I want to apologize to you guys for not reading this part of the article properly in my last video on this particular topic because it clearly says here that you can't takes the position that until the adjudication process is over and due process is complete there has not been a finding that a fight is in breach of its PD protocols and no sanctions can be put in place by the British Boxing Board of Control so essentially what that means is until the adjudication process is over which means the investigation then you're innocent until proven guilty and therefore the British Board addy Hearn etc have got every right to proceed with the show so even if they knew about Dylan White's failed test beforehand according to where says in this article they still had the right to continue on and go ahead with a fight however in retrospect I do think back to some things that Dylan Weiss said in the lead-up to the fight and after the fight which would seem to concur with the claim in this article that they had foreknowledge of the failed test before to fight at the weigh-in dinner Wyatt was interviewed by sky and he looked kind of uh you know uncomfortable maybe you know a little upset and he he came out with it on sky he said I'm pissed off and the sky interviewer you know apologize for the language and then said why he just said I'm ready to go also Dylan white was in a car okay away from the weigh-in and he refused to come to the way in until his name was called to come up to the stage this is what they apparently the BMC Michael buffer musica buffer Oh diamante who cuz both of them within both MCS would air one of them apparently said that because there was a delay before Dylan Weiss way and one of them apparently said that yeah Dylan why is not gonna come to the stage until it's time for him to weigh in because there's like I think kind of a holding area where all of the fighters and the press and all of their teams kind of gather next to the stage where they weigh in and they could be there for you know half an hour where ever before they weigh in at least fifteen minutes but Dylan white refused to be in there and he apparently stayed in the car and it only came when they called his name that is interview said that he was pissed off than he left so when you look back in retrospect you think okay was he pissed off because he just heard this news about failing a test then you have several interviews that then a white did in the change room after the fight and he kept on talking about stuff that's going that's been happening in camp that it was a it was a bad camp and has been stuff going on behind the scenes again was he alluding to this PE D situation this failed test because at this point it looks as though he might have been because he wasn't specific yeah he didn't talk about injuries or anything like that he just said there's been stuff going on behind the scenes and he hasn't been a good camp and then you've got this Eddie Hearn interview right here which was on Monday and he was obviously talking about you know several things AJ Ruiz to and all kinds of stuff and in this interview eddie home wasn't his usual jovial cheeky chappie self he was actually quite techie and i fought quite rude with uma for no good reason to me Eddie Hearn innocent of you lacks looks like a stressed man and obviously he spread himself very thin these days he's all over in the United States he's got shows in Italy in Spain and all over the world so the nature of his job is in a stress him out but I'm wondering if the Dylan white failed PD tests his point extra stress and strain on Eddie Han which is why he might have been so touchy with Umar in this interview and is also D Andy Ruiz situation and I'm gonna talk about that because Andy Ruiz is kind of responded to this news that Dylan Wyatt has felled a PD test and he's responded by saying he's not going to the UK to fight a rematch with AJ so as I said I'll do a separate video about that is that stressing Eddie hung out too so let me know what you guys think did Dylan white drop some clues drop some hints before and after the Revis fight before this news came out that he dropped some clues and hints that what it says in this article is accurate that he knew of his failed test before the Oscar Revis fight I guess we might find out in due course let me know you guys think of a comment section below he's having him out join me on patreon I upload a minimum of two podcasts every single week covering a wide variety of controversial topics as well as live stream Q&A sessions take a look on screen right now at some of the podcasts I've produced so far for just three dollars a month for the equivalent of about 2 pounds a month you get access to all my new podcasts and my entire back catalogue of past podcasts including my popular confessions of a nightclub bouncer series you can listen on your computer or on your smartphone or tablet by downloading the patreon app from the Google Play 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  • Pre fight in the dressing room Whyte joked about a drugs test. Somebody needs to upload his pre fight interview minutes before the fight. Because that was a huge clue, huge

  • He needs to go get his money back on them PEDS. He looked fat, out of shape and they stopped him from getting an haircut

  • Playing the 'innocent until proven guilty' angle to allow the fight to continue is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in boxing. And dangerous to boot. Madness.

  • Watch the Dillian Whyte interview with regarding Fury and PEDS. He doesn't outright condemn Fury, which I found interesting. 35.50

  • It probably makes sense why he didn't take the AJ fight on short notice. Stuff in his system that he wouldn't be able to hide in time.

  • Any professional boxer proven to be positive in taking an improved performance drug of any sort should be immediately removed from the sport, and also the people allowing the fight to go ahead .this is not just an unfair advantage but also putting their opponent at serious injury or even death, and if I were in Oscar Rivas’ camp I would be taking legal action.

  • Andy Ruiz will not be Fighting in the Uk for SURE if a fighter can still box evern though he has failed a test…!!!! Its maddness the money and belts thats at stake are just to great for A Fighter to chance it on…!!! Rivas must be so pissed OFF knowing Dillion failed a Drug TEST but TECHNICALLY could still box without tell the opponent…!!! Thats pure crazy what if Rivas had Got brain DAMAGED…!!!

  • If he was cleared to fight, he must have been innocent. Should that not been the end of any queries?
    If I go to the airport and if there is any suspicion that I have been carrying a weapon, do you think I should be allowed to board while they continue their investigation?

  • He was cleared to fight.. I still think he will get the title shot I'm sure.. Even though I don't agree with it if he tested positive

  • Imagine if it was rivas that won and tested positive prior to the fight. The whole of the UK would be up in arms crying about it and so would Eddie HearnπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • How long do you think Dillian Whyte should be banned for if it's true, would you still like Eddie Hearn to promote boxing, and who would you like to be a promoter for British boxing. ?

  • This is like Fury v Klitchko..
    Tyson & Hughie both tested positive before the fight.
    The powers that be let the Fury v Klitchko fight go ahead, knowing one fighter had failed a drug test .
    Its all so corrupt , so lots of money can be made.

  • I’ve become a big fan of dillian and I’m so disappointed I’m starting to think their all at it which is disappointing due to the possibility of death in this great sport

  • There's a vid of the pre fight press conference and before it starts Whyte and Hearn are whispering about the test and clearly Whyte is saying he's hasn't slept fir 2 nights.

  • The fact he never posted something immediately on his Instagram account after the win had my suspicion. Usually he would post something after the victory but this time it came a day after.

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