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DESI vs American Wife | Comedy of husband and wife | The Spectrum Entertainment

your Pizza is ready, oh thank you so much yeah darling, i AM COMING YOUR TIP THANK YOU SIR, YOUR WELCOME WHAT THE #[email protected]% YOU WANT ? PIZZA DELIVERY MAM ! omg! your so late, what should i do with this pizza now. and hold this hit this on your head, ur late ok done, now leave run , go tip?what tip ! actually you suppose to get me Tip ! ok take money out ! my tip i do not have whole day now just shuuu from here. just shuuuuuuuuuuu ( disappear) i am hundry baby let me get a take out order from indian cuisine thanx dear, no problem bae, i am hungry can u cook some ? you just sit on couch and eat potato chips and watch TV , get up and make for me some hurry up ugle guy huh baby talk dirty please actually bathroom is really dirty, and please clean your under wears , people can die breathing Ur smell from 100 miles go and bath huh did i increase my weight ? no honey, ur fit and fine ! thnxx i am fat ????? no baby, its just that , THIS kitchen is getting small day by day


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