Destiny 2 | How to Get THE LAST WORD! Quest Guide, Easier PvP Medals & Final Boss Tips! (The Draw)

what's up guys hand is here and today we're gonna jump in with a full breakdown of how you can pick up the last word inside of destiny – so the draw quest is now available in the game and in this video we'll break down how you actually pick up the quest as well as all of the steps required to complete this all the things you'll need to know and a few tips and tricks along the way first we'll take a quick look at the last word in destiny – as well in this video guys so I hope you enjoy it as always be sure I hit subscribe if you're new to the channel to see more d2 content but now let's get into air so before we talk about the quest here is a very quick look at the weapon we've got the intrinsic perk fan fire the weapon can be fired quickly and continuously with faster reload and increased accuracy on successive hipfire damage we've also got corkscrew rifling accurized rounds hipfire EPP and textured grip and then general the weapon feels pretty cool to use of any plate you know just a game with it so far and all runs in that game page you're in this video as well you can check some of it out at the end but now let's talk about the quest itself so of course the drifter initially will actually have this quest for you so you go to him pick it up and you'll get your first set of objectives Swedish Lee you'll have to defeat hive with solar damage and collect hive tablets as well as defeating hive buses now the easiest way to get this done would be on Mars with a combination of the escalation protocol and potentially the northern Mars law center as well so anytime you kill the boss inside of the last sector it will count as one of the buses that you need although you can also kill bosses in ep I've defeated with solar damage of course speaks for itself use solar weapons and supers until you get it done and also hive tablets collected you'll need 75 of these and they can drop when you kill hive so it may take a bit but it's fairly self-explanatory once this is done you'll head back to the drifter and he'll give you the next step of the quest and now you need to get kills in the crucible of course kills will increase your progress but deaths will actually set you back as far as I know you'll get 2% progress every time you get a kill and minus 1% every time you die so obviously you do have to play kind of at a certain KD but I think most people even if it takes a little time will get this step done once you have all of the kills that you need you'll get a quest step called the damnation and to complete this you'll have to stop a hive ritual on Titan so you load into Titan in the patrol zone and you'll find the damnation mission and you started up and essentially it takes you into one of the last sectors so you'd be down in cargo bay 3 you simply need to kill all of the hive enemies when you kill the Wizards in the middle there will also be an enemy that is shielded and essentially his shield will come off when those wizards go down survive that kill the servant and you'll get the next step of the quest a new jagged purpose once again you'll have to head back to the drifter and you'll get a quest step called solid light and here will be a series of different sections that you'll need to complete so firstly you'll need to collect two edged crystals you need 50 of these and these drop from wanted escapees in lost sectors so I used the northern Mars law section the most right here cargo bay 3 on Titan is also a good one but it will have to be a lost sector that has a wanted escapee boss in order to progress so it's definitely gonna be a bit of a grind right there you'll also need to earn crucible medals mayhem is up right now in the game and I found that this is a pretty good mode to actually get those medals I think I need it maybe four or five games to get it done of course it's gonna be different for everybody maybe a bit of a grind but the crucible medals that you'll actually need are best served cold and that's where you defeat the enemy that last defeated you as well as blood for blood medals that's when you defeat an enemy that's recently defeated an opponent those are probably the ones that you get the most of once again it's gonna take a little bit of time but grind it out and we'll have the majority of this quest to Noctowl on top of this though you need to get liked hive larvae and these drop when you defeat hive with precision damage it does seem to be a little bit of RNG as to whether you get the Lavi dropped but once again you can get these kills in the escalation protocol or during any hive loss sectors that you're clearing for the edged crystals and you'll also need heroic hive rituals and this is the public event that you'll find either on Titan in the rig so if you see an icon in the central area of the rig that'll be a heroic hive ritual and also on the left hand side on the south part of the map on Mars this is where you'll find another hive ritual event these can take a little bit of time because of course you have to wait until they actually come up but get those heroic you can potentially double dip especially on Titan if you're playing solo to clear these if you clear it very quickly you can try and respawn in to that location you may get lucky and be able to clear two of them at once but once you've knocked out all of these steps which is a good solid grind you have finally get on to the final part of the quest so The Drifter will send you on a mission called the conversation this is a 650 power level mission and you'll also need to complete it solo so do bear in mind if you're a low power level there may be a bit of an issue depending on level although mostly the enemies you know if you're around about 646 fifty they're not gonna be too hard to actually kill go through that mission and I'll run some full gameplay of this in a moment it'll actually be an encounter with a pretty cool mechanic if you don't want to see this whatsoever then feel free to skip it there is a slight spoiler right here but it's also something that some folks may need a little bit of a guide on so I'm gonna break down exactly how it works so NCAR The Anointed will be the enemy right here and you'll have to stand on some hive platforms actually charge them in order to fight this enemy now what is gonna happen is once you've steadied on the platform up to 100% you'll see the drawer icon come up and the last word will appear in front of you so you need to grab the weapon by holding X or whatever button it will be and immediately once ncar actually draws his weapon so you'll see when his arm goes blue and he's aiming the weapon at you you need to hit his arm or the weapon with the last word immediately to stop him from shooting and killing you so certainly a little bit tricky may take a few runs to kind of get used to but once you've done that first phase a bunch of ads will actually spawn in you need to defeat these and I recommend that you kill everything in the room because you're gonna have to repeat the same process with NCAR but this time there will actually be two of them so as you can see two of them spawn in and they can spawn in different kind of rotations so I get a spectral Herald on the Left first and then one on the right you need to do the exact same things in the first step but now you'll have to kill two of them so you have to shoot the first one as soon as he comes up immediately after the first one the second one will take aim and you'll need to hit that ones weapon to get through the second phase if you fail even one of these you will wipe and have to start from the final boss fight again but most this is done once again clear all of the ads and now you'll have to hit both Angkar as well as the two heralds once again they're gonna spawn in different rotations so right here for me they spawn left right and mid the time comes you draw the weapon and very very quickly you need to shoot all three of these guys and that is literally it you're gonna get the last word right there there will also be a step to head back to the drifter but that mission I think is really really cool definitely quite tricky it may take you a few runs this is quite a personal quest in a few ways you know there are quite a few kind of skill requirements I suppose to actually complete in this one but I recommend that you just kind of take it easy and you'll find that you get through all of this stuff relatively quickly in terms of the weapon it's pretty fun like I said I've only used it for one very fast game it felt pretty cool but it's not a weapon of that we've used for some time so definitely gonna have to get used to it again you can see some of that gameplay right here and I'll also run the full final mission here there's a bit of a walkthrough if you guys want to see exactly how that final boss fight pans out but guys if you have enjoyed the video a rating is very much appreciated below let me know your thoughts on this quest or the weapon if you picked it up pretty awesome quest in my opinion definitely kind of gruelling on the PvP side so let me know your opinions about that but for now guys I appreciate you tuning in if you're new around here be sure to hit subscribe to see more d2 content and whatever you get up to I'll catch you very soon you

