David Glass on E! News 6-13-18 re: the Jolie-Pitt Custody Battle

let's get it going Brad and Angelina's custody battle is blowing up again yeah we've got the details on the New Deal and what the court is saying is harmful to the kids I remember first thing in the morning what's the most important we're at their beck and call like all parents Brad and Angelina's custody war just won't quit homes not working none of the other thing work new legal docs show the court wants to ensure brad has a relationship with the kids Angelina wanted the jolie-pitt brood and Europe this summer while she filmed Maleficent to time across the pond would mean time away from Brad who's currently working in La Source reveals tui news the kids have been in Angelina's primary care for the last year and a half and since Brad has only had some supervised visitation with a weekly phone call it was just assumed the kids would be with their mother in London according to the papers the kids will now be traveling back and forth to spend time with both parents Angelina is at risk of losing primary custody if she does not adhere to the latest court orders she's supposed to be supporting Brad's role as a parent to their children in every way possible with the exception of Maddox the kids summer schedule was all laid out one source says the 16 year old wants nothing to do with Brad the rest of the jolie-pitt brood will spend time with their dad in London from June 8th until June 17 and a child psychologist will be present Brad will then see them again in LA for ten hours a day from June 27th to July 1st we love our kids and and we try to do our best in addition to visitation Brad will also be able to call and text each child whenever he wants without interference from angie the court papers also make it clear she can only call once a day when the kids are in LA it is an unusual situation to see a mother lose primary custody and it's reserved for those few situations where the children have been alienated against their father in this case the court probably knows that she's not providing access to the kids because they've done a psychological child custody evaluation a source close to Brad tells us he feels the new ruling is a huge victory and he hopes to continue to get back on track with each of the kids Brad loves his children and he and Angelina are continuing to co-parent learned a lot in those court docs that go into it uh you don't think about you don't think about on how it's gonna actually work and hopefully I can just be handled in a more of a private manner and just works so they around everybody yes we want the kids it's the most important sorry matter yeah alright so we've been talking about it all week

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