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So you are sitting here
like judge of High Court. The judge is getting angry
and PPG sir is instigating him. Do you what did the judge say? There are only five
minutes to go inside. Right. Yes. You have heard everything
and still sitting here. Let’s go, sir. We still have five minutes with us. Let us wait. Sir, it is time so let’s go. One minute still remains. Get up now sir. Okay, park my car. Go to city civil court and
find out the bank case number. I will see to that sir. Please go. Sorry for the delay your honor. Till now a lot of time
of the court has been wasted. Mr. PP.. Your honor murderer Ragini had made
two hours plan to kill her husband. She put kerosene oil on her
husband and burnt him mercilessly. Her crime is a disgrace to women. Your honor you have already heard.. all the witnesses
that prove this crime. I would seek permission to call.. ..watchman Raghav
who is the main witness. Raghav.. Tell us Raghav what
happened on March 10th. She sprinkled kerosene oil on her
husband and he was shouting for help. I went running, sir.
Her husband was already in flames. He was shouting and then he died. That’s all, your honor. Defence. – Murder took place on 10th march.
– Yes sir. – At what time?
– At 7o’clock at night. – 7o’clock.
– Yes. How can you be so correct? When I heard the scream
I was listening to news on TV. – Were you listening to news?
– Yes. Tell me which color Sari
was Ragini wearing at that time? Red color, sir. – Did you see me properly?
– Yes, I saw. – Nicely.
– I saw, sir. Have I done shave or not? It is useless question.
What has beard to do with this case? There is a connection Mr.
PPG. I will prove it your honor. Objection is over ruled. Thank you, your honor. Have I shaved my beard or not? Beard? Yes or no. No, sir. Wonderful. Your honor, PPG’s witness went
in tension to the place of murder. He still remembers
the color of the Sari.. ..but on seeing me closely
he could not remember whether.. ..I have shaved my beard or not. PPG’s witness said that he heard.. ..screaming when he
was listening to news. That day there was no electricity
at the place of murder.. ..then how was he listening to news. Not only on that day but for
next two days there was no current. This is its certificate. What is this Mr. Rakesh? You are spoiling the
discipline of the court. I will recommend to
Bar Council to suspend you. Thank you, your honor. I smoked, combed my hair and relaxed
in the court and you got angry. How much time did it take?
Just five minutes sir. But your honor. Just think it over sir that
how much anger must be within her.. ..who had been tolerating
her husband’s violence for 7 years. She tolerated when
husband thrashed her. She tolerated when he sold the sacred
marriage thread and played gambling. When drunk he kicked on her
stomach even then she tolerated. She tolerated when
he kicked her in pregnancy. But who will tolerate if she
was sent to another man for 100/- You tell me, your honor. That is why she put kerosene
oil on him and killed him. It is right on her
part to kill her husband. This murder was not planned. But it was a step taken by
a helpless woman to save her dignity. Our PPG sir said that Ragini
made a plan to kill her husband. How can a woman with
so much patience make a plan? It is enough that she feels angry. Your honor I purposely
came 5 minutes late to the court. You felt so angry. You very well know who
I am and what my character is. Even then you decided to suspend me. Being so educated you
could not control your anger. Then how could an ordinary
woman control her anger. You could not control
anger is justice.. ..then it is just if
Ragini kills her husband. A woman is a true woman even if.. ..she has to commit
murder to save her dignity. You give the decision not
on the basis of IPC section.. ..but looking at the
pain and tears of this woman. Yes. That’s all, your honor. After listening to Rakesh
my experience is making fun of me. Why would an Indian
woman kill her husband.. ..who considers marriage so sacred? Law will never be able to understand. The one who stays can
understand heart and mind. That is why coming out
of the boundaries of law.. ..and thinking about
it on the basis of humanity. And agreeing to Rakesh I announce.. ..that Ragini is innocent
and should be released. Did you do the work
for which you went? It is done, sir. What are you doing? Don’t say so, sir.
except for falling at your feet.. ..I am not capable to pay your fees. – Take this, sir.
– Leave it. Please don’t refuse. Keep it. I did not fight this case for
your fees but to get justice for you. Good-bye. Sir went without taking fees. – He went away without fees.
– Yes. Look sister, for some note is
energy and for others it is allergy. Give me this note. On this note below the lion
it is written Satyamev Jayate. Do cheaters look at this?
They do not see. But he saw. That is why he liked this point more. Look at the walk of that
man who walks on this point, sister. His walk is full of self confidence,
truthfulness in his eyes.. ..and honesty in his heart
and has righteousness in his thoughts. That is why I say
that he is honest Rakesh. Great buddy. You lost I understood. You are an expert in
giving false statements. This has been proved, buddy. Why did you get tensed when
he asked you about the beard? Forget it. It happens sometime. What to tell you.
Lawyer did not give me hint. In haste I said that
he did not have beard. Whatever may be the
case I got my money? – What else do I want more than this?
– Yes. – Hey!
– Then what? Hey, come here. Hey, what is it? What are you doing? Why did you say lies in the court? So what if I said it. Why are you beating me? If you ever speak lies
then I will thrash your father. – What is it?
– What is it? Why did you beat my friend? Hey, would you say lies if
your mother, sister or daughter.. ..would be in the same condition? – That is my wish.
– What did you say? Sir.. Mother.. It does not look nice if a person calls
mother but does not respect women. Sir, no sir. Leave him. Please leave him sir. If you ever say lies then.. – Come on, sir.
– I will not spare you, rascal. If lawyers thrash people
like goons then law.. ..and court would
not hold any importance. 99 out of 100 people
speak lies in this world. Then will you keep thrashing people. Look, do not get unnecessarily
increase your anger.. ..and lose your peace of mind. Four years ago you were
so happy and made others laugh. Son, I want Rakesh
like that of earlier times. That Rakesh dies
four years ago, mother. You should never get
angry with mother and food. Sit down. Eat your food. I am not able to do anything knowing
the reason as to why you changed. I know how difficult it is for you to
change yourself and then me as well. Okay. Drink some butter milk. Maybe you will cool down. Uncle, paper. Raju, how are studies going on? – It is going on well.
– Go and give it inside. Hey! Hey, do you know
the value of this car? What would have happened to the car.. ..if you would have
died by being banged by it? Beggars like you should
be thrashed mercilessly. Only then this country
will be prosperous. Get lost from here. Is the value of human life
less than that of your car? Get into the habit of looking
at human being like a human. If you do not get into that habit
then you will die a merciless death. He is so proud. Who is he sir? He is my son. He is my son. Hey! Don’t you ever call me your son, Mr.
Mahendra. I am not your son. Four years you are dead for me. I have burnt your dead body. You don’t exist for me Mr. Mahendra. Don’t make me angry. Didn’t you feel the pain.. ..after being hurt so badly? When I tolerated the pain of heart.. ..then this is just
the physical wound. Ragini won the case
because of lawyer Rakesh. Look at this Shella. Lawyer Rakesh is becoming
sensational lawyer day by day. But we have still not
taken his interview yet. What can we do sir?
He is not fond of publicity. I tried a lot to take his
interview but he did not agree. That is why we have called special
reporter Sandhya from Chennai branch. Are you crazy? You cannot take Mr.
Rakesh’s interview. For last three years I am trying. A person should be
completely studied, Shellu. Believe me. Rakesh comes to court
everyday and so take his close up. Come on, quick. Hurry up. Oh no, don’t be late. Hurry up. Hurry up. Come on we
are getting late. Hurry up. – Sandhya, Rakesh’s car has come.
– Yes. Hello. Long short is superb. Hey, switch on the mike. I will put it on. Hey, take the interview. Welcome to the viewers of Gemini TV. Now your Sandhys will make
you meet a great personality. I am going to make you meet.. ..the greatest lawyer of all times,
Mr. Rakesh. – Hello, mike testing.
– Shut up. Wrong number. Follow.. Camera. Come on, hurry up. Fast. Start the camera. Fast. Good morning, Mr. Rakesh. I am Sandhya from Gemini TV. All our viewers want to
listen to your precious voice. Please sir. Mr. Rakesh.. So viewers, did you see
that great people never talk. Let’s find out the secret behind Mr.
Rakesh’s quietness. There are all documents in this file. What is this?
I had asked you to tell him. – I had told him sir.
– Why didn’t you tell him till now? Sir, you are so handsome and
your personality is so charming.. ..that if you would
have gone to cinema.. ..then you would have
created a sensation. Even then why did you choose
the profession of being a lawyer? Tell me. The public wants to know. – Listen, Gulab.
