Déja Vu Trophy Guide [4k 60fps] – Bloodstained Ritual of the Night – Librarian's Chair

hey everyone sweet Johnny Cage here back with another guide for blood-stained ritual of the night this time I'm going to show you how to get the trophy deja vu in order to get this trophy we first need to obtain the high jump shard in order to obtain that we actually have to craft it and you have to craft it using a material that isn't available till the very late game so once you have access to the Oriental sorcery lab you want to head to this location it's just outside of the warp room and you want to farm the enemy hug nd I get Dee has a chance to drop a bovine plume which is the item that you need to craft the high jump shard so equip any luck increasing armor or accessories and just farm it for a bit till it drops it only took me a few kills so it's not that rare once you have the bovine plume head back to Johanna's in the church and ask him to craft the high jump shard it will combine the double jump shard as well as the bovine plume and you'll get the high jump shard this does not take away the double jump shard it's just required in order to craft for some reason and in order to use the high jump you just pulled up and then press l1 or left bumper depending on what system you're playing on and you will soar in the skies this is a great shard to combine using the accelerator shard if you got that in the very late game in the den of a Hemans it's really awesome you can build great distances with this but that's not why we're here we want to go to the library right under Odie's chair you just want to go to the room underneath his room and then look up and high jump through the little gap and then do this a bunch of times took me like seven or eight tries just keep doing it repeatedly and eventually you'll get the trophy I did notice that a chest spawned after I did this inside was macaroni and cheese so I'm not sure if this is indicative that if you do this like a hundred times you'll get something really crazy I haven't personally tried that yet but if you have let me know let me know if you get anything else in that chest that it's right by the door in the bottom room and that's it that's how you get deja vu if you guys have any questions please feel free to leave a comment I'll do my best to help you out if you're looking for more blood-stained guides please subscribe to the channel so you get alerted when new videos go live and if you like this content a whole lot please consider becoming a cello member by clicking the blue join button below alright I almost beat Johnny Cage thanks so much for watching and I'll see you next time bye bye

  • you don't get anything special, finished 100% items just before I responded to your comment yesterday 😛 you might wanna cover Gabels Glasses gotten from doing all the alchemy recipe's at least once though, that item is broken as all hell

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