DCU Alumni Awards 2017

this is the first time DCU has ever held an alumni gala with the 36 nearly 37 years as a very prominent higher education institution with over 60,000 alumni it was time to recognize those alumni and Tavern awards evening and bring everyone back to just to celebrate success and achievement we've nearly 200 people coming in all of them high achievers across all the areas of importance to the University it's very important to recognize that talent and to celebrated and to honor that as we're doing this evening [Applause] we regard our whole alumni community as part of the DCU family students love the fact that our alumni will come back in and mentor them that's hugely valuable we try and keep in contact and have a lifelong mutually supportive relationship with our alumni community [Applause] we stand for various important values we stand for excellence we stand for innovation we stand for leadership the people we're honoring tonight particularly the five major alumni they're all outstanding in their own field are all leaders in different ways the ball had impact on society and on the community in Ireland and further afield our mission is transforming lives and societies that's what's so important about having an effective relationship with our alumni community

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