– Sir. Do we have permission for shooting? If I say yes then it would be
and if I say no then it would be yes. Do we have the permission or not? You had called them for interview. She said so and that
is why I allowed them to come. I swear upon judge sir.
The phone is ringing. I will leave. In five minutes this
place should cleared. Sir. Please, come here. Switch off the camera. Tell me. Listen; this time somehow
the problem got solved. You are a girl so you got saved. You and get your head
shaved off in Balaji temple. I will give you wig
so that you look beautiful. Why so? On saying lies our lawyer sir thrashes
hard and breaks all body parts. Then you hold the mike in
hand and keep on shouting Rakesh.. Or take my interview. Get lost from here. Gemini TV is unlucky. Star TV is asking for my
interview so I will give it to them. Did you understood now? Forget
about Rakesha and let’s go from here. Cut. So what if I missed this close up. Next time I will take another
close up of this green chili. – Green chili? – Yes, that is
his actual name. Come on. Govinda, Govinda.. Oh God. Govinda, Govinda.. Which village do you want to go? What? Which village I want to go? I may go to any village.
What have you to do with that? Listen; you just take the
money and give me the ticket. Do you think villagers are fools? You will have to pay
for this luggage as well. – Will you charge for this?
– Yes. For a small luggage? Do you think villagers are fools? Will
you charge for such a small luggage? This has extra weight
so you will have to pay for it. Is it necessary to give extra money? You are a cheater.
I know that government always loots. Everyone present here has extra weight
so will you charge for them as well. Hey, if you give me money for luggage
only then I will take you ahead.. ..otherwise you will
have to get down here. What? Will you ask me to get down? Do you know whom are you
talking to and in what manner? Do you think I am a fool? If I get down then will
the bus come on this route? Just take the money for my ticket. How dare you think
of asking me to get down? Do you think villagers are fools? Listen to me carefully. Till I am travelling in this
bus the luggage will be on my head. If I keep it in bus
then you can charge me. Am I right? Sorry, what nonsense are you talking? Look at the way he is talking. From where do fools come in the bus?
Give me the money for ticket. I am giving you. I will not run away. Hey, what is this? What is this? Everyone
talks in an irritable tone here. We are travelling together. Can’t
you take care of it for some time? Being educated you talk like this. Here is the money. – What is this? 10p is less.
– I do not have more. I need more. I told you that I don’t have. I am telling you to give me. I told you that I don’t have. If you do not give then get down here. Will you ask me to get down?
Do you think villagers are fools? What do you think of yourself? Just for 10p you are
asking me to get down. You have taken exact
amount from everyone.. ..then can’t you
take 10p less from me. Listen, this is injustice.
You are doing cheating. Are you talking of honesty? That is not the case.
You have to give him 10p, right. What are you talking? Do you have to give him 10p or not? – You give it to him.
– Why should I give? – I don’t have it.
– Why should I bother? – Then why are you interfering?
– Just like that. When you don’t want to give
money then why are you interfering? – Sorry.
– No one else in the bus said anything. We both will talk to each
other and solve the matter among us. You don’t interfere. Yes, brother. You should
understand that only 10p are less. Please agree. – Listen, what is the time?
– Yes. It is 9:10 – Hey, why did you hit me?
– Of course I will. – Why did you hit me?
– Since long I am watching you. Do you think villagers are fools? What happened to you now?
What did I ask you? – You asked me the time.
– What did you tell me? – I said it is 9:10
– You should have said 10o’clock. Why did you say 9:10? Hey, have you gone mad? You asked me the time
and I told you that it is 9:10. You..again you are saying
the same thing. I will kill you. – Hey..
– What did I ask you? Tell me again. – You asked me the time.
– What did you tell me? – I said it is 9:10
– Again you are saying 9:10 Either say it is
9 o’clock or 10o’clock. Why are you saying
9:10 again and again? Has the gate closed? The gate has closed so
that is why the bus stopped. – Why are you getting angry?
– Of course I will. First you kept the luggage
and then you sat down. And now you are eating guava. Will the train come? The train would come so
that is why they closed the gate. – Why are you getting angry?
– What else should I do? What else should you do? Do you think villagers are fools? Do they close the gate when
the train comes or the bus comes? They close the gate when bus comes and
opens the gate when the train comes. Even I know this. Will it be goods train
or passenger train? – Is it necessary to ask?
– Yes, it is necessary? It will be passenger train. What? – Why are you hitting me?
– Is that passenger. – Why are you hitting me?
– Why shouldn’t I? – Why are you hitting me?
– I will kill you. If you hit me once more
then I won’t spare you. What did you say?
Look that is passenger train. How do I know? Do you know how many bogies
does a passenger train have? – I don’t know.
– Don’t you know? You don’t know. You are so educated and.. ..still you do not know how
many bogies a passenger train has. There are 8 bogies. Count them. Will the train come? No, an aero plane will come. What did you say? Why are you hitting again and again?
Can’t you sit quietly? Do you think villagers are fools? When I asked you that
will the train come.. ..and you are saying
that aero plane will come. Tell me which train will come? Why are you doing like this?
Can’t you speak? – Can’t you tell me properly?
– Why are you after my life? – Of course.
– You are hitting for every matter. When I am asking you which train
will come you are moving your finger. The train is coming so count now. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.. There are 8 bogies
and it is passenger train. Why did you hit me again? You had said that train
with 8 bogies is passenger train. What is it?
Do you think every train would be.. ..a passenger train
which has 8 bogies? – Then.
– That is a goods train. Either I fell in love with
him while taking interview.. ..or I came here to take
his interview because I love him. I don’t know what happened to my
heart. Why is it moving like a camera? “Hello, hello I want an interview.” “Give me your first interview.” “Welcome, welcome you are welcome.” “I want to ask you few questions.” “Look how lovely is the location.” “Happy, happy is the situation.” “6o’clock is the TV show.” “Hello, hello I want an interview.” “Give me your first interview.” “I have a desire to fall
in love and do acting in movies.” “My action is hit,
emotion is hit and dance is hit.” “Look at it.” “It will be telecast in North,
South, East and West.” “I am sure our show
will be hit in the world.” “Your lips are very sweet..” “Your looks are fixed in my heart.” “The magic of your love is on me..” “So you can ask me any question.” “Hello, hello I want an interview.” “Give me your first interview.” “Welcome, welcome you are welcome.” “I want to ask you few questions.” “6o’clock is the TV show.” “Nowadays videos are prevalent
and audios are outdated..” “Get a photograph clicked with me.” “There will be
advertisements in newspaper.” “We will become popular in media.” “The story will be hit
if there is gossip and reality.” “The whole world will
see our romance and affair.” “Then say love you, love you..” “Say love you, love you..” “Then say love you, love you..” “Say love you, love you..” “Let’s both talk about love
and our heart in interview.” “Hello, hello I want an interview.” “Give me your first interview.” “Welcome, welcome you are welcome.” “I want to ask you few questions.” “Look how lovely is the location.” “Happy, happy is the situation.” “6o’clock is the TV show.” Greetings. Who are you, child? I am an Indian woman. Though I am born in modern
times I follow old traditions. Did you invite me in? I forgot. Come in. Leave it. Give me blessings. Have you got married? I am in waiting list. So you will get married soon. Come. – What is your name?
– Sandhya. It’s a nice name. That means I am not nice. You are very nice. – Did you ask me for coffee?
– I forgot. – I will get it. – I do not have
the habit of drinking tea or coffee. I just have chapatti
and onion in the morning. You don’t seem to belong
to modern times, child. You are right. – Sit down.
– First, you sit down. Okay. We have come from Gemini TV. Come. – These people..
– This is our staff. This is Shelu and
that is our cameraman. We want to take interview
on the emotions of a mother. – We want your interview.
– My interview? Please do not refuse. It is matter of
my job. Please don’t refuse. Please. Actually I don’t have a habit of
all this so I am feeling very scared. There is nothing to be scared of.
Talk to me as you were just talking. Mother. – Okay.
– Who are they? What is all this? Hey, what are you doing? – Hello, this is a house
and not a studio. – Rakesh! – Get lost.
– Rakesh, she is Sandhya. She works in Gemini TV. Her topic is ‘Emotions Of A Mother’
and she wants to take my interview. – Mother, all these people..
– I have another good idea. It would be good if your son
talks about emotions of a mother. Correct. Rakesh, you talk about
emotions of a mother and I will listen. Don’t you know about
emotions of a mother? – No, I don’t know.
