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Diana Ross – Entertainment Tonight [2002]

Diana Ross arrested the singer hood struggled with sobriety is suspected of driving drunk and we have what’s inside the police report this report from a Tucson police officer states I noticed her eyes were watery and bloodshot she had the strong odor of intoxicants on her breath her speech was slurred as she swayed I asked her if she had been drinking and she said no the arresting officer administered field sobriety tests and reported she took the walk and turn test and did poorly miss Ross also took the one leg stand test I stopped it at the count of seven when she fell down the 58 year old singer was arrested on Monday a breath test showed that Ross had a blood-alcohol concentration of point 20 more than twice Arizona’s legal limit of point zero eight police described her as polite and cooperative during the investigation which took about an hour neither Ross nor her spokesperson has any comment on the matter but it must seem like a setback in May it was revealed that she had checked herself into the famed promises Malibu rehab center for quote personal issues

  • Diana Ross is so magnificent!!! She is the perfect example of what resiliency looks like. She overcame a difficult moment. And…was back on top and back on with living a beautiful life. Not a blemish to be seen. I love Diana Ross. She is the inspiration I am constantly listening to in my mind everyday and who I always look to for motivation. Forever Diana Ross….

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