Dawne Lomangino-DiMauro – 2018 National Crime Victims' Service Awards

when I go out and talk to people I say New Jersey is really ahead of the game we have key individuals here in New Jersey that were so vested in the human trafficking prevention protection and treatment act that it was unanimously passed so now with the laws we're able to intercede and provide intervention much earlier so we have better outcomes prior to that 14 15 16 years old we're getting arrested for prostitution put in new Vanel justice and not receiving any services everyone in the world has the right to own themselves and not be looked at as an object or a commodity a person is not something that you buy the work that we do is heavy streets are a draw if you grow up one so when you haven't healed yet this is the safe place for them you know this is where they know this is where they don't want to survive so they run back unfortunately you know I've been working at interpersonal violence for years but this work I've never seen horror like I've seen on this job our work with law enforcement is innovative when we count our victims their ultimate goal is to try and remove them from the situation that they're in the victims are brought into a police station an environment that is unfamiliar to them and they don't necessarily believe that we do want to help them so dream catchers comes in at that point we talk about trauma and so law enforcement has it Drummond form lens we have to make sure the survivors and the victims are protected and traffickers are arrested and convicted dreamcatchers makes that connection and builds that trust with the victim to try and get the victim to give us information about the person that's holding that most of our clients need extensive support and therapeutic treatment then they can start identifying the things that were exploited in themselves whether it's sex trafficking labor trafficking etc and then we feel like they're moving towards survivorship and we continue that path until they're thriving if they allow us to stay in their lives you

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