– Why? Because I don’t have a mother. Poor girl. That is why she is asking. Give interview for me. Please sit here. That would do. Thank you so much. Start. Mother’s heart is as soft as butter. Omkar is the first
sound in the universe. But mother is the first
word that comes out from heart. I am remembering a
story from my childhood. A man loved a girl. His lover asked for
mother’s heart from him. He went to his mother and
said that he wanted her heart. Then for the sake of his
son her mother gave him her heart. With blood stained heart he ran
towards her lover to give it to her. On the way he stumbled and fell down. The heart of his mother fell far off. On seeing his son that heart said.. ..’What is the hurry, son?
Did you get hurt?” Are you bleeding? This is motherly love. Mother’s emotions can only be felt. It cannot be told. You are a great mother to
have given birth to an ideal son. I will leave aunty.
Thank you, so much. Did you see how I trapped him
in my talks and took his close up? I always do as my mother says
so that is why I gave interview. Give me the cassette in which
you have recorded the interview. Give it to me. Give him. Such a drama should
not take place again. Welcome sir. You will get
whatever you want in this BPL. The video as well as sound is good. Please sit down, sir. – We are now going to tell
you about lawyer Rakesh. – Come. We are showing you about
lawyer Rakesh’s social service. Lawyer Rakesh not only fights in the
court about justice but also in life. He is God for poor people.
He is educating them. Lawyer Rakesh is the
biggest proof to show.. ..that life is successful
if you do more than you speak. Shelu, I had asked you
not to telecast Rakesh’s program. – Yes, you had said.
– Then why? – Even knowing it you..
– I know. Why are you getting worried?
I have done it. There are many people who
say no but give publicity interviews. Rakesh is one of them. Don’t think too much. Don’t be scared. It is very common for us. – Shelu..
– I am going to the meeting room. Bye. Excuse me. Where is Sandhya? In chamber 2. I will give you a tight slap. How did my interview come on the TV? Who gave you the
permission to telecast it? Is against my work and principles.
You know I don’t like publicity. Do you think I am a joker?
Why are you after my life? Will you reach to my
bedroom or bathroom tomorrow? – Sorry.. – This word sorry
has been given by Englishmen. Say sorry for everyone. – Mr. Rakesh, I am Gemini TV’s..
– Yes. Congratulations, you made image
of your channel by spoiling my image. You want to do business with my life. I knew the program is running
on TV with your permission. But I have understood the truth.
Sorry sir. I will apologize on TV
for whatever that happened. A human being is not
a thing to play with. Mind it. Hi. – Hello.
– Hello, I am Sandhya’s friend. Your son scolded Sandhya
because the program was shown on TV. Sandhya felt very bad and
she tried to commit suicide. If I would not have reached on time.. ..then Sandhya’s dead
body would have been found. There is a limit to scold.
Tell your son. What is this stupidity, Sandhya? If he said something in anger
then would you give away your life? What if something would have happened?
He would be hurt badly. Would he really be hurt? Why? Isn’t he a human being? I have fallen in love with Rakesh. Sandhya. Is it wrong to fall in love? It is wrong in Rakesh’s matter. And is a sin as well. It is craziness. Sandhya, you do not know
how my Rakesh was five years ago. He used to be happy go lucky fellow. I always used to say that
an evil eye would fall on you. So many times I warded
off evilness of him. That day, that happiness and laughter
I have not been able to forget. “Mamma, mamma.. tuna..” “Mamma, mamma.. let’s do some time pass.” “Tuna, tuna..let’s do some drama.” “Mamma, mamma.. let’s do some time pass.” “Tuna, tuna..let’s do some drama.” “Mamma, mamma.. let’s do some time pass.” “Tuna, tuna..let’s do some drama.” “Mamma, mamma.. let’s do some time pass.” “Tuna, tuna..let’s do some drama.” “Mamma, mamma.. let’s do some time pass.” “Tuna, tuna..let’s do some drama.” “Mamma, mama..” “Whatever you do, so with fun.” “And don’t be scared of anyone.” “Do whatever your heart says.” “And never get back
on doing things honestly.” “Fulfill your wish.” “Live your life willingly.” “Read a secret story.” “Mamma, mamma.. let’s do some drama.” “Mamma, mamma.. let’s do some time pass.” “Tuna, tuna..let’s do some drama.” “Mamma, mamma.. let’s do some time pass.” “Tuna, tuna..let’s do some drama.” “Mamma, mama..” “Sita, Gita,
Rita and Radha are all great items.” “Smile, height, beat..
What is the matter and scene?” “Our style is different
and can do anything for friends.” “We are different in this world.” “We never remain silent
and always violent.” “We never lose any game but always win.” “There is no one who
would mess with us.” “Victory is always my target.” “We are unmatched
and great young people.” “Mamma, mamma.. let’s do some time pass.” “Mamma, mamma.. let’s do some time pass.” “Tuna, tuna..let’s do some drama.” “Mamma, mamma.. let’s do some time pass.” “Tuna, tuna..let’s do some drama.” “Mamma, mamma.. let’s do some time pass.” “Tuna, tuna..let’s do some drama.” “Mamma, mama..” Rakesh’s father joined politics. He won the position of MLA. His goodness vanished. I offered may prayers
so that his mind changes. – Hello.
– I will give every MLA 25lakhs. Ask CM to make me a minister. What a thing you have said? This is not a good deal
and will not take place, brother. Why not? Because as soon as you
become minister you will earn.. ..1crore per month
and 12 crores a year. – And in 5 years you will earn
– 60crores. 60crores. What will we get? Nothing. Mr. Tarachand, every time you cause.. ..interruptions in whatever
our sir wants to do. I do not know about knife or bomb.
He is in a meeting. Madam has fallen down. Call sir. Sir is in a meeting. You go now. – Listen to me.
– I am asking you to go. – Tell sir once about it.
– I will tell him. You go. That is not the case Tarachand. Mother, I hope nothing
has happened to you. There is no need to be scared, son. Hey, did you tell father. I had gone but sir was in
meeting so I could not go inside. Rakesh.. – Sir..
– Get a side. CM sir has fallen down from steps.
You all leave. What are you saying?
He fell down from stairs. What has happened? Let’s go. Father. Not CM sir but mother
has fallen from staircase. I have come to tell you this. You rascal. – Mother is very badly hurt.
– Even I am hurt. Please, come quickly. Why? Do I need to make
her drink sacred water? She will not die even after that. Father, you have changed a lot. Staying with ruthless people in
politics you also have become ruthless. – Rakesh. – Is politics more
important to you that your wife? Yes, more important
than my wife and you. Saying lies that CM is serious
and calling them ruthless.. If high command comes to know.. ..then what will happen
of my political career? Apologize to everyone. Apologize. Apologize. Why should I apologize? You insulted me so
that is why apologize. Insult? I got angry
because mother got hurt. Will you apologize or not? Tell. – Apologize..
– Sorry. I could not hear properly.
Come on speak again. Sorry. Everyone did not hear it properly.
That is why speak loudly. Sorry. I am growing old. If you are thinking that I have
apologized for you then you are wrong. I apologized for my mother. No day passed without a fight
between Rakesh and his father. Rakesh used to feel
sad seeing his father.. ..going away from
them due to politics. I am not just Rakesh’s
mother but his friend also. That is why he used
to share everything with me. He told me about his love as well. That day was Naag Panchami. [Sanskrit chants] Greeting. Welcome. [Sanskrit chants] [Sanskrit chants] – Snake..
– Snake.. Their are snake’s in the temple.Snake.. snake.. Snake.. It is not there but here. Hi. [Sanskrit chants] – Did you pray nicely?
– Yes, nicely. – Shall I do it once more?
– No, leave it. Let’s go. So what if I would
have done once more. – Come. – Will you make
all arrangements properly? Yes, it will be done. Okay then I will leave. – Good bye.
– Let’s go Surekha. – Greetings.
– Greetings. Who was he? He is a great religious man.
His name is Vishwanath. – Who was that girl?
– She is his daughter. – Oh I see.
– What is their address? – Child Surekha.
– Yes, father. I am going to the temple
and will be back soon. [Sanskrit shlok] Paper. [Sanskrit shlok] Just.. This is not for you.
Give it back to me. Give it back to me. It is for her. Okay keep it. Don’t cry. Paper, paper.. Today offering is going
to be done late so.. ..I can go late. I forgot to tell you. Give me some coffee. Okay father. It is time for offering so, child. Rest of you;
take two more rounds and come. Two more. Hey, come here. – What is it, sir?
– Please help me. – No, sir.
– Come here. No. Sit down. Sit down. Sit down. Now keep it. Oh God. I have never seen you
before in this temple. – What is your name?
