Denver Could Be Home For New Medal Of Honor Museum

to Denver now where the Civic Center Park area could be getting another monument today the Medal of Honor museum announced Denver is in the running for its next location jeff todd has been looking into this and jeff you found out this could be a huge piece of a new tourism campaign Kathy the site could be right here this is a state-owned parking lot at the corner of Colfax and Lincoln it is close to everything downtown but it could become an important and emotional site for folks visiting town it's really a perfect fit for Colorado in our celebration of hero's and service Jeff craft has been working with the governor to lure the Medal of Honor museum this is an incredible tourist attraction it's going to generate tens of thousands of net new visitors to Colorado every year the idea is to have a permanent site to honor the 3522 Medal of Honor recipients Denver was chosen because of its centralized location within the country and a relatively large tourism base right here in the heart of downtown Denver it's kind of the intersection of civic life in Denver and government life and also the central business district state officials are envisioning a highway of heroes in Colorado connecting the Air Force Academy and the iconic chapel and even stretching into Vail with its history of the 10th Mountain Division I think the thing that's exciting is it's a celebration of Colorado's values our collaboration and with a close proximity to the mint and other museums the middle of Honor museum could be a desirable addition to downtown Denver honoring service honoring the types of values that a National Medal of Honor winner displays so I think there'll be all kinds of great programs and benefits to our youth and people all over the state and all over the country we found out today that Pueblo has more Medal of Honor recipients than any other town in the entire country it would be nice if Colorado could be the home that would honor those people will find out in September if Denver beats out Arlington Texas reporting live tonight Jeff Todd cover in Colorado first

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