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before destroying would absolutely destroy everyone at Logan Paul's challenger games officially becoming the fastest entertainer alive and winning all four of the events he was in before destroying would choose to continue pursuing his YouTube channel leading to the NCAA taking away his scholarship and kicking him off of his college football team basically ruled ineligible because I refused to do monetize my video some that I've worked so hard for send it out put blood sweat tears into some that I eat sleep breathe about before destroy you would have a youtube following of over 1.6 million subscribers over 500,000 followers on Instagram and just under 40,000 followers on Twitter at the time of this recording before destroying would go viral for posting a video of him performing a trickshot how having it be featured on sports centers top 10 segments destroyin proved to the YouTube community and possibly even the NFL that he is hands down the fastest entertainer in the world with dreams of making the NFL one day the star athlete would take his talents to the University of South Florida fall in a scholarship and a spot on the football team unfortunately while playing for the team destroying human document his football career on YouTube from a young age would be given an ultimatum delete or D monetize his channel or be kicked off of the team as many of you know he chose to continue pursuing YouTube which would lead to a lawsuit he's currently playing for the CFL's Argos but doesn't think he's on the team for the right reasons we're gonna tell you guys all about destroys rise to fame and officially being named the fastest entertainer in the world here for you on before they were famous what's going on guys I'm your host Jared Bronstein here today and we'll be covering the world's fastest entertainer destroying be sure to like this video share with a friend maybe even tag destroyed so we can fight them on the show I mean we are based out of Toronto we've done other videos on both youtubers and athletes in the past as I'm sure you guys know but I don't know if there's ever been a professional athlete youtuber so this might be at first as always you guys gotta let us know in the comments down below who to cover next today's trivia question is what number to destroy and we're in high school you guys gotta let me know in the comments down below we'll have that answer for you at the end of this video but we got to just jump right into it favorite or they were before we're famous about that was pretty good video look ready unity gray Michael's never brought dinner that was destroying real name Donald delahaye was born on December 2nd 1996 in Lima and Costa Rica I don't think it's Lyme on I think it's Limon I don't know he's the son of Donald and Sharon Villa hey and has an older brother and a younger sister and yes him and his dad do have the same name but I don't think they're doing the whole senior-junior thing I think they just got the same name although he was born in Costa Rica which is where he'd spend the early years of his childhood playing soccer with his older brother Donald and his family would move to Miramar Florida when he was just seven years old well livin in Miramar Donald would continue playing soccer first in a rec league but after he would destroy his competition he'd move on up to travel soccer which he would play for three or four years unfortunately 2008 Donald's grandfather would pass away and the family would once again move this time they would relocate to Port st. Lucie it wouldn't be long before Donald would befriend his neighbor after sending him to his new home and that would lead to the two of them playing basketball almost every day this would lead to them becoming quite close as friends and in high school he would convince Donal to try out for the football team although at first hesitant Donald would eventually fall in love with the game and try out for the position of wide receiver after not making the cut as a receiver he would be given the position of kicker something he wasn't so into he actually explains that toward the end of his tryout the coach asked who could kick a ball Donald didn't say a word with hopes of making the team as a receiver but his old classmates from middle school were very quick to out him anybody know a couple kids doll of a play for the port st. Lucie Jaguars varsity team as a sophomore in the 2012-2013 season and a junior in the 2013-2014 season well in high school Donald would create his YouTube account destroying on June 5th 2015 although he wouldn't upload his first video for almost a year it's fair to mention he uploaded videos of him playing video games when he was 12 or 13 years old to YouTube but I couldn't find his old channel however in November of 2014 Donald actually go viral after a vine of him doing a trickshot would go viral on Twitter as a member vine this shot has Donald propping the ball up right by spinning it in his feet off the ground and then kicking it through the uprights something that would see him be featured on sports centers top 10 as well as gain Neriah t all over the US it would also actually to a full ride to Florida am i rush to my parents room will come after like 12:30 at night just to watch it and actually that night I didn't even sleep I was watching every time I replayed on SportsCenter overnight he just got big everybody's congratulating me happy for me around this time Donald would also attend a handful of kick camps in hopes of getting recognized by other college teams who'd be willing to give him a scholarship one of these camps was with the University of Central Florida where he would impress the coaching staff he'd also attend the Cowles kicking showcase where he be ranked 11th punter and 13th kicker in the entire United States for his class his performance at the showcase would lead to him getting offers from FIU Marshall South Carolina Missouri and other schools to name a few unfortunately his full ride to anm would be revoked after the team's coaching and scouting staff would all get fired while trying to make a decision his parents would get a call from the coach at UCF where he would commit as a preferred walk-on a school of Donald loved him the second he stepped foot on the campus he move on to campus on August 3rd and would start the fall camp with the team the next day by August 5th he'd be offered a full scholarship yeah literally two days after moving in and to no surprise I mean she's really good I didn't really think it would turn out to being like getting a football scholarship or anything like that just played the game for fun but I mean if I get a scholarship I get a scholarship in his first youtube video posted on May 11 2016 Donald would showcase his kicking ability linking up with a fan from Instagram and kicking footbal soccer balls and even a rugby ball his second video would document him and his new team getting ready for his rookie season at UCF