– Rakesh. Good. You picked up the Palki
so you will be rewarded for this. Tonight if you walk on fire then
you will be rewarded all the more. I will have to walk on fire. Yes. You will get what you wish for. Will I get what I want? Of course you will get it. Priest, get the paraphernalia inside. Will I get whatever I want? Will I get.. Come. Hail to Lord Shiva. Hail to Lord Shiva. Hail to Lord Shiva. Hail to Lord Shiva. Hail to Lord Shiva. Hail to Lord Shiva. Hail to Lord Shiva. Hail to Lord Shiva. Hail to Lord Shiva. Hail to Lord Shiva. Slowly, mother. You will have to tolerate. Walking on fire in love
is just like walking on flowers. – Did you find it nice?
– What is nice about it, mother? I am in too much pain. Shall I call Surekha? It is just the beginning.
Don’t do haste. Mother.. Don’t call me but instead
call Surekha. Your pain will go. – Surekha..
– Hey! “My heart feels intoxicated.” “I have fallen in love with you.” “My heart is losing peace.” “I have fallen in love with you.” “I cannot tolerate separation.” “I cannot wait anymore.” “Let’s both of us drown in love.” “My heart feels intoxicated.” “I have fallen in love with you.” “I am restless all the time
since I have fallen in love.” “I dream about you all the time.
What has happened to me?” “I just think about you all the time.” “I just talk about
you and think about you.” “Something of this sort
never happened with me before.” “My heart never felt
restless like this before.” “We have become crazy in love.” “We have become strangers to the world.” “Let’s both of us drown in love.” “My heart feels intoxicated.” “I have fallen in love with you.” “My heart is restless,
flutters and does not listen to me.” “My heart is yearning for you.” “What type of restlessness and hangover
is this? It is not in my control.” “My heart wants you to stay
in front of me all the time.” “Our desire and condition is the same.” “Our path and goal are the same.” “Come and remove all the distances.” “Come, let’s have fun in love.” “Hug me, dear.” “My heart feels intoxicated.” “I have fallen in love with you.” “My heart is losing peace.” “I have fallen in love with you.” “I cannot tolerate separation.” “I cannot wait anymore.” “Let’s both of us drown in love.” – Rakesh..
– Tell me. Do you want water? Rakesh, you belong to
a rich and famous family.. ..and I belong to
a middle class family. I will talk about marriage today. Today father and I are
going for prayers to Shreeshelam. Good. Auspicious things ate
talked at auspicious places. Come on. Will you come to Shreeshelam? Just as plants are
harvested in fields.. the same way you are
chopping vegetables here, mother. They are being chopped in a great way. Tell me clearly what you want to say. Mother, Surekha is troubling
me by talking about our marriage. I told her if you trouble me then
I will go and marry somewhere else. You said it right.
We will look for another girl. No mother. Surekha is a small girl. Is she small? Then what is the hurry.
Let her become of marriageable age. Listen! Why are you
saying such bitter things? Today I am going to
Shreeshelam to meet Surekha. Now you have come to the point. Did you inform your father? Do you think he will
listen if I tell him? Have they ever listened to us? – Look, he is coming.
– Here he is. Do as I have told you. Do you remember everything. Listen. Where are you going? Sir, sit down for some time. – Why? – It is not auspicious
to ask where we are going.. ..when we are leaving for work. Once while going to the assembly
madam asked this question. Do you remember what had happened?
There was fight in the assembly.. ..and someone had
thrown the mike on you. You had started bleeding. I am sorry but seeing you in hurry.. It is about marriage. I am going to Shreeshelam
to talk about.. ..Rakesh’s marriage
to President’s daughter. Are you going to Shreeshelam
for Rakesh’s marriage? – Did you tell him?
– Why? Is it necessary to tell him? Listen.. – Greetings sir.
– Greetings. – Is everything fine?
– Yes, by your grace. What is all this Mahendra? What will you get by
offering garland to me? Politicians should love
their country more than God. The public will be happy by that. You gave such a great suggestion. Don’t praise me but praise God. So Mahendra, how is Rakesh? He is fine. I want to talk something
important with you. About politics of
home or of the country. – About both.
– Hey, wait. Hey, wait. Have you come here
to meet me or father? Both of you. President sir,
we have met at a good place. My son has passed law. He is my only son. I have a desire of making
your daughter as my daughter-in-law. Fine. If we have to
move ahead in politics.. ..then let’s make
this alliance as well. Exactly. Let’s get them married
before the parliament elections. Okay! Come and take blessings. [Sanskrit chants] To go against love
is to go against God. It is even written in religious books. Please don’t refuse. Look, even God has given His consent. Surekha, come.. God bless you. Okay, let’s do one thing. To keep my words get married
to president’s daughter.. ..and to keep your word keep Surekha. That’s it. I will not demean myself
so much for politics. Rakesh, will you
go against your father? Did you talk to me like a father? Just because of your benefit.. remembered the
relationship of father and son. I remembered so that is why
I fixed your marriage at a high level. High level.
Which level? I am 6feet tall. How much will you increase this level? You can remain in
politics if you wish.. ..but do not play with
my life and my future. You do not want my happiness. That person is called a father
who loves his son whole heartedly. But you have nothing to do with this. You live just for
power and only power. Even after death your
soul will roam for power. Rakesh.. You do not who I am and
what kind of a person I am. I play with dead bodies. If you are ever seen with
Rakesh again then I will kill you. Why did my father come here?
Did he threaten to kill you? Rakesh, he does not like
us meeting or getting married. If the country does not like him to be
a leader then will he leave politics? Don’t worry. Let me see who and how
someone stops us from getting married. Rakesh.. Cheers. I am going to get this mansion made
in the name of our chief minister. Wonderful! In his name I will
give it to the country. When it gets ready then
it will be beautiful than Taj Mahal. Wonderful! – Come on let’s go.
– Yes, let’s go. I am not one of those
who would put forth.. ..his other cheek
if you slap on one cheek. If you slap me once then
I shall give two slaps in return. Rakesh.. If you slap me as a father.. ..then I will slap you on
both cheeks to destroy the country. – Rakesh, what are you
saying? Get inside. – Mother. Ask him as to how he
has threatened Surekha. I have warned to kill her. Hey, why did you do like this? – You keep quiet. – I have
come here to ask you to keep quiet. Let me see how you kill Surekha. If you do not get married
to the girl I have chosen.. ..then I will kill her
and present her dead body to you. Just do and show me. I will kill you. – Are you my son?
– Go and ask the assembly. – Let’s go inside.
– Rakesh. Are you threatening
your father for a whore? Not Surekha but you
are a low status person. You are great person who would
not only hurt his wife and son.. ..but even his mother for power. Inspite of this I do not
hesitate to call you father then.. ..why are you feeling ashamed in
calling Surekha your daughter-in-law. She will never become
my daughter-in-law. Even if you refuse Surekha
will become our daughter-in-law. Sharda. More than your anger mother’s
blessings are important. I will go and get law degree tomorrow
and then get married to Surekha. Let’s go, mother. After this behavior of Rakesh
his father became all the more angry. He started behaving like
fools because of the fear of not.. ..moving ahead in politics if
he did not marry President’s daughter. Those were the days of navratri. One day he sent a
man to Surekha’s house.. ..and told her that Rakesh
has met with an accident. Surekha came running
to hospital for Rakesh. For innocent Surekha that
hospital was converted into a hotel. She went into a room. She got scared on seeing
another man instead of Rakesh. Surekha got arrested was as a whore. – Come on.
– I do not know anything. – Come on.
– I am not that kind of a girl. – Leave me.
– Come on. Surekha saw Mahendra
Singh outside the hotel. For his selfishness Mahendra
Singh used Surekha as a thing. No, I am not a whore. Leave me. I have not committed any sin.
I am not a whore. God fearing Surekha’s father was
very sad when he came to know this. Her father reached police
station to get her released on bail. Father.. Father, I have not done anything. Father.. After that incident he was
not allowed in temple as well. Before dying he could
not tell his pain to God. Father! Father Father Father, father.. Father, father.. Father.. She could not tolerate the
insult and attacked Mahendra Singh. What can an ordinary
girl do to Mahendra Singh.. ..who makes everyone
dance to his tunes? Mahendra Singh asked
his men to admit Surekha.. mental hospital
as she was declared mad. After receiving law
degree Rakesh went happily.. Surekha’s house
to talk to her about marriage. Anger and aggression had made
place in Rakesh’s heart at that time. Her battle with his
father had started. Mahendra Singh filed many cases.. ..that Surekha is a whore,
mad and she attacked him. Surekha was brought to the court. No lawyer was ready to fight her case. Rakesh did not have any experience but
still he got ready to fight her case. Honesty had become orphan,
justice had become aimless. The truth was crying. Mahendra had bribed all
the witnesses and proofs. Rakesh lost to Mahendra’s
money and position. Surekha had really become mad on
seeing the situation and circumstances. Surekha who was caught as a whore is
mad and is not safe to stay in society. The police is ordered to admit her to
mental hospital and get her treated. No, I am not mad. I am not mad. No, I am not mad. No, I am not mad. No. No. No. No, I am not mad. No. No. No. Surekha.. Surekha.. Surekha.. You bloody murderer.
