotage, in an attempt to disrupt whyte days before the fight.

    Whyte is to keep his hair so he can have that tested which is more accurate than piss.

    Also, the supposed metabolite found is for one of the cheapest and most damaging steroid there is. Dianabol. Which you take orally and 90% is filtered out as toxins by your liver. So it's inefficient and also harmful. It's an incredibly unsophisticated substance in terms of the level these guys are at and the nutrition and advice he'd be getting if this was part of a "plan."

    You also have to cycle on steds for a period (4 – 6 weeks typically) so the other tests he has had would show this cycle. It's not like he did two tests 3 days before the fight then thought he was safe to take dianabol for the last for 3 days but then got tested and caught, with only a tiny trace metabolite showing…..

    I'm going to stick my neck out and say I think he's innocent. If he's not, he is a complete idiot, because this would be some basic, novice steroid use and cycling / masking shit that has supposedly gone down. Why would you do that when you're just about to get your shot at mandatory after 2 years.

    It doesn't make sense. This is a mistake or some really really shady shit that's gone down.

  • Secret meetings can not seal people's mouths from talking,Everyone is gonna know wassup soon…Until proven innocent but for now he is still guilty on one sample,this whole doping thing has to stop because boxers are getting hurt in the ring….
    Miller knows a lot about doping so i guess he knows wassup that's why he is talking….

  • #Mycounterpunch. You are a fighter for a living. You train year in and out and fight. Ffs, why do you have to use shit to fight?? I cant understand this for the life of me. Professional boxers, you don't need that shit. If he is guilty then he gets his due punishment, but he fought chisora twice, parker, and top contenders, didn't pop. Now in front of deontay(protected), he pops dirty. I gat a problem with that.

  • Using the word secret meeting when cameras are on them and mics are on the table lol. Anywhere 2 people are talking is a secret meeting unless the camera is right in their face and they are talking to an interviewer I guess then. When Hearn talks to any of his fighters anywhere that’s a secret meeting? Implying guilt by the words used man.

    Anyway another interview showed Hearn saying they were using VADA as proof Whyte wasn’t on anything because VADA found nothing and Whyte was also tested by VADA. And remember the LDBC and most Americans think UKAD don’t catch anyone and that VADA are the gold standard of testing and that if VADA isn’t used it don’t count. So by that logic VADA will exonerate Whyte by testing him and not finding anything. There you go VADA to the rescue clearing fighters of doping lol. When you think outside the box you can outmanoeuvre the biased haters by their very own standards that they put out in the past.

  • There was obviously evidence to vindicate him in the meeting with the board. He wasn’t sleeping because of the stress of the accusation. It was a miracle he still got through the fight with little sleep, he was clearly jaded in the fight. Alternatively if he is taking about the board meeting it was a miracle it was done so fast, him being a professional was him using VADA, which he ended up using to prove his innocence.

  • Teddy Atlas as boxing tzar.

    If you pop dirty in two consecutive tests for one fight, then you should lose your license for a year and drop five places in all rankings.
    Second time …ban for five years.
    Third time …ban for life.

  • Ya'll guys talking conspiracies is same dude catch your wife Butt naked with a guy and still don't believe she cheating.

  • I think Miracle of Miracle's he won the fight after going down and hearn saying Finally Whyte Got his Mandatory Spot after all he has done over 600 day's He has finally got his Shot.

  • Loosing respect for Whyte here quite rapidly😤 seceret meetings with The Sly one Hearn 🙈
    Like Wilder said a juiced up Heavyweight in the ring Knows of the Power increase 👊🏻
    = Cheat/attemting Murder 😞

  • here's the thing why don't they do all these tests before they fight I know they say they do them all the time but how is it we get information that they popped after they get in the ring something aint right with that

  • I will say this…. Deonte had AJ's back when AJ lost to Ruiz he said Eddie put way too much pressure on AJ and he was also talking about some other kind of stuff as far as AJ speaking his mind to Eddie so he was actually taking up for a fellow boxer saying promoters don't know what it's like to get into that ring

  • How is Al Haymon Who doesn't do interviews is "responsible" for Dillian JUICY Whyte putting "multiple" banned substances in his system? 🤔

    Because he's Black?

    You have reach a new LOW Kurt of self hatred and HOUSE N***adem….

  • What more evidence do you Eddie Hearn "brainless" MORON fanboys need to know that Eddie Hearn is a "pathetic" pathological LYING ASS "Slimeball" SCUMBAG promoter who should be BANNED from the sport of boxing forever….

  • Dillian passed the B sample already and was allowed to fight! the leaked conversation revealed dillian saying "then i passed one in a million test"

  • The miracle of miracles may have been, how Hearn succeeded to get the fight going. Seems like Hearn made money talk. The hair's to check for how long Whyte's been doin the shit. One inch makes almost 3 months. By the way, where's proof, that Rivas popped dirty, and don't you expect Whyte's B-sample to pop dirty too? Ain't that, what we expect? So why no contest and not dq, if Whyte already popped dirty? And last year, Sulaiman demanded Whyte fight Ortiz, so why did Whyte duck Ortiz, or why did Hearn duck Ortiz for Whyte!? Stop protecting Whyte. Whyte's the guilty one here, not Rivas, so Whyte needs to get at least 2 years, better 4, if the B-sample comes dirty. Whyte and especially manipulator Hearn can't be allowed to get away with this

  • a juiced whyte got knocked down by rivas….he is rly trash…imagine whyte beeing clean he wouldnt have survived that fight….he gas out anyway in later rounds against rivas he didnt

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