Deestroying DESTROYS the Challenger Games WINS 100,000 (Deestroying Highlights) FASTEST ENTERTAINER!

for the hundred-meter that's the big money prize we're gonna get Lane assignments up to you shortly and Logan's gonna go start ricing so here we go we got faith sensei Austin McBroom nope awesome McBroom is hurt and he's certainly in the tent we'll try to get him in here I know you're and sorry for the some of the mishaps here we've had quite a few injuries lance210 is out there vitaly is out there can batch the favorite and destroying this is a big heap guys and they're off and they are off and it's a great net oh that I believe that's destroy and destroy just running away was it out of his mind oh and batch is slowing up east rolling with an impressive three fast out of the gates fast down the stretch the man is fast that was that was incredible batches herd manager Jeff is telling me right now that King batches actually hurt but at this point does it matter destroying is the fastest man on the planet who's saying bolt you've got nothing on this guy oh and really quick out of the blocks that's so important for the hundred meter dash in the maintain of speed throughout impressive and he didn't look back impressive by destroying I mean what's that is there any reason to look back at that point that guy's about to have a gold medal around his neck unless Ryan Garcia or maybe Jake Paul if he's able to get some sort of mechanical device installed in his legs before out the next heat heat yeah I don't think anybody's gonna be losing to the giant cheese burger I don't think he really has any chance whatsoever well destroying is running in lane three he's the guy to watch for he blew away 100-meter dash so another 100 meters but this one in Club entails jumping as they get set and here we go Ronald McDonald out to a slow start Wow oh and is that destroying is I mean he's literally levitating is that destroying this is to Charlie Jordan destroying games I feel like he's just showboating out there look at him go Wow and in Lane two Jeff Jeff Witek pulls up but it's a halt destroying up not that's not Jeff and listen in federal watch we've had some lane confusion today that is not the fault the announcer and the cheeseburgers down raka raka is is on the field he's hurt put his back up Oh knocked over the third as I said watch the boys and he's knocked over the last nope and he now he is just running it through hurtles at this point he is out of control and once again I think we do need to go that security to the track so we're gonna he's actually gay he must have heard us my goodness he's really moving really close to Illinois up there and he is running out of steam there are people on the track and there we go with the handoff there go and it's unclear who's leading right now but lane seven looks like they're pulling out in front big time oh here we go here comes summer-rae for the handoff to Jake Paul oh wow we've got one and we got a county ere winner right now take Paul turning the heat on we've got a fall take Paul on the back in the recliner and who's doing the anchoring but of course is that destroying Jake Paul looking like the duck-billed platypus has a personal Hornet and the batons are ended off absolute horrible destroying there's no one grain right there that was unfair three four three that's your champion for the relay race right there I mean this guy's gonna have so much gold around his neck and whoever whatever charity needs going Eve ask this man on the Internet and I think we already know who that is I think it's destroying but anything could happen out of the blocks we have destroying clocking in and at eleven point seven hundred meter dash officially and we have toab gisle at twelve point two six in jake paul at twelve point two five so those are the three main competitors to watch out for yeah destroying a full second ahead of those guys it's going to take an insurmountable effort did be thrown in I mean I'm calling a destroying tope gizzle Jake Paul destroying is the fastest man in the entire planet it would take a intergalactic boomerang to destroy his Lane completely would have to fall into the ocean for him to lose I mean this kid is gonna destroy everyone soon as they get to the blocks the crowd settles and there we go Paul slow out of the blocks and there you go destroying just no one within him it's just mind-blowing how fast that man is destroying the star of the show thus far four four four on events get this guy some handicap over here I mean it's just mind-blowing he's he's sleeping on the course now so you know signifying that he could do this in his sleep he might as well have been shot out of a goddamn cannon


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