where he'd major in marketing call it at the camp chronicles he pretty much logged his first few days at his new home as well as with his brand-new team the UCF Knights hang on hey coach stock coming in a little bit hold on B coming soon thanks ru he'd go on to spend two years with the Knights playing as their kicker while also building up a following online he focused mostly on his YouTube channel where he'd make videos or skits on football stereotypes as well as what it's like being a football player at the college level his channel would really start to take off after he'd be given an ultimatum by the NCAA in 2017 either do you monetize the account or be kicked off the team for good now for those of you guys that don't know the NCAA has a very strict rule that players can't receive money for playing a sport it means they can't do things like sign autographs for money or sell their jerseys for money you guys get a few commercials they just can't make money they are however given other perks such as scholarships still it does really make sense these teams can make millions off of their players well the players can't make any money themselves especially while they're pretty much training the whole time to play for their team and they can't get real jobs make money [Applause] everybody else can make money off the athlete but he can't make that self Apocrypha and the clarity of this he is being told specifically only we can make money off you being an athlete you cannot now to clarify the school didn't tell him to straight up he monetize his channel according to a statement from the University of Central Florida I quote Delahaye would maintain his eligibility and continue to monetize his videos that did not reference his status as a student-athlete or depict his football skill or ability so that's like someone telling us here at before they're famous that we can still have a youtube channel and make videos we just can't talk about celebrities athletes musicians you get it they pretty much told them you can't continue making videos about what his channel was built on football so this left him with the top decision to make I don't have to make the hardest choice now around this time Donald would get a ton of media attention from news outlets all over the US and even sports shows and podcasts such as Sports Center Good Morning America and USA Today to name a few as many of you know he would opt to continue pursuing making monetized content on YouTube which would lead to the NCAA or more specifically the UCF taking away his scholarship now I will say although it was technically UCF you took away his scholarship and kicked him off the team they were just the puppets being controlled by the NCAA but here's the silver lining in all of this the national exposure really got people behind destroying and his brand which would see his following on YouTube absolutely explode he had around 1000 subscribers according to social blade in mid-april of 2017 by the end of September 2017 his subscriber count would be over 250,000 and in August of 2017 he'd signed with whistle sports a sports media and entertainment company the decision would also lead to Donald filing a lawsuit against his former school in July of 2018 which would be settled in November of 2018 allowing him to finish his education at UCF Nicorette you see us making money hey how much are we getting out of it hey hey shut him down some down no questions asked he crazy destroyed would go on to continue making football related videos such as impersonations of Ezekiel Elliott Odell Beckham jr. and Tom Brady to name a few he would also feature current NFL airs in his videos including the likes of juju Smiths Schuster and Cam Newton as well as score partnership deals with the NFL EA Sports and other large brands he's been able to make YouTube his full-time job especially after hitting the 1 million subscriber mark in November of 2018 so huge congratulations on that man but his professional football career would not end there after making a ton of videos on YouTube asking for an NFL team to sign him his wish somewhat came true he attended a mini camp in April of 2019 and impressed his soon-to-be team the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL all right it's not the NFL but I mean it's still professional football after officially signing with the team in May of 2019 he'll be placed on the practice roster to start the season this led to him making a video which has many thinking the same as him the argos brought him on the team to gain some exposure they're not getting rid of me but yet they're not giving me a chance to play they're not give me a chance there i don't know what the deal is everyone's cool everyone doesn't outright say it but in his video describing why he isn't playing he does touch on the fact that their social media following pretty much doubled since he joined the team he also talks about how he was the next guy to play on the depth chart behind the starting kicker and punter should anyone get hurt or cut which actually happened but it led to the team signing other players or having other practice squad members jumping ahead of him on the depth chart which really doesn't make that much sense but in his defense destroying straight-up tells his viewers not to batch the team on social media although he appreciates the love it's not the right move aside from his football career destroying also has a few singles out with his best friend King Troy and sells merged so be sure to cop some of that most recently he stole the show at Logan Paul's challenger games winning all four of the events he participated in including the hundred meter dash and the hundred meter hurdle destroying currently has a following of 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube at the time of this recording and his channel has over 200 million views he's only 22 has an incredible leg and the charisma that should have every NFL team calling him think it's safe to say this man's going to have a long career whether it's playing professional football or not but I mean if the Eagles want to sign this guy I'm totally for it now to answer that trivia question what number to destroy and where well playing high school football well it was the number 19 not too sure why didn't we're looking to why but if you guys want to know why maybe just hit him up on social media and ask him and that's all for this one guys I've been your host your Braunstein if you guys like the video be sure to subscribe give it a thumbs up maybe share with destroying because we'd love to link up with the man he's playing for the Argos we live in Toronto I think it could happen guys just tweet at him or tag him on Instagram or something whatever you kids do nowadays you guys could follow me on social media app or on seven on Twitter or Instagram I always answer your DMS and as always guys check out some of our other videos I'll see you in the next one


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