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Diane Schuur, Two-time Grammy Award Winning Jazz Artist (#WonderWomen Video Series)

To go out there and perform even as a
child was not a challenges for my disability was concerned. I just you know went out there and pretty much
did it. because there’s so much other stuff
about there I refuse to give up it’s something that
needs to be kept alive as long as I’m alive and as
other players and singers and everything that they’re alive they’ve gotta get out there to the masses that jazz is
living and well. Well the one of the biggest breaks was
the tonight show, when I performed on that in ’86 I actually was on there for
11 times then as you know I did the Sesame Street
thing and the Kennedy Center Honors and tribute to Stevie Wonder and all of
this kind of stuff. Just by living on life terms to the best of my abilities is what I do
and just rely on the support it friends and
family when I go through the downs and and I guess
through the ups to sometimes is just as hard to deal with
success as it is with failure. Just being an example to the blind population is enough in itself to you know to represent that sort of thing. There’s a song that Donny Hathaway
wrote called “Someday we’ll all be free” The first part is “Hang on to the
world as it spins around, just don’t let the spin get
you down things are moving fast hold on tight
and you will last”. Somebody who’s willing to go out of
their comfort zone is willing to take that leap of faith
and in jump into the unfamiliar. Go on the white house while Obama’s in
office and hopefully perform and meet with the
president Happy Women’s History Month

  • She
    – is a two-time Grammy Award Winning #Jazz Artist.
    – has been blessed with perfect pitch.
    – recently visited Manila for the Philippine International Jazz Festival together with other great musicians.
    – was born blind.
    Who is she?  Find out in our latest #WonderWomen video.

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