You killed my Surekha. Why did you kill her? What did she do? You killed
that innocent girl. You bloody. You should die. You die. – Rakesh. Rakesh, leave it.
Don’t kill him. – I will kill you. You will also become a murderer
then what will happen of me, son. – No Rakesh, please don’t kill him.
– Mother! Mother, he killed Surekha. He is a murderer, mother.
He is a murderer. – He should die, mother. He
has no right to live. – No son. Leave it, give me the revolver. Don’t kill him.
You will also become a murderer. No son, I cannot live without you. Mother! He killed Surekha for no reason. In the court he proved her to be mad. Like a mad girl she ran away. I could not do anything. She committed suicide by
coming in front of the train. In front of my eyes
Surekha died, mother. She died, mother.
I got stuck in wires, mother. Otherwise I would have saved Surekha. Mother, she could
not tolerate her insult. She committed suicide. Suicide. You, you are the
reason behind all this. I will kill you. But I am sparing you for my mother. Not with him, not with this murderer. Today he killed Surekha. He killed her. Now we will go from this house. Yes mother, we will go. Will we go, mother? Yes son. Mr. Murderer, we are going from here. From this very moment
you are dead for us. Yes. Hey, so it is you. They had said that they would send me
to a nice man but they send me to you. Do you think I am not nice? I have already understood. Look Mr.
Suri, this is a place to write. And that is a place to sit.
This is not seat of a bus. Get up and go and sit there. Really! You turned out to
be a double faced man. Stop talking nonsense and
tell as to why you have come. Nothing, brother. I want to divide
my wealth so want to make a will. That’s all.
You should have told me first. I will tell you the
names as to whom my wealth.. ..has to be transferred
and then do the settlement. Okay tell me. Wait. Fold your hands. – Why?
– Don’t you have any sense? In front of God.
Don’t you believe in God? – Look, you..
– I am dividing my wealth.. ..and you are doing work
without remembering God. You are speaking too much. There is 500 acre of
coconut orchard in Ambewadi. 2 acre in the name of my son
and 3 acre in the name of my wife. – Okay.
– For my wife. Yes, for your wife and not my wife. Tell me. There is 6 acres of
fish pond in Wassanpur. 3 acres in the name of my brother and
3 acres in the name of my daughter. – Did you write?
– Yes, I have written. Tell me. In Nalasopara I have a
palm tree orchard and a house. You have to transfer that
in the name of my second set up. Second set up? Hey, you are full entertainer. I have reached here
after so much study. I have not set up once
and you did second set up. Of course. Will anyone give his
daughter to you after seeing your face? Then? “I’m looking very beautiful in the veil.” You seem to be like that. You cannot talk about
personal matters here. Sea of Mumbai and
Vidhan sabha of Delhi.. To hell with your property. Are you Tatas brother
or Birla’s brother-in-law? Where are the papers of the
property about which you just told me? What do you mean? They are with them. What are they doing with him? From tomorrow I will start working
and then do everything in my name. – You are going to earn from tomorrow.
– Yes. For that you are making
me write so much on a page. Tell me one thing.
Who do you think I am? – I just told you.
– What did you tell me? “I’m looking very beautiful in the veil.” Lawyer uncle, I came first
in the class. Look at my report. Very good, Raju. Uncle, even I will study
hard and become a great lawyer. Keep quiet. You could study
so much is because of his help. – This much study is enough for you.
– Don’t say like this. Raju wants to study
more and move ahead. This is because of your kindness. If this happens then we will
not be able to forget your favor. Uncle, I will also become
a big lawyer like you. Of course you will become. Take this. – Hail to Lord Rama.
– Hail to Lord Rama. Green chili is coming. Today I am gone. So Miss Sandhya, do you want to die? Yes. Good idea. But my car is small. Even a mouse will not die. Look there. A big car, a truck is coming. Go and stand in front
of it and definitely.. Wish you happy death. Hey, you will die. Why are you bothered? Let me die. It is my life and my wish. Why did you save me? – It is my life and my wish.
– Hey, what is your problem? – What have I done?
– Enough. Every time you find me. – What is there to create..
– Why do you want to die.. – much drama for that?
– coming in front of my car? – You say whatever you wish to.
– Listen, what is this? – Do not mess up with me.
– I am unmarried girl so it is my wish. – Every time you keep scolding me. – If
I get mad then I will say anything. I don’t care about you. – You don’t think.. – What have I
to do whether you live or die? – You just keep screaming.
– Go and die somewhere else.. – ..but why do you want to die in front
of me. – Your not allowing me to die. Not I but my friend
did that telecast on TV. Oh, friend. Now where did
this friend come in between? Rakesh, I am telling you the truth. I wanted to die after writing
in a letter as to what happened. I thought you would
be able to understand me.. ..after seeing my dead body. Look at this. That means you do not know anything. I swear on camera. Okay, okay.. Hey, what is this? Blood. Hey, what are you doing?
What a trouble she is? Oh God. Sandhya, it is a good chance.
Just cling to him. Oh God, she is so heavy. Hey, come out. What is this? What is all this? Rakesh, I love you. – What?
– Do you love me? Auto. Why in an auto? We will go by car. – No problem.
– But I have a problem. Go. How Rakesh? I have been hurt so how
will I go alone like this Rakesh? – Come.
– Rakesh.. – No problem. Sit down.
– Rakesh! Listen to me. – Brother, take her. – Rakesh, you
are sending me with a stranger. – Nowadays the time is not good.
– Go. – Go.
– Listen to me. I will never meet you again. Hello. Okay fine. I will handle it. – Rakesh.
– What happened, mother? How come there is blood on your shirt?
What happened? – I got hurt.
– Where? Not to me but to Sandhya. – Sandhya, who is she?
– That TV girl. Oh! – Mother that girl is unnecessarily
troubling me. – Which girl? Sandhya, the one who comes in TV. All flowers have dried.
I will have to put water. I was coming by car
and she came in between. She wanted to die.
Let her die. I don’t care. After that she became
ready to die against the truck. I just remembered that ask
Gumasta to get two Eveready cells. I will tell him, mother. The truck was coming and
still she was standing fearlessly. – Oh really.
– Yes. I forgot to turn off the gas. Listen to me, mother.
I went to save her and she fell down. She got hurt on the head.
I made her sit in auto and sent her. – In auto?
– Yes. I hope the driver is a good man. What if he traps the girl in
his talks and do something with her. What have we to do? But we cannot have
faith on auto drivers. We do not know in which hospital
she would be in and in what condition? – Hello, Govind Hospital.
– Yes. Has any girl by the name
Sandhya admitted to your hospital? Yes sir, she has been admitted. How is she? The delivery was good. Delivery was good? She has given birth to twins.
Are you her husband? You will be fine. – Hello, Best Hospital.
– Yes. Has any girl by the name
Sandhya admitted to your hospital? Sandhya, there is a call for you. – Hello.
– Is Sandhya there? Who are you? I don’t have any work with you. If you do not have work
with me then why did you call? What relationship do you have with
Sandhya? Is she your lover or sister? Why did you call her? I am her husband speaking.
I am of a very suspicious nature. What is going on between both of you? What relation do you both have? Where did you meet for the first time? Where are you going to meet next time? You are lucky that.. Sandhya is at home. Do you need the number? That girl took this step
because you scolded her. Do you know why she did this? Because she loves you. Sandhya knows about
your past and Surekha. Mother, I will not
be able to forget Surekha. You should get into the habit
of forgetting some memories, son. Otherwise those memories
become our enemies. – Mother.
– Now don’t say anything. There is nothing wrong in giving
Surekha’s part of love to someone else. I don’t love Sandhya, mother. If it is not love then what does it
mean to call her and enquire about her. That is compassion. When compassion increases
then it becomes love. Listen, if you have little
love for Sandhya then go and meet her. Tomorrow morning
she is going to Chennai. Look Rakesh, even I want a
daughter-in-law to come in this house. I like Sandhya. Mother, mother.. Listen. You were telling
something about Sandhya. I had gone to the station.
