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Daya On Her First Grammy Award: ‘It’s Probably Heavier Than My Dog’ | PEN | People

we have yeah i am seeking very few women thank you thank you thank you your grace is so wild so crazy arm somebody was running through me right now and I just haven’t played in so taking but it’s just it’s just so you know you are you can really come with anything heavy is that your programming like it’s like how perfectly happy sighs my job now it’s really happy with my dog on its way probably it’s heavy tell me first time what was the feeling for you to be up there to look out and see all of those people it was incredible it was my first award whenever I’ve never won an award for it so I mean it’s just surreal feeling and I just I’m so grateful that’s gratitude for my fans that have supported this year and it just to be elevated it’s connected your friendship with chains and turn we’re just take it like are you guys like instance where you had somebody probably today there are other men it’s been so much fun working with you again everyone hope you’re right again one thing you would you they’re like it could be a ritual it to be like I like no it’s not like a myself just like beautiful jobs that i was already freaking out on anyway so I have that in a purser imposing that was just right here I would have today thank you the is i love the road because it’s very like you know spicy but also kinda edgy store and you have the whole like yeah whatever that arm of yours you get it yeah sweet don’t know what’s out I love it don’t let me down can get out of my head who is someone growing up coming into the industry with your music didn’t let you down like who would you think for a moment like my mom is our modern move mountains for me you’ve been there from the beginning pressing me that you know it’s enjoying me what you want to go and she’s definitely helped me to elevate my career to the next level so i can make that option and I vaguely remember when you get our people now time to fear you’re talking about your mom and like the name became smokers was kind of like wait it’s okay guys are on a banker now because there’s no I was like no you can’t work with students and I mean about it didn’t disrespect but it seems like I don’t feel like you guys to get them to other now so no ya no I do you love about your mama good you know mama today I’m a lot great


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