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Designing Columbia Played By Annaleigh Ashford | THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW

You are very lucky to
be invited up to Frank’s. Some people would give their
left arm for the privileged. People like you, maybe. I’ve seen it. [music playing] Columbia is really
the ultimate fan. She’s sort of our spirit
guide into this story, because she’s a fan, not
only of Dr. Frank-N-Furter and all things
Transylvanian, but she’s also the ultimate fan of the film. (SINGER) He was there
when it all began. I was a regular Frankie fan. She’s the one who painted these
lips on the back of her jacket, and then, of course,
she lined it with lips. And look, it’s
got this arm cuff. And Eddie, her
boyfriend, has one, too. The homemade nature,
the iconography, and do-it-yourself fan looks. I mean, that’s timeless. I– I loved you. You hear me I loved you. WILLIAM IVEY LONG: And
this is her tribute to this whole experience. [music playing]


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