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Diana remains skeptical about Lily’s motives for getting close with Oscar | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Lily. I want you to try this.
This is my favorite. Thank you, Oscar. Oscar, was my speech
during the meeting okay? I was really nervous then. Don’t worry. No one
would’ve noticed if you were. You delivered
your point very well. I just don’t want the other
cabinet members to think that I’m intruding
with your job. Why would they think that? I’m the one who appointed
you as my adviser. You never asked
for that position. I really don’t understand
why the President would appoint Lily as his
adviser all of a sudden. I’m as surprised as you are. Sit down. We can’t do anything
about it now. It’s what the president wants. And I can see that Lily has the experience and
capabilities to help. Oh, Miss Lily! I’m glad to hear that you’re
Mr. President’s adviser now, because that means
you’ll be here more often. Thank you, Doray. Oh, come on. Isn’t she here
every day, anyway? Oscar, thank you… for giving me a chance
to serve the country. You can help me
in more areas now. I promise I will not
fail you, Oscar. Thank you. Isn’t the President
trusting Lily too much? From what I’m seeing, there’s nothing wrong
with the president asking help from
a private individual, as long as they can help. And we’ve seen how much Lily
has helped the President ever since he was reinstated
here in the Palace. Why, Diana?
Do you have a problem with Lily? No, I don’t. Boss, our latest supply
of drugs for our casino clients
will arrive tomorrow. Alright.
I’ll leave it to you. Are you talking
about business? I thought you’re looking
for Renato. I’m also dealing
with that. Really? Any news about him? You’re too slow, Lazaro. Why don’t you try
being more like me? I’m already reaping the
rewards of my investments. You’re now talking
to Oscar Hidalgo’s newest Presidential Advisor. Ma’am. Elizabeth. Wow. That looks delicious. Yes, I brought some
snacks for you. Thank you. Can I help you, Elizabeth? Ma’am. There’s something
I’d like to ask. Is it true that Miss Lily is a part of the
administration now? Yes, it’s true, Elizabeth. Why do you ask? Ma’am, my suspicions
about Miss Lily still haven’t changed. To your victory, Lily. Thank you. You should have seen
the look on their faces. They were really impressed. How about that Diana?
What did she say? She was completely surprised
when Oscar announced that I’m now a part of
the administration. Like I said before, Lazaro,
I’ll protect you. But I should also benefit
from my new position. Don’t worry. Secretary Borja and I are always by
Mr. President’s side. We’ll protect him, and we won’t
let him be in danger. So is it correct
to assume that you also don’t want
Miss Lily to be a part of this
administration? That’s not what I said. I’m sorry. I understand. We are all concerned and
we care for the President. Just be careful, Lily. Diana might get
more suspicious of you. Your plans will be ruined. That woman’s really annoying. But I can handle her. Diana’s just a tiny problem. What’s important is
I have a position now. This is the beginning
of my rise to becoming Oscar’s
First Lady. To the new
Presidential Advisor. Cheers. There’s no doubt that
Lily’s hiding something from all of us. It’s possible that she’s still
working with Renato. But how will I prove that? I need to find an evidence
before it’s too late. I wonder where
Renato is right now. And I wonder how he’d react if he finds out I was given
a position in the Palace. I’m sure he’d be enraged. No. He would go crazy. That’s why you have
to be more careful, Lily. If he finds out about it, he’ll get back at you. That’s why you should find him
as soon as possible! He’ll just interfere
with my plans. You mean our plans. Yes. Our plans.


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