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Deakin student experience – Bachelor of Commerce

– [Interviewer] What’s your career goal?
– My career goal is to work in a large firm and then
take that experience then move into a regional
town so I can really enjoy that community feel. (rhythmic music) – [Interviewer] Best memory so far? – Travelling abroad over to London. I finished an exam and within two days I was in the middle of London studying at a prestigious university. (rhythmic music) – [Interviewer] Favourite place on campus? – Geelong Waterfront in
the Western Beach Room It’s got a beautiful
view of the Corio Bay. Second to none.
– [Interviewer] Why did you choose Deakin? – The reason why I chose Deakin is the ability to have flexibility in the way that you study. You can study online,
you can study on campus, you don’t have to choose one or the other. The ability to mix and match your course and what you actually study is really well looked upon by employers because you can go
into an area with, under your specialisation, but some really great background knowledge that puts you ahead of
the rest of the pack. For me Deakin was just the obvious choice. – [Interviewer] What’s your advice? – Make the most of every
opportunity that you have such as work intergrated learning, scholarships, study abroad. – [Interviewer] What do you love about what you’ve decided to study? – The first eight units
you do our core units. So you get to have a little
bit of a taste of everything. So even if you’re not
a hundred percent sure of what you want to study You can sort of try before you buy, which is really one of the assets of choosing a commerce degree. One of the best moments that I’ve had while studying at Deakin was after landing my first work experience job was being told that they
really prefer Deakin students and that’s a part of the
reason why I got the position. It just really drives home the fact that
I made the right choice in choosing to study at Deakin. My name’s James and I’m studying a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Laws.

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