The train left. Is that so? If I call her once then before keeping
the receiver down she will come here. Shall I call her? I have a severe headache. Shall I call Sandhya? Mother, would I get one coffee? It is ready. I will get it. Don’t you like Sandhya? That is not the case, mother. Sandhya should not
have behaved so crazily. There are very few beautiful
and intelligent girls. And Sandhya has both
beauty and intelligence. But she is a little crazy.
That is the problem. Otherwise she is.. Hey, you..station, train..Chennai. I had gone to the station.
I had even boarded the train. I saw you searching
for me in every compartment. I could see you perspiring and
searching for me in every compartment. You could have called
me when I was finding you. Why should I call you? For last
so many days I was running behind you. – Did you call me?
– You.. Oh my God! Hey, why are you removing this shirt?
This pink color is really suiting you. There is no color in my life. I
like just two colors black and white. Don’t think that you would
remain happy after marrying me. I am very moody.
I can lose temper anytime. I get angry.. All that will go with my lips. I have fallen in love with you
after seeing your good and bad habits. – My green chili.
– What? Green chili.. Green chili.. “My heart is yours, I am yours.” “I have fallen in love with you.” “Day and night we remain love.” “And never be separated.” “My eyes dream of you.” “Your face is there in my heart.” “My desire and world is you.” “My heart is yours, I am yours.” “I have fallen in love with you.” “Day and night we remain love.” “And never be separated.” “From the time I have met you.
My heart is at peace.” “All my happiness is because of you.” “You are my life and love.” “My world is just you.” “You are in my breath
and in every part of my body.” “You are in my talks and memories.” “You have brought happiness in my life.” “My heart is yours, I am yours.” “I have fallen in love with you.” “My heart is yours, I am yours.” “I have fallen in love with you.” “We are there for each
other in happiness and pain.” “We are lovers forever.” “We will always be
there for each other.” “Not even for a moment
we should be separated.” “Let us spend our life together.” “My heart calls you and you
are the reason of me being alive.” “Hug me tight and make me as you are.” “The weather is beautiful
so let’s fall in love.” “My heart is yours, I am yours.” “I have fallen in love with you.” “Day and night we remain love.” “And never be separated.” “My eyes dream of you.” “Your face is there in my heart.” “My desire and world is you.” “My heart is yours, I am yours.” “I have fallen in love with you.” “Day and night we remain love.” “And never be separated.” Chief minister, sir. His condition is very bad. It would be injustice
with the people of this state. We have organized
an emergency meeting. Chief minister sir is very serious. Now it is your responsibility
to choose the next chief minister. Only I have the right to be the chief
minister in the state and no one else. – Challenge.
– That is not the case, brother. What is so special in you
that only you can be the CM? Today I challenge you Mr. Useless. Don’t forget that you
have left your wife and son.. ..and living with another woman. What impact would
it have on the public? That is my personal life. I agree that is personal. If chief minister comes to know that
you are not living with your wife.. ..but with a keep then it would be bad
news for our motherland, Mr. Useless. Is that the only point that
is stopping me from being a CM? That is not the case.
Who can stop you, brother? Yes, but I am not
interested in becoming CM. I swear on my secretary. But what if tomorrow the opposition.. ..brings your wife and son against us? Mr. Mahendra, you are capable
of becoming a chief minister.. ..but it is important
to know what the public thinks. Think about it.
We do not have much time. Come on let’s go. What should we do? Drink it, dear. First close the door. Everyone in the country
knows about our love story. Let everyone know.
At least we are getting the publicity. What is the matter? Are you
going back to your wife and son? No. I have been insulted. Shall I wipe it? Go, go inside. I will tell you when
you come in the bedroom. All your weak points are plus points
for that Tara Chand to become CM. Your son is very short tempered. Before he destroys
you I would suggest.. ..that you apologize to your wife. You will have to do, sir. Everything is fair in politics, sir. You cannot move ahead in politics
if you think of pride and ego. If you want to become CM and get that
position then you will have to do it. You will have to go to madam. You must not have thought
that I would come. It is a relationship. Relationship. My heart does not agree. Can I sit? Please have a seat. Yesterday I showed my horoscope. The planetary condition
was not good so we got separated. Just see being not at fault.. ..the planetary condition
is making us do all this. Sit down, Sharda. – I’ll get coffee for you.
– Get it. So many years have passed
since I drank coffee made by you. Inspite of having money and
power a person is very unfortunate.. ..if he does not get a
glass of water from his wife. Oh God, I forgot the file. What did you say, Sharda? My son Rakesh is getting married. You gave me such good news Sharda. Sandhya is a nice girl. Whatever happens happens for good. As soon as daughter-in-law
stepped in the house.. ..all separated people came together. He will get simple registered marriage
done and will take blessings of God. It is great news. Son, your father has come. He died four years ago. – Son, Rakesh..
– No. Get lost. – Lawyer uncle..
– What is it, Raju? Your photo has been published
in the newspaper. Look at it. Lawyer sir, can I attend your wedding? Rakesh, where did you go? I got so worried
that you haven’t come. Look at this. Look at the
advertisement given by your husband. Are you happy now? But I am not happy mother. He came home after four
years and showed fake love. And you told everything. Look at this.
he made my marriage as his publicity. He came here to remove
the mark of disgrace.. ..that he has left his wife and son. Bloody cheat. What happened, mother? Have you forgotten what
kind of a person is he? He took away the peace
of mind of four years. Have you forgotten everything? He kept the sanctity
of sacred thread.. ..and that is why did
not come home at night. If Mahendra Singh ever comes here
then I will leave this house forever. Not only in the court but you
shout a lot at your mother as well. Do you know that your eyes
have turned red because of anger? What wrong did mother do? Is it wrong on her part
to talk to her husband.. ..who came after 4 years and
with whom she has spent 25 years? Is it written in your law
books that a woman cannot talk.. her husband who
comes home after many years? Show it to me. Did you forget that she
supported you leaving her husband? For last so many years
she was worried about you.. ..but did not think about her husband. With your anger you
have hurt a nice mother. Okay, I said that I got mad in anger. That is why I shouted. But did you see advertisement
of Mahendra Singh? Politics..
He is playing politics with me. That is why I went out of control. And I don’t know what
all I said in anger. Mother! Will mother forgive me? Rakesh! Can I come inside? You did not come home at
night and must not have eaten food. Tiffin will also be ready in sometime. Listen Sandhya,
my son is still a child. I do not know how will you handle him?
Everything is in your hands. Rakesh, what happened son?
The coffee was hot. I do not know what had happened to me.
I will get water for you. Forgive me, mother. Forgive me. Rakesh, what are you doing? What happened now?
What is this childlike behavior? Leave me. What happened to you now? If you shed tears then you’re
would be wife will make fun of you. Now smile.. Listen, will you
give me paper to read? I do not know why but if
I don’t read paper in the morning.. ..I am not comfortable. Hey, will you give me paper? No, I will not give. Then do one thing. Read all
the headlines and I will listen. I will not read. Why are you being so stubborn?
Okay do one thing. Keep this 1/- and give me the paper. I will not give. How come you villager is here? Do you have any problem
in reading the headlines? Of course. I would have read
it only if I knew how to read. Don’t you know how to read? Then why were you
sitting with the paper? What should I tell you? I was
holding it to keep the sunlight away. What did you say? to keep sunlight
away you were holding the paper. Yes. You are so intelligent. I was a fool to have
asked you to read it. Great personality,
will you please stand up? Help me. You are so heavy. Hey, please do not fall at my feet. That is not the case. I told you not to fall at my feet.
Don’t you understand? That is not the case. You
are repeating the same thing again. That is not the case. – Again you are falling at my feet.
– Who is touching your feet? – You are doing it.
– That is not the case. Don’t you understand?
You just talk nonsense. Keep your feet away. Again you are falling at my feet. – What happened now?
– Won’t I die if you touch my feet? – Die?
– Do you think villagers are fools? That is not the case. Don’t you
understand? You just talk nonsense. You unnecessarily shout loud. Don’t you understand? Fool, why don’t you understand? – I told you not to fall at my feet.
Don’t you understand? – Shut up. – That is not the case.
– If I will die. You are repeating the same
thing again. That is not the case. I will not spare you. If you behave like this then
even you will be thrashed by me. Why are you doing it? Are you a fool?
I am picking up my coin. You should have told me first. – Why had you to come here?
– I feel like slapping you. You could have read
the paper somewhere else. Why had you to come here? What do you think of yourself? Are we villagers’ fools?
What do you think of yourself? Uncle, someone asked
me to give this letter to you. Rakesh, what is it son? Rakesh, where are you going? I have some work with Mr. Mahendra. Rakesh, don’t do anything
with him. Rakesh.. Rakesh.. Rakesh.. Yesterday you got the news
of his marriage published.. ..he did not give any reaction. Today you presented him
with a car but still no reaction. That means our plan is working out. Congratulations in advance, sir. Rakesh, did you like the car? Yes I really liked it. I have
some work with you. Please come. Go sir. You are getting a good
opportunity to bring him closer to you. Rakesh, what is all this?
Slow down the speed. Rakesh. Oh my God. Rakesh. Rakesh. Rakesh. Rakesh. Rakesh. Rakesh. Rakesh. Oh my God. So Mr. Mahendra,
will you try to bribe me? Do you think I am a child who
will become greedy for a chocolate? Did you see the condition of your car? If you ever try to
do it again with me.. ..then your condition
would also be the same. Hey, you are a great item. Leave me. Come on. Sir, you are here then how
is the sound coming from there? Come on. This seems to be Tarachand’s voice. I fell in love with
you at first sight. Your bad time started with
party and has now reached home. – What are you doing?
– Sir.. Sir, listen to me. – Sir, listen to me.
– Leave me. – Sir, go from here otherwise you will
be trapped in false case. – Leave me. Leave me. I will not spare him. Leave me. Save me. Mahendra killed my sister,
inspector. Allegation of murder
on minister Mahendra Singh. What happened, brother? Someone killed Bhanumati. Look at the newspaper. It has come
in the paper. Show it to me as well. Minister Mahendra Singh
killed his friend Bhanumati. Tarachand says that he
has all proofs against him. Mr. Mahendra told the journalists
that he has nothing to do.. ..with the murder of Bhanumati
and it is a political conspiracy. – No, no..
– Sit down. I have not killed Bhanumati. Our opposition member Tarachand
has spread this rumor. It is all nonsense. Everyone knows it. The driver has seen Mahendra
Singh killing Bhanumati. Bhanumati had illegitimate
relations with driver.. that is why Mahendra
Singh killed Bhanumati. Lies..there was no illegitimate
relationship between Bhanumati and me. She was like a sister to me. Was Bhanumati his sister?
Was the second set up his sister? Bad times..bad times have come. Sir, an allegation has
been put on Mahendra Singh. Would you like to make such
a person as chief minister of state? All this is rumor. His crime
has not been proved by court. What if he is proved
innocent in court? Then what is the problem? A murderer cannot become
chief minister of our state. Not at all. Poor fellow. Mr. Mahendra was very
happy after meeting his wife and son. He also wanted to get his son married. But because of this
murder all his plans failed. After CM falling ill Mr.
Mahendra was going to become CM.. ..but it is unfortunate that
he has got trapped in murder case. In next four days party is
going to elect the chief minister. If Mr. Mahendra is not
proved innocent in court.. ..then it is sure that
Tarachand will become next CM. No. No. No. that Tarachand cannot become CM. Tell me that will I
die without becoming a CM? Tell me. You will surely become, sir. But first you will have
to come out of this case. I think I will not
be able to come out of it. Don’t worry.
The real bomb is in our hands, sir. – In my hands?
– Yes, sir. The moment you use that bomb
you will come out of this problem. Which is that bomb? Rakesh. Mr. Raghav, Canara bank manager. You called me urgently.
I am lawyer Rakesh. Your father has asked us to get you. Quietly come with us. What are you looking at?
I am telling this to you. Will you come with us respectfully
or shall we kidnap you? If anyone tries to
move then I will kill him. Get lost. Don’t kill me. Forgive me. I had told these fools
that Rakesh not only.. ..kills with talks
but also with hands. They did not listen.
Don’t I know the power of my son? That is why I have come myself. Blood relation. – What do you want? – You will
have to fight Bhanumati’s murder case. What? You will fight the case
that I killed Bhanumati. Say it once again. I did not hear. There is no other way. Say it. You will fight the case
that I killed Bhanumati. – Why should I fight your case?
– That is an intelligent question. Rakesh, your good publicity is more.. ..than my bad publicity. Everyone believes that
you take true and just cases. That is why you will
have to fight my case. If you take up this case then everyone
will believe that I am innocent. Tarachand will keep his mouth shut. When you win this case
then I will become the CM? As CM’s son your level
will also increase. What do you say? Excellent. That means I will
have to fight your case. You will commit a crime
and I will set it right. You do wrong things and
I will prove you innocent. How did you think that I
will put my truthfulness at stake? Get lost. Rakesh, I am requesting you. I give you 24 hours of time. Think about it once more
otherwise I will show you my power. I will show you my power. What power of yours you will show me? First do something about this. Wow, you have a great son. – What happened?
– Save us. Oh my God!
What happened? Save my child. Somebody bring water. Save us. Save us. What will happen now?
Somebody bring water. Hey, where is my child. Come here.. Someone save him. Save him. – Take him quickly.
– Yes sir. Quick. – Doctor..
– Listen, get these medicines quickly. I will get them. Give me. Get them quickly. Rakesh, a call for you. – Hello.
– What happened? I have heard that
fire broke out in huts. I have also heard that
a child is very serious. What do you mean? I am the responsible for
the fire that broke out in huts. – You bloody..
– Take up my case. Your PA has gone to some medical shop. But he will not return. You bloody.. Gulab. Gulab. Sir, a call for you. Hello. Rakesh, will you take up my case now? Wait, I will come there. – What happened, sir?
– Rakesh is coming. When he comes your
journey will end here. Keep quiet. We might have committed many murders. He is a truthful person and will
kill his father instead of his mother. What will we do now, sir? – Where is Mahendra?
– I don’t know. – Will you tell me or not?
– He has gone to your house. You bloody cheat. You bloody cheat. – Rakesh..
– I will kill you. Sharda, don’t interfere.
Let me die at the hands of my son. Kill me. Kill me. Rakesh. Rakesh,
you have no right to kill my husband. Mother, he got fire broken in the huts
and made Gulab meet with an accident. Now he is fighting for life, mother. I know it.
Tarachand has done all this. Whatever he said is lies.
He plays politics everywhere. Ask him mother if he called
me or not to take up his case. Ask him, mother. Ask him. Tell him that Tarachand did that work. Keep quiet. Don’t do drama. Don’t involve God in between otherwise
you will not spare him as well. What will I do of my life
when my son does not believe me? – I will die.
– Listen, what are you doing? Don’t stop me. Let me die. – Don’t stop him mother. Let him bang
his head if he wishes to. – I will die. He is not a person who will
die easily. Let him bang his head. Rakesh. Sharda, unnecessarily I created
differences between both of you. I will live my life
in jail and will die. Listen. Promise me that you will not remove
bangles and vermillion after I die. Wherever I live I would like to see
you dressed up like a married woman. – This is my desire.
– Listen. Rakesh, look your father is going.
Please, wait for a minute. Rakesh, your father is a bad man and
he is responsible for Surekha’s death. That is why I came
with you leaving him. But today he has accepted
his mistakes and has come here. I know how much is
he repenting for his sins. When I have the right
to leave my ruthless husband.. ..then don’t I have the right
to respect my husband who has changed? Should I live like a widow inspite
of the fact that my husband is alive? Mother. I am not asking for
favor for calling me mother. You will have to
fight my husband’s case. I am begging for it. Mother. No mother,
no I have never refused to you. I will agree to you. Sometimes people are killed
not by swords but by words. Today your husband did good
acting and changed your mind. Mr. Mahendra, you are great. I salute you. But from today onwards mother,
I swear on your motherhood.. ..that I will just for you
by sacrificing my truthfulness.. ..and morals though
it would be hell for me. Son.. Son.. – Rakesh here. – I am
speaking from Apollo hospital, sir. – Tell me. – Your assistant
ahs gained consciousness. Okay. Welcome sir. I cannot stand
on my feet and greet you sir. Yes because I am not worthy of that. No sir. You have
not lost your dignity. But my legs and arms.. That is why I could
not greet you, sir. What is this, sir? Don’t cry, sir. Everyday thieves and criminals
vow to Bhagwad Gita in court. Does Bhagwad Gita loses its
sacredness for such a small thing? No sir. You would be the same
if you say no to Mahendra’s case. Fight it sir. Create a scene in the court. If the need arises then I shall give
proof against Mahendra Singh, sir. Maybe that is why
after so many injuries.. ..I did not die because
I had to support you, sir. Yes. I did not die
with God’s blessings, sir. – Rakesh sir has come.
– Look, what has happened, sir. – Greetings, sir.
– Greetings, sir. We are totally destroyed sir.
Everything has finished, sir. Everything has finished, sir. There
is not even a chair for you to sit. Mahendra. Don’t take these things to heart, sir. Whether it is justice or
injustice make your father win, sir. You will have to make him win, sir. You will have to make him win, sir. You will have to make him win, sir. You will have to make him win, sir. You will have to make him win, sir. How is Raju? Our Raju. You tried sir but my Raju.. I had thought that he
would become a great man.. ..but never thought
that he would die so soon. Raju.. – What happened, Rakesh?
– The newspaper seller Raju died. Though Gulab is alive but
is as good as a dead person. Do you know why? He lost his one arm.
He lost both his legs. Mahendra is the reason behind it. But people are praising
me to fight Mahendra’s case. No one is angry with me.
They are not angry with me. I have sacrificed my
truthfulness and morals.. ..and still no one is angry with me. On one hand is a
promise made to mother.. ..and on the other
hand my peace of mind. What punishment can be given to
person who lives his life truthfully? Rather than going
through this punishment.. would have been
better that I died. I died.. “It is my fight with my own people.” “My heart is full of anger.” “Blood relations are forcing me.” “My mind is confused in this turmoil.” “My morals and rules are breaking.” “It is my fight with my own people.” “My heart is full of anger.” “My soul calls me to fulfill your duty.” “Blood relations force
me to save my dear ones.” “Tell me God as to what I should do.” “How can I spare the
sinner of this time?” “Why should I save him?” “How can I let justice die?” “On one hand is duty and law and on
the other hand is my responsibility.” “It is my fight with my own people.” “My heart is full of anger.” “The one who gave birth
to me and in whose lap I played.” “She has wounded my heart.” “How can I just forget
her who was everything for me?” “How can I spare that man
who has shattered my dreams?” “Where has my life brought
me where my dear one are my enemies?” “It is my fight with my own people.” “My heart is full of anger.” “Blood relations are forcing me.” “My mind is confused in this turmoil.” “My morals and rules are breaking.” I don’t know what decision
will be taken today? Till now proofs of public
prosecutor Goverdhan and.. ..defence lawyer Rakesh were
studied in Bhanumati murder case. Now we will hear the
argument of both the sides. You proceed, Mr. Prosecutor. Your honor I have already
presented the proof and.. ..witness to you that culprit Mr.
Mahendra Singh has killed Bhanumati. Tarachand is the eye
witness of this murder. When Mr. Mahendra Singh
was shooting at Bhanumati.. ..then Tarachand came in between. The bullet pierced
through his hand as well. To save Mr.
Mahendra Singh our lawyer.. ..Mr. Rakesh has collected
false proofs with great effort. And put forth arguments
that he is innocent. Poor fellow.
I feel pity on seeing him. I would request you to pay attention.. my arguments and
punish the corrupt leaders.. ..and save our state. That’s all, your honor. Now defence can put
forth his point of view. Proceed. ‘I am not asking favor
for calling me mother.’ ‘You will have to
fight my husband’s case.’ ‘I beg of you my son.’ ‘Mother.’ Your honor all arguments and witness
show that Mahendra is innocent. How can Mr. Mahendra kill anyone
who has been a part of freedom fight? His family should not
become a hindrance for him.. that is why he left his
son and wife and did social work. Bhanumati was killed on 2nd October. On that day Mahendra Singh was offering
flowers at Mahatma Gandhi’s cemetery. Mr. Mahendra’s ticket to Delhi,
hotel receipt.. ..and his photograph near
Gandhiji’s cemetery is proof of it. After returning from Delhi Mahendra
Singh went straight to his home. There he saw Tarachand
and Bhanumati making love. Mahendra Singh who
considered Bhanumati.. his sister was
very hurt on seeing this. If Indian flag tears then Mahendra
Singh does not eat food for two days. Then just think how much
hurt would Mahendra Singh.. on seeing his
sister in this condition. He requested Tarachand not
to spoil his sister’s life. Marry her. Tarachand said that he would marry her
only if he is made the chief minister. On one hand was sister’s life.. ..and on the other hand
the future of the country. On seeing his brother’s condition.. ..Bhanumati got tensed
and she committed suicide. Bhanumati’s sacrifice
is the proof of sacred.. ..relationship between
brother and sister. Tarachand changed
this suicide to murder.. that Mr. Mahendra
is not made the chief minister. Your honor,
my client Mahendra is innocent. He is great man who considers women as
sisters and worships country as God. If we lose such a great politician
then the state would become orphan. Your honor,
it is time for your decision. My client is innocent. I have
presented the witness and proofs. Now there is no doubt
that he is innocent. He has not committed any crime. He has not committed this murder. What do you say Mr. Prosecutor? So Tarachand,
you are feeling the pain.. ..on seeing Mahendra Singh
is being proved innocent. You are innocent Mr.
Mahendra Singh. You will be released. This is my promise to you. Till
I am there nothing can happen to you. No one can stop you
from becoming free. “It is my fight with my own people.” “My heart is full of anger.” “Blood relations are forcing me.” “My mind is confused in this turmoil.” “My morals and rules are breaking.” Sir, your mother’s letter. Rakesh, I know how
much you have fluttered.. ..because of the
promise you made to me. Rather than being wife
to a sinner it is better.. ..I always remain
by being a son’s mother. Face law and justice, son.
My blessings are always with you. After hearing the
arguments of both sides.. ..the court agrees to the argument
put forth by defence lawyer Rakesh. And this court.. One minute, your honor.
Please give me one more minute. Listen to me before
you give your decision. My client is friend of society, kind
person and worshipper of his country. Mr. Mahendra Singh should
be put straight to Tihar jail. Because there is no sinner like him. He killed Bhanumati. He killed her. He is not innocent.
He is a bloody murderer. Is Bhanumati your sister? Tell me when is she your sister?
During day or night? Tell it to everyone. Mr. Rakesh, you are out of order. No, I am not out of order. If I do not tell the truth
then court will be out of order. Law will be out of order
and so will the state be. The entire country
would become out of order. Yes. Mahendra killed
Bhanumati on 2nd October. That day he did not go to
Delhi or to Gandhiji’s cemetery. He had sent his driver. In Delhi his driver was
caught under drink and drive case. This is police report. Mahendra’s photo near Ganghiji’s
cemetery is made a local studio. This is the photo and its negative.
Look at them. On the spot of murder there
are no marks of Tarachand’s blood. Why? Just think. On seeing Tarachand
and Bhanumati together.. ..Mahendra could not control
himself and tried to kill them. But somehow Tarachand escaped. Very good. You are absolutely right. No, next time I will kill you.
Just remain quiet. Mr. Rakesh, you had said
that Mahendra is innocent. And now you are saying that he is a
murderer. You are insulting the court. I am not insulting the
court but increasing its dignity. Till now I fought
like a defence lawyer. But now I am talking with true heart
and talking about rules and justice. Everyone swears on Bhagwad
Gita and say what they want to. But today I swear on my
mother that I am saying the truth. Mahendra is a murderer.. Your honor,
defence lawyer has gone mad. Hey, in next five minutes
you will become mad. You are finished Mr. Mahendra. You are finished. Your honor, if you spare Mahendra
today then he will become a villain. He will become CM of the state and
will not spare the public of the state. He will fill up his treasure
with the money offered in temples. He will go to any extent
to get himself praised. You tell what kind of punishment
should be given to the person.. ..who is so obsessed with politics. Order, order.. Listen, listen..Rakesh..Rakesh. Leave me. Rakesh. What happened? Rakesh..leave me. Rakesh. – Hey, stop him.
– Rakesh. Rakesh. Rakesh. Rakesh.. Rakesh. Rakesh. Rakesh. Rakesh. Rakesh. Rakesh. Rakesh. Come on. Follow him. Rakesh. Leave me. Rakesh. Rakesh. Save me. Rakesh. Rakesh. Rakesh. Rakesh, the train is coming. Rakesh, save me.
For your mother and her sacred thread. Save me, Sharda. Save me. Rakesh, save me. Rakesh.. Rakesh.. Sharda, ask Rakesh to save me. I am not a murderer but a human being. You died at the time mother
removed the sacred thread. It is righteousness
that makes the world move.. ..and the wheel of
righteousness never stops. If you come in front of him
then that wheel will crush you.

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