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David helps Mikmik with her business venture | Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit Recap (With Eng Subs)

I didn’t know about Miss K
and Madam Divina’s plan to take over Villaluna Steel. I know. You’re not mad? I’m more mad at myself. I know it’s not my fault
that Suarez betrayed us. But I was thinking… If Papa was the CEO,
this wouldn’t have happened. Yeah, it wouldn’t have. He would’ve fought
until the end. Until the company goes
bankrupt and closes. Until all your employees
lose their jobs. How can you always
make me feel better? Because I love you? This won’t ruin your plan
to rebuild your business. You can still do that. You can start over again. However… You can’t do that
if you’re hungry. So come on, let’s eat. I brought you dinner. We can still subtract this
from our costs. – Nay.
– What’s going on? I heard something
about subtraction. I’m good at math,
so I can help you with that. No, we’re just thinking
about ways to cut costs. Maybe we can save
a bit more on electricity. Sure, we can do the ironing
and the laundry simultaneously. Barbie here is always
hogging the electric fan. So maybe can you share it
with me this time? We can also save up
on our grocery bills. Starting today, no more
leftovers on your plates, okay? And don’t get more than enough. Yes, and we can also
take a pay cut. Hear that, Benjie? Okay. We can– There will be no pay cuts. Your families need the money. Tay. You can cut my allowance. I know you guys want to help,
but cutting costs is enough. You don’t have to make
sacrifices on your salaries. Or your allowances. Mikmik, didn’t I say there’s
a right way to save money? You can’t study
on an empty stomach. Oh, come in. Just bring those over there. What’s all this for? There’s going to be
a general assembly. Ma’am Divina wants
to personally meet all of us. For what? So she can
deceive all of us? Hey! They might hear you! The event’s later, right? Yeah, Ma’am Divina
will be here by then. There’s actually something… I just found out the Villalunas
are starting another business. Another construction business. Why is it so hard for them
to accept defeat? Oh well… Let’s just show them. Do we know which investors
they will be approaching? I’ll find out. Okay, everyone, can I
have your attention, please? Let us all welcome
to our family… …the new chairman
of Villaluna Steel. Mrs. Divina Salvador. What are those for? Oh. This one has the money
for my piggy bank… …and money I can use
for business. What business? We needed to buy Bunso’s
medicine when she got sick. So I decided to sell
banana fritters back then. But they are already selling
those in the canteen. That’s why I’m trying to think
of something else to sell. What are your options? Tea? What about tea? Tea? Who would drink tea here?
We’re all just kids. Actually, I would. Are you never going to stop? Do you want me to
cut your bangs? You’re so mean! How about juice?
Moringa juice! You know how to do that? I’ll learn to do it. That’s okay. Hey! Where’s my coffee?! You can’t drink coffee. Stop treating me like
an old man. But you are an old man! Just get out of here
before I get irritated. Papa, we still have contracts
that can be useful if we’ll start a
construction business. At least we already know– We? If… If you want, as an investor. You mean you don’t want
to work with me? Papa, it’s not like that. It’s just, you’re still
recovering, right? And starting a new
business is a lot of work. We just thought it could
be stressful for you. Here’s the list of investors
that we want to approach. We want your opinion
since you know them well. Aren’t you going to bed yet? Shouldn’t you be leaving now? You know… Will you stop treating me
like an old man? You’re probably older
than me anyway. Macaraig. Yes, it’s David. Have you talked
to my sons yet? I hope you can help them. I trust you, okay? Thanks. I can’t believe that
you’re encouraging her friendship with Mikmik. Relax, Mama. You said so yourself. Who knows what Michael and
his family know about us, because of Britney? We don’t need to use her
if you do your job. Mama, it’s done. I’ve already setup
the meeting. All you have to do is show up
and make the offer. Well, good. Tay, all you said was that
I can’t refuse my allowance. You didn’t tell me I
couldn’t start a business. Mikmik, studying should be
your priority, not other stuff. Love, what are we doing here? – We look like gossipers–
– Quiet! It’s not like you’re
not curious yourself. Regardless, I don’t
want you tiring yourself. Besides, you don’t
have to do this. Besides, you don’t
have to do this. Bunso and I did this
back then too. We sold banana fritters. Banana fritters? Why were you selling
banana fritters? We needed some money
to buy her medicine. Come here. I’m sorry for not being there
when you two needed me. Don’t worry,
we had each other. We were partners
in everything. We’re partners too, right? Oh my… Fine. But on one condition. You’ll help me choose
what to wear tomorrow. Your Tito James and I are
going to an important meeting. That’s it, Tay? Do you want me to iron
your clothes out too? Also, take a bath, okay? Also, take a bath, okay? Hey! What do you mean
I smell– Oh, so it’s like that, huh? – You’re my daughter, right?
– I am! That means
you smell like me! No, I take it back!
You don’t smell like aloe! – You smell, Mikmik!
– I don’t! – You smell like aloe!
– No! Hey, hey, no crying! I don’t have enough
hankies to give you whenever you cry
while you’re pregnant. So what? I’m emotional, okay? You’re unbelievable, Benjie. Wait, love, I was just– – Good evening, sir.
– Good evening. Sir. What are you doing? Wait out here. – Ronaldo.
– Sir. – Ronaldo.
– Sir. Where are the others? They were poached by Divina. Pa, you should be
resting at home. I can manage. Did you ask Lola Ester– Why? Is she my doctor? She’s more like a folk healer
or witch doctor. Why does it feel like
you don’t want me here? If they want to work for
Divina, then so be it. We’ll manage with
just the four of us. Sir, it’s not that
we don’t want you here. You’re not allowed to be
in stressful situations. I’ll drive you home, sir.
Come on. The three of us can handle it. Hearing Macaraig talk about
how Papa helped him… It’s nothing like
the father I grew up with. It’s like he was talking about
a different David Villaluna. He said Papa was just
starting out then, before he amassed his wealth and became consumed
by greed and anger. I realized that maybe… Maybe Mikmik was right
about her grandfather. Maybe we’re so used to judging
him for his past mistakes that we don’t see
the good things he’s done. Wow, my daughter
sure is hardworking. What’s that?
Maybe I can help. Here, Tay. “Consumer…” This is for adults.
Why are you studying this? You’re too young for this.
Who gave you that? Lolo did. But it’s pretty hard to
understand any of it. Of course it is.
Why did he give you that? I asked him for help
with my business. That’s what I’m worried about. Why did you ask help from him
and not from me? But you were busy. And he looks happy
whenever he’s teaching me. Anyone will feel
happy around you. Anyone will feel
happy around you. no one likes it. Maybe you’re trying to sell it
to the kids in school, and kids don’t like vegetables. That’s what Lolo said too. But vegetables are
good for everyone. You’re right, but that’s
what your grandpa taught me. How about this? Why don’t you try selling it
to our neighbors in the subdivision? That way, your customers
won’t be just kids. Okay, Tay. I’ll start selling
them first thing tomorrow. Hey, wait, wait. Where are you going?
What about my hug? But I have to prepare
a new batch of juice. It’ll be tastier this time. You’re still a kid, but you’re already
thinking about business. When you grow up, you won’t
have any time for me. Tay, that will never happen. I already have
the right fractions for us. One-fourth for my studies, one-fourth for my business, and one-half for Tatay. That’s great, Mikmik. But you’re just saying that. Is that so? Okay, then.
One-fourth for my studies, one-half for my business, and one-fourth for Tatay. Don’t be like that.
I’m only kidding. I like the first one better.


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