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Dil Diyan Gallan Song | Tiger Zinda Hai | Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif | Atif, Vishal & Shekhar, Irshad

Sat Sri Akal. Namaskar. Adaab. This is All India Radio, Amritsar. We have a request from Shams Alam
from the other side of the border. His wife, Samia Zehra,
is angry with him. A sweet present from us. These unspun threads… …that I have tied around you… …make our bond beyond separation. Put aside your fleeting anger… …sweet love, listen… …to the conversations
in my heart. We sit side by side… …looking at each other. We’ll sit side by side
as the days pass… …and fulfill the truth
of our love. Must you torment me? Why pretend you don’t hear… …the conversations
in my heart? I’ll hide you from the many.
Put you on a pedestal. You are mine. Keep me close to you. There will never be any distance
between us. Nothing will keep us apart. I live this life for you. You are my life.
I am yours. Blow hot and cold,
but don’t ignore… …the conversations
in my heart.


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