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Developer Update | June 2019 Update | Overwatch

Welcome, everyone,
to today’s Developer Update. I’m Jeff from the Overwatch Team. As many of you are already aware, we recently released
a brand-new short story for one of our
favorite characters, Baptiste, that you can go and read right now. One of our writers, Alyssa Wong,
spent a lot of time on this story, and we had a lot of fun developing it. One of the things that you all ask us for
so much is more story, and you want to know more
about our characters, and more about the plot of
what’s happening with Overwatch right now. So this story’s going to give you a lot of
insight into who Baptiste is as a person. It’s also really cool because it shows him
visiting his homeland of Haiti. And I don’t want to give
too many spoilers, but we introduced some characters
from Baptiste’s past who have very unique personalities
and backgrounds, who may or may not become
bigger parts of the Overwatch universe in the future as well. So we think you’re going to have
a lot of fun reading Alyssa’s short story, learning more about Baptiste. We hope you go
and enjoy that story right now. Now, coming very soon we have a big patch happening, and there’s a lot of cool content
in this patch. Tied to the short story, we are having an event called
Baptiste Reunion Challenge. And in this challenge, you will be able to unlock
an Epic Skin for Baptiste by winning 9 matches of Overwatch, and you can win those
in any mode that you want: Competitive, Quick Play, one of the Arcade modes. We think the skin is really awesome. There are some other rewards as well
that you can unlock. And this challenge is very similar
to the Ana Bastet Challenge that we ran, and the D.Va Nano Cola Challenge, so a lot of you will be familiar
with this format. We think it’s a great way
to unlock a really cool skin, and it’s tied in with that story
that we’re pretty excited about. So we hope you’re enjoying that. Also, there’s just
a really big patch coming with some really cool features. The feature that I’m personally
most excited about is replays. Replays will allow you… If you go into your Career Profile and click on the Replay tab, replays will allow you to view
your last 10 played matches and look at them
from any angle you want to. You can use all of the spectator tools
that we’ve been developing over the years, including that cool spectator overlay that puts the cool little character icons
over the map that you see in our OWL broadcasts. All of these features will be available
to you, including time scaling, watching from any player’s point of view. We think it’s a really cool feature. We think a lot of you who like to make
content based on Overwatch will make some really cool things
using this feature. And then, for those of us who just play
the game and maybe don’t make content, it will just help us realize
how we can become better players. By watching our matches back and reviewing all the things
that we did right and we did wrong, we’ll learn how we can become
better players of Overwatch. So we think this is a really cool feature. There’s a few things
that you should know about it. Just like our highlights system, when we patch the game, your old replays will go away. So make sure that you’re not trying
to hang onto a replay for too long. If you really want to save it,
we recommend that you export it using video software, or using the share features
from the various consoles so you’re not hanging onto
those replays for too long. And remember, it will only save
your last 10 most recent replays. But we think this is going to be great. Also, as a lot of you are already aware – and it’s been live since Stage 3 started
in the Overwatch League – you can now, on PC, using the special Overwatch Replay Viewer, you can go and watch
Overwatch League replays… …shortly after
the matches have happened, which we think is going to be really cool, allowing you to analyze
a lot of data that’s happened. So all of that we think is awesome, and is available to you now. There are other changes coming
in this patch. There are minor balance changes.
I’m not going into those today. You’ll see those in the patch notes. They’ve been on the PTR, so you can review
the patch notes on the PTR and what players
have been saying about it. We also have changes coming to
the Assault mode, which some of you refer to as 2CP. Just so you know, we have shaved
1 minute off the time that you get that is granted to you
after you capture Point A for you to take Point B. That is 1 minute shorter, which should speed up
Assault rounds somewhat, and we think that will make
a little bit of a difference. It will also feel
a little bit better to you to not feel like
you have to defend Point B for so long. The match will end a lot sooner. The other thing that we’ve done
that we really enjoyed in our internal playtesting is that if you are defending
on Point A and you die, and the other team,
the attacking team, takes Point A, within a small window, we will nearly
instantly respawn you onto Point B, so that way you have
a much better chance of defending Point B in the case of an attacker snowball. So we think that’s going to feel
a lot better as well. All of these changes are coming very soon.
We think they’re very good. We also have
a new competitive season coming. For those of you who love
competitive Free-For-All Deathmatch, we’re going to run a competitive
Free-For-All Deathmatch season as well, so this should be a lot of fun, too. So there’s a lot of really cool
content coming. As you all have seen,
we just released a great short story, we’re giving you an event
to go along with that short story, we have balance changes,
changes coming to some of our game modes, such as Assault, and we’ve got that new
competitive Deathmatch season coming. So it should be a really fun patch. As always, we’re really interested
in your feedback on all of these things. We hope you enjoy your replays, and we look forward to all of
the cool things you’re going to do with looking back on
your old Overwatch games. Thanks.

  • Watching these updates shows jeff starting as someone with no business public speaking to a professional at giving speeches

  • The only thing I can focus on is the fact that his glasses are slightly off centre… Also… "Minor balance changes" :L

  • Just wish all of the story elements were in the game and not having to rely on outside sources 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Even though a lot of people hate how baptise got lore even though zen rarely has anything. His new story is sick

  • Even though a lot of people hate how baptise got lore even though zen rarely has anything. His new story is sick

  • This update made many consoles crash many times while using Wrecking ball aka Hammond.. still a big fan of the game..please fix this💔

  • So… by this point Zen is just the ugly stepchild that no one talks about in blizzard isn't he?… will we ever get lore?!?!

  • He looks like his soul left him 5 minutes ago and this is his final speech before he commits suicide by hanging. Just my observation.

  • Can someone answer me on why cosmetics are being taken away. Im playing with a legendary skin, then the next round I dont own it and it shows that i have to rebuy, or earn from special loot crates, the skin. The support team has still not given me and explanation. Furthe more, no one in any threads knows why. I need help. Hours and hours of playing are being taken away and I can do nothing about it. As of now, I am missing nearly 15 skins. About 9 are legendaries or rares.

  • I'd still love a reliable way to get currency im so tired of going a whole event without getting any of the skins i want or even during none events not getting the skins is annoying

  • No option to save or lock your replays on console. Nice. 3 years and this replay system is just shoddy garbage.

  • What i want to know is who these people are asking for "More story"
    He misunderstands "more plot" that is code for more hot girls.

  • I disliked this video right away, I never seen someone blink so much and I felt very uncomfortable seeing this.

  • me: can we have zenyatta lore?
    jeff: we have zenyatta lore at home

    zenyatta lore at home: baptiste lore

  • @PlayOverwatch jeff i know its PR stuff but for anyone with average intelligence saying "one of our favourite heroes" about LITERALLY every hero is just fake and doesn't feel right

  • Jeff Kaplan's voice sounds like he's been through some serious emotional trauma working at Blizzard.

  • Awesome feature with the replays, I've been waiting since launch for this! <3 An additional feature idea- publishing replays for others to view from your career profile. I'd like to watch people on my friends lists saved replays if possible.

    Me: Oh Finally! i was getting really bored of the same ol…
    Jeff: We will be introducing replays and some balance changes
    Me: ……………… why did i even get excited

  • We don't want to learn more about the characters.
    We want to stop losing competitive matches because of players going afk. There are players searching for a competitive match 24/7, you can add one of them even in the middle of the game. If they lose the match, they don't lose points since they were added later in the game, if they win they take the point normally. That would be fair for everyone and surely less frustrating.

    We want to be able to avoid infinite players as teammates. (the more you avoid, the less likely you are to find a quick match).
    And also our reports should have some real value.

  • 1000 health shield but you can change the stats of the shield like its invincible to hit scan then you can change it to projectile immune or beam immune but you will lose the other immune so the type of shots the shield isn’t immune to the shot you aren’t immune to. And you can change the type of immune every 1.5 seconds

  • 3 years after the release, you are adding things that are expected to be in a AAA game on release. Theater mode, forge mode, ranked (non casual rules), clans, more than 10 replays in halo 3 on xbox 360 10 years ago on day 1. 3 years after this game releases, you are adding old things that should have already been there instead of releasing a half finished game.

  • Competitive rewards are still a lame spray and icon? You earn more in fortnite for playing the game for fun in 1 hour than 3 years worth of comp in overwatch. Learn how to reward the players, learn how to balance characters, learn how to count properly. I hope Blizzard leaves activision before they end up going bankrupt, you have failed to produce a game as a service with Overwatch. Based off of real life numbers, your game is financially failing purely based on lack of thinking ahead with the changing landscape of games. You hit a homerun on release then have struck out every time at bat since. Terrible stats.

  • Updates that u need to do so we can balance the game

    1: Torbjorn’s turret shoots fast does allot of damage has a huge range and the health is a bit to much for a turret can we nerf its health and damage

    2 sombra invisibly is infinite that’s just stupid make it so when u get detected u get out of invisible mode

    That’s it rest is pretty good just one more thing nerf RoadHog’s health from 600 to 500 or 400

  • Give us some content. Playing nine games to get a skin does not equate content. Making a big to-do about introducing story and then having one linear section of gameplay where you shoot bad guys until you win is barely content (and no playing it on multiple difficulties still doesn't make it any good, although some have been better than others, Havana being the absolute worst). Spending years releasing the same game modes for each season and then opening the Workshop where others can create ideas for you is, well, cheating at best. I just do not understand how you spend your time making it so, as someone put "I can see my terrible gameplay from 11 angles" instead of dedicating every person to figuring out how to bring Overwatch's story mode or any mode to the next level. I mean I don't pretend to know what you should do but this is just not it. There are better things, it isn't a limitation of the client itself, and I fully believe that sort of thinking is a cop out. Figure it out.

    I say all this because I want the game to get better. Comics and shorts are cool, but they do not make the game itself better. I feel like all I'm seeing is a slow decline and it's not heartening. And where is all this coming from, some Idiot Blizzard exec? I mean Jeff appears to be empathetic and genuinely interested and wants the game to continue to thrive, but that isn't what we've seen implemented more often than not.

  • so they make it easier to defend on 2cp maps when the defense side is from my opinion unbalanced and too easy

  • They need to add a button or option to climb up ledges or lift up teammates within arms reach, it would make more sense than trained fighters looking for stairs

  • Jeff: something you guys ask us. For. Us: mercy FIX. Jeff: a hero short story Us:🔪⚰️🚬🧨💣🧪💊💉🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Overwatch is one of the most story-engaging games I’ve ever played. I’ve always loved the Archives event because we get to play a part in Overwatch history and see what our heroes past was like.

    The game is also very exciting and fun, for me it never gets old. Honestly, I feel as though people are disliking these events that come out, but they don’t realize that these events could have never existed in the first place. I think of these events as a gift from the Overwatch team, for still trying very hard to make us players happy.

    I also really like the entire design of the game. I always get merchandise when I can.

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