  • The quest was a good solid grind for the last few hours 😛 Lots of PvP but man, one of the best Quest endings I think we've had! Let me know what you think!

  • I'd rather have to get 1000 pvp headshot final blows with hand cannons then ever have to do that buggy ass stupid as fuck last mission.

  • Hey thanks to this competive pvp that why most of the stuff is pvp related. It was more fun in d1 n d1 trials. Why people complain about luna n forgotten bc thanks to youtuber n streamer by carrying people for money n sub n view that why there so many with luna n the forgotten n is not just youtuber or streamers also this other good players charging 250 to what ever just to make money n just to carry or use there accounts to get this top weapons that why pvp is crazy. Bc this weapons were made to does that put in the work n challenge themself instead of the easy way but nobody talks about that . But the last word is was good something different but still is not d1. I wish i someone to help me out with the forgotten o wait i dont have money like that bc it goes on bills n my kids.

  • 4:33 wait a second I soloed the mission on my 569 Titan I think it scales
    A tip playing titan cancer comp (hammer of sol + shotgun + Sniper)
    I got this shit ez

  • I think Bungie need to stop forcing people in order to get Exotics to play in The Crucible so much cuz not everybody enjoys it. Like I said for the longest back in D1 they need to make 2 quest lines where one is PVE and one is PVP so both sides can do it the way they want to and enjoy it.

    Hey guys I ran into a bug that won't allow me to get The Last Word in "The Conversation". Right after I defeat the 3 wizards and destroy the Crystal and I jump down the hole the Objective is still remaining as "Find Enkaar, the Weapon Master" even when I've already shot him at the first circle and if I continue and beat him at the last circle the Objective remains the same and the quest counts as incomplete. I have even tried redoing the quest from the beginning that didn't work I even restarted the game and it didn't work. I'm on PS4 as well.

  • I want to say it wasn't much of a grind but I got lucky with the crucible steps. Mayhem was up. Made things super easy. On last part and that is pissing me off. Been "drawing" for an hour and a half and still dont have the last word. The hit boxes are nonexistent sometimes. Being on console sucks. Dont got that mouse flick like pc if that even helps.

  • Ever come to the comments to flex on people who don't have last word yet?

    Just noticed everyone bitching about PvP lol

  • This gun is meant for crucible. If you suck at crucible or don’t like it, then don’t complain about “I hate I need to do the crucible for it,” because you probably won’t use this in pve anyway

  • I just went on rumble and dominated with the ace for 3 games in a row and finished the temptation in a half hour

  • The the second step in the quest for The Last Word is just a "Go F.Y'self" for players like me who never play PvP on console. So for a "PvP Noob" like myself it's practically impossible to get the gun.

  • Mine is bugged.
    After shooting the crystal, my way point is not updating, it keep pointing at the crystal.
    Even after going down the hole, and killing the 3 hive, the Last word did not drop. I am super pissed.

  • When you complete the last word the drifter references the mission you do for the malfesanse quest when you examine his friends ghost and the ash print on the side of a rock. For those who didn't know

  • Just did the crucible step in 3 games after not playing for 2 months.. gg majority of d2 community crying over nothing

  • I hate that you lose progress on step 2 when you die. I am not good at pvp, and the most I have managed to get was 8%

  • Basically it's a massive waste of f***ing time and you can only get it if you're maxed level and light and an extreme nerdy, sweaty fat f***. I'll pass on this this and just date your little sisters instead. 👊🖕

  • I feel like, I am probably gonna take some time to do this quest. But the time is not gotta be pretty I can tell you that much.

  • I'm not able to finish the last DUEL because everytime I kill the last enemy it shoots me and I have to start again… very frustarting

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