David Schwimmer Salutes Harrison Ford at the AFI Life Achievement Award

ladies and gentlemen here's one of those hopefuls one of the stars of friends in Harrisons co-star from six days and seven nights David Schwimmer good evening the fact that I am here tonight helping to honor Harrison Ford is not without its share of irony not that I don't believe if our situations were reversed he would be up here saying nice thing nice things about me I'm sure he would just as I'm sure there will never be a need for him to do so know the irony if you can call it that stems from the fact that although there is a decided difference in our ages he's older we are always always being sent up for the same roles I finally did get to appear in a film with him six days seven nights and between takes when confronted he did apologize in a way for taking some of those action-adventure roles away from me over the years especially when we were standing alone just the two of us and he had a chance to feel the full force of my rugged handsomeness my my impressively toned body and my own acute sense of devil-may-care insouciance that matched and even slightly surpassed his own carefully cultivated larger-than-life persona I returned home with a new sense of well respect for the man who was able to admit albeit in private that those action-adventure parts should have gone to me and to convince myself that he wasn't just given me a Hollywood soft soap I went to my neighborhood video store and rented a collection of his most macho performances I brought some of them with me tonight and as you watch them ask yourself the same question I asked myself Ford or Schwimmer hate to ruin your evening Harrison but I think we all know the answer don't worry you're going to get the little plank anyway you


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