Destiny 2 : Shaxx Made This For You Medal 60.0 KA/D !

what is up guys in today's video we got a special video we actually got that I made this for you metal by using just a service revolver I was testing it in PvP and actually I wasn't going for the 5000 and we got it so that was pretty exciting I was using the service revolver like I said with kill clip a rangefinder light mag true sights in link master and backup mag it's actually a really surprising revolver it's really good I was pairing it with the Mindbender ambition with quick-draw snapshots but light mag rifle barrel and acres grip which is actually really good shot e2 with the Queen's raker – and the chopped top tree Goldy the six shots for my mods I was putting just some inking and stuff and cannon loader and Kevin targeting all that stuff and cannon dexterity some shoddy scavenger so I hope you guys enjoyed the gameplay we actually got an amazing game we got a pretty good Lobby I'm not gonna lie so make sure you drop a like comments and subscribe to the channel and you can activate a notification if you want to be the first to see the content and I'll see you guys in the next video peace alright Legion Gulch it's the map I hate the most but we're still gonna play it let's test this you ain't cannon oh shit they're all there oh damn it shoots pretty fast it's a 180 they're gonna kill back up a little bit well they're still up kill clip there we go this guy got melted bit laggy it might took him off one running mid oh my god this ain't getting is really good we gotta kill clip I can actually three top with kill clip 76 damage let's up three top for sure that's a yo – and I hate this weapon we're gonna back up a bit risky to pushing the responder I throw a pretty good Nate here for Atlanta's guy here pretty lot what I got him reload and the damage this thing Kevin's doing oh my god pretty good pretty good mr. Lang this guy get a kill reload every time always get that kill Clips like in three tab guys gonna peek I think I'm one pick here 57 to the head I feel like I have a lot of range compared so I could trust like the truss is good it's a good 180 but the range is just really good with this one look at this range if the kill clip get crispy three tap to retype this guy to go back up little bits I still got the kill clip it's been a while it actually shapes up and get my kill clip – they're all there it'd be careful I think we're just gonna back up a little bit and get bush regroup with the team I hope that till I stole it that's my teammates or go up up the hold a year and there's a lot of people hold on one shot already it just is B's three maybe one is gonna push from the portal nope oh he did gonna shut you this guy actually two more but a maid should get tagged there we go we got the we're I not already got a backup there's a lot of movements here want to die right now good pick for my team guys not gonna beak he's pretty stuck there was nothing he can do right now I could just push him with a shoddy here we go I mapped him my team is spawning there so the other team's gonna spawn see they start pushing us right now that's a strong daughter okay I got a machine gun I tried backing up a little bit's not the best situation right now trying to stay alive for real I could just use a portal and just run back cuz those guys are ever just gonna regroup I'm not gonna give them any kills my team spawning see so it's gonna be easier to attack one guy follow me so we're gonna try take him and take him down you may can you kill him yes he got a nice butt yeah this ain't canon feels really good umm I could compare it to an F for real like it's like good ain't gonna look at the damage like that's a lot of damage if we get killed cliff let's melt on the hoe he's blocking I got a backup teammate move gonna have to run back again if he's not pushing I don't need to hi and he's running back he might push me if he's pushing me he's gonna be dead you know we're gonna push that with a team and Nate there think he's on the flag get this kill it's pretty close I think I'm almost died there get the kill clip again I try pushing from the left here I don't really like pushing right side now let's see where yeah that's 51 that's big damage real it's really good always got a reload I can get my kill clip guys one shots maybe my team can finish him I'll finish it myself yep there we go real old I know there's a spectral somewhere it's gonna be careful I want to get pushed by him these outs okay we're gonna go pop that Goldy they survived my god we've got some good kills here at the power queens Baker that's the lights out well this guy's gonna push it is killing here this guy's just aping my team to get that kill clip still like getting this kill here get the kill apply it and get the kill here this guy almost got me back up little bits we're gonna go help my team they're supposed to have some enemies yep I see one in the portal got this guy that is double curio guy went stripper to power we got a 3-2 pretty easily on him another kill here I'm gonna back up a little bit so until this guy here at my Goldie we're gonna go pop it same spot from the left here actually let's see popped it hair did this double kill triple kill and here we go what the fuck we actually got the 50 Oh with the brand new service revolver oh my god I made this for you here we go oh my god revolvers actually really insane insane revolver throw another ghost in the nights look at the range that's amazing threw up I actually didn't want to play on this map but it was a good thing staple 10 kills we're gonna push from the left here well that was pretty lucky I almost killed me by straight lining okay was gonna fall down pretty weak good job team that's not my knee and I gotta be careful gonna egg glitch here get this easy kill okay love straight lining my god wait and see you guys saw him let my team take the flower and back up a little bit this guy's probably gonna shoddy I was gonna be late on grenade launcher only have seven shot in my hand cannon there we go we get that killer clip get another kill there's a daybreak we're just gonna back up a little bit no need to push there oh yeah here we go we got the 50 oaks I'm out what the fuck I was trying to do a review of this weapon but here we go it's a 50 OH perfect game without dying let's see the score I think we got like maybe 60 we get a 60 KD voice oh my god let's get it I was